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    The End of Blu-ray

    The death of a physical medium would really be bad news. The quality of streaming vs a Blu-ray is just no comparison. Maybe the masses just have a cheap flat screen and a soundbar. Or just a mobile phone or a tablet. But for anyone with good equipment, it matters. There is no technical...
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    CenturyLink Blocks Internet Access to Utah Customers Until They Click Pop-Up

    I had 40/40 symmetrical from Centurylink for a year or two about 8 years ago. It was the best internet I've ever had to this day. It was rock solid, and it just worked. Now my choices are Comcast (which I have 250/10 service) or Centurylink (with 12/1) service. Not much of choice there...
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    Credit Card Chips Fail to Halt Fraud, Survey Says

    Going to the chip allowed the processes (Visa, etc) to push the liability of fraud away from them off to another party. The PIN was just that much more costly to deploy, and they didn't get any additional financial benefit. So they didn't do it. The fact that there was (and is) no competition...
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    Credit Card Chips Fail to Halt Fraud, Survey Says

    You can't even use a PIN if you wanted to. Your credit card issuer in the US won't even give you a Chip & PIN card. (This is about credit cards, not debit cards)
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    Credit Card Chips Fail to Halt Fraud, Survey Says

    Nope. That's not the main problem. As stated in the article, or at least the linked article. It is the fact that they still allow swipe as a backup, with no additional checking.
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    Google Incognito Not So Incognito...Maybe

    Uh. Duh? If you wear a mask, but still drive your own car, you think you'll be anonymous? The level of hysteria on this crap amazes me.
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    Midterm Elections in West Virginia Will Feature Mobile Phone Voting

    There are many, many things you can do to secure a mobile app, even on an Android device. It can actually be made very secure. Full disclosure: One of the product lines provided by the company I work for provides a suite of products that secures mobile applications. I'm in a different...
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    Midterm Elections in West Virginia Will Feature Mobile Phone Voting

    ^This And I every(? I know it is true for Army) military member has a card with a digital certificate the uniquely identifies them; that would definitely be used as well.
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    Midterm Elections in West Virginia Will Feature Mobile Phone Voting

    Not the same thing at all. The Amazon thing is 'does this person match any of these other people'. For this election use case "Is this live video of this person this exact person; And then it comes down to proper usage of the technology. As soon as the Amazon thing came out, I suspected it...
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    Midterm Elections in West Virginia Will Feature Mobile Phone Voting

    This could go horribly, horribly wrong. Done right, this is actually an excellent plan. But this is government involved, so extreme care needs to be done to be sure it doesn't go horribly wrong. That said, what they are doing for id verification is the right way to do this, if you are going...
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    FCC Mistakes Angry Americans for Hacker DDoS Attack

    It is his job to know. If he didn't bring in people that could properly inform him, that reflects on him. And BTW, I've held roles in dev, IT, consulting and sales, and have worked with companies top to bottom. I know how they work, and what makes a successful company and leader. So yes, you...
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    FCC Mistakes Angry Americans for Hacker DDoS Attack

    He runs the place, and took no responsibility for it. Hid behind someone else's supposed incompetence, and cluelessly highlights his own incompetence in running the place. Any high level executive should have a basic understanding of how his organization runs and interacts with external...
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    FCC Mistakes Angry Americans for Hacker DDoS Attack

    And the problem with this is.... what? This is what is done all the time, and should have been expected. There is nothing wrong with using someone else's effort to set something up to make it easier for your opinion to be known.
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    FCC Mistakes Angry Americans for Hacker DDoS Attack

    I'm glad he owned up to this, and didn't do any finger pointing to place blame. Oh, wait... What a dick.
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    Google Could Owe Oracle $8.8 Billion

    But they are suing about the platform, not the other add-ons. Think of it this way. Pretend this were in an alternate reality where both Lougle & Google exist. Lougle bought Sun, not Google. Lougle makes the android 'platform' available, just like Google did. Google jumps on it and adds all...
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    Google Could Owe Oracle $8.8 Billion

    The $42B in revenue is not directly from the platform, but rather from their 'proprietary add-ons'. Gmail, etc. Anyone is free to use the platform (ala Amazon and others) Google gets no revenue that is directly tied to the Java APIs.
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    Video Released of Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

    A human driver paying complete attention probably would have been able to brake and attempt avoidance, if they were completely looking up at the time, and not change radio station, etc. But even if paying full attention, she still would have hit her though, but might not have been fatal. Here...
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    The Volkswagen Beetle Is Dead (Again)

    I just saw an original Beetle on the road yesterday and was thinking about when there were literally everywhere.
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    These Are the Video Games the White House Played in Its Meeting on Game Violence

    It goes beyond parents. There is a reason for the "It takes a village" saying.
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    These Are the Video Games the White House Played in Its Meeting on Game Violence

    I'm assuming you don't have kids at this point. Or rather, I hope not. It is less that you are watching and controlling what they play and do. It is that they think you are. They need to believe someone is watching what they do, until they are old enough to realize and are capable of self...
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    Union Heavyweight Wants to Ban UPS from Using Drones or Driverless Vehicles

    If UPS caves to their demands: UPS loses massive market share due to FedEx or startup shippers relying on automation that take over due to lower costs. Teamsters lose, UPS loses. So much for self preservation.
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    DirecTV Wireless Kit has an Unpatched Vulnerability

    I don't think the botnet is the real issue here. There are probably cheaper/easier/faster ways of expanding a botnet. If the Wifi network created is easy to hack, that probably gives access to the WAN side of the Directv box, and probably the home network. So I could see this being a focused...
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    Oregon Admits It Violated Free Speech Rights of Mats “I Am an Engineer” Jarlstrom

    Having followed this case from near the beginning, I can assure you this was within his expertise. In fact, anyone with basic understanding of physics and math could understand that he is correct. Even the original creator of the rules for traffic light timings came out and backed this guy up.
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    Dude Eats 26 Year Old Ghost Buster Fruit Snacks

    What would we do to entertain ourselves without the internet?
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    At Google Men Are Paid More Than Women

    Because many employers (e.g. Oracle) require a proof of your prior income before HR will extend an offer. I ended up making about $20K less than I should have, due to working a lesser job for a few years, primarily for family issues. I had the experience and qualifications, but not the recent...
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    Amazon Shipping Subsidized by the Government

    "Mr. Sandbulte is co-president of Greenhaven Associates, a money-management firm that owns FedEx common stock." explains this entire article. And heck, even UPS does the same thing. I have 2 package coming in the next week where UPS delivers directly to USPS for last-mile delivery. This is a...
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    Amazon Cuts Free Shipping Minimum to $25

    Is that you, crazy cat lady neighbor? 160lbs of cat food? That's either a lot of cats, or a tiger. (I have 135lbs of dog - 3 dogs, and I order about 35lbs a month)
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    Customer Leaves Bad Review of Garage App, Gets Banned from Own Garage

    If you actually go to the forum thread and read it, you'll see that the Telegraph totally made a click bait headline and associated article. They didn't lock the guy out of his garage. He couldn't even get them thing to register, so it obviously wasn't in use yet. Again, probably not the very...
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    Wi-Fi Hotspot Blocking Persists Despite FCC Crackdown

    Well, in Hilton's case, unless you are in a hotel where they offer the uplifted premium wifi speeds, their own wifi doesn't work hardly at all about 50% of the time. And another 25% of the time it is so slow as to be virtually worthless. I am actually torn on this issue. It seems there should...
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    FBI Director Admits Apple Encryption Case Could Set Legal Precedent

    No reason not to. So the whole reason for pushing Apple on this is for the legal precedent.
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    The Next Generation Atlas Robot

    That guy with the hockey stick is going to be the first one killed when the machines become self aware.
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    Uber Tracking Driver's Phone Data

    You've obviously never taken Uber, or have been extremely intoxicated when doing so. They offer alternative paths to me all the time. Their Uber app always routes them to/from the airport to/from my house via the toll road, and it is usually like 2 minutes faster, but is silly to do so for all...
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    laptop sleep/hibernation - locks computer on restart

    My IT department (small company - really just one guy, an entry level tech guy and an intern) claims that sleep/hibernation is unreliable: "Unfortunately, the sleep / hibernation mode is extremely unreliable and causes unexpected results".... "This problem is a known issue across multiple...
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    Comcast Improperly Cashes Customer's Rent Check

    Actually, this is not really the banks fault. The poor old lady is really at fault, and the issue is completely forgivable from the banks perspective. Everything is automated these days. There is no technology to reliably read the 'pay to the order of' line in a reliable fashion if it is...
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    Comcast Improperly Cashes Customer's Rent Check

    ^^^ what he said. I love that title.
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    Comcast Improperly Cashes Customer's Rent Check

    Again, not trying to defend Comcast, just explain the reason for this: The customer service reps are going to be somewhat empowered to credit your account. But giving you money back is an entirely different thing. They have enough problems with asshats who work for them changing names to...
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    Comcast Improperly Cashes Customer's Rent Check

    Comcast didn't deposit the check - their bank actually automatically did it for them. Almost all bill pay deposits are sent through a bank "lockbox". The address you send it to is actually the bank. The bank scans the check and deposits it automatically. Comcast then gets a data feed with...
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    Comcast: Customer Service Will “Be Our Best Product”

    Pure lip service. A company in the effective monopoly position they are in has no incentive to truly change.
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    Amazon Starts Shipping the Fire TV Stick

    They configure it before they send it to you. They do the same thing with a Kindle too when you buy it, unless it is specified as a gift. So no creepy network magic going on.
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    Google ‘Polling Place Lookup’ Strikes Out

    They aren't Libertarians. A Libertarian is socially liberal, fiscally conservative. They are just opportunists. They are as libertarian as the Westboro Baptist Church is Christian.