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    I Need A Second Hard Drive

    Well I decided to just go ahead and (finally) order the WDC 2000JB.
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    I Need A Second Hard Drive This article shows a noticable performance increase for having 16MB cache, but of course I doubt it'd be noticable in real-world situations, or at least not most of the time - I could be wrong though. Also that is a review of the SATA...
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    Best software(s) for ripping music CDs?

    EAC + Lame... :)
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    I Need A Second Hard Drive

    Okay, today is the day that I can actually order my second hard drive as I finally have the money to buy it lol...I was almost toally convinced that I was going to buy a 200GB WDC, until I then put myself in another tricky decision when looking at the 250GB choices... Basically I thought why...
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    How many FPS do you require for a picture to appear smooth?

    Having more than 60FPS is always very good, never below.
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    There a book/story/movie about FFVII that I can read b4 watchin FFVII Advent Children

    Well there is a game script of Final Fantasy VII on GameFAQs, here: Dunno if that helps.
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    A really good LAN game with CTF?

    Quake III with the Threewave mod/maps (LOADS of great CTF maps) and OSP mod!
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    WinRAR Password?

    Enter the correct password for the archive...?
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    Mac P2P programs

    There are that many apps for the Mac? :p Looks like you have a good bunch there, I know I don't know anywhere near that many...
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    What Browser do YOU use? IE? Opera? Firefox?

    Mozilla Firefox is Firefox's full name, although most people call it Firefox for obvious reasons. Basically Mozilla is a suit of applications: it includes a web browser, email client, newsgroup client, IRC client and more. Firefox is just a web browser. They are both made by Mozilla so the web...
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    What Browser do YOU use? IE? Opera? Firefox?

    See ya then, although to be honest I don't think it's that much of a big deal that I'm not keeping my version of Windows fully patched with all the lastest "critical" patches. I'm patched up to SP1 but have no incentive at the moment to get SP2 or anything else. The ignore button won't protect...
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    Mac P2P programs

    Haha, okay. Either way, I guess BitTorrent is still the best option/choice for you to block, as BitTorrent users tend to use a lot of bandwidth. ;)
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    What Browser do YOU use? IE? Opera? Firefox?

    Well I'm pretty damn sure I'm in total control of my system, is there anyway to prove it at all? As for my IP address, I'm sure you can live without it. On second thoughts, your whole network is going to suffer tremendously because of my lack of patching. I really am going to make your life a...
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    PS2 games you can't live without?

    Final Fantasy X The older Final Fantasy's on the PSX also work fine on the PS2. :)
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    What Browser do YOU use? IE? Opera? Firefox?

    Or I could just carry on as normal, without the majority of patches... To be honest, it seems a bit like whether you need antivirus protection or not, although of course I am aware that no matter how sensible you are with your computer a flaw in Windows cannot be prevented by common sense...
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    No one cares about Everquest 2 coming out?

    I've actually been eyeing both EverQuest 2 and other MMORPGs such as WoW and FFXI very closely these last few weeks. I've never really played a MMORPG before, but I really think this is a genre that I'd really like. Two of my favourite games of all time are Phantasy Star Online on the...
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    Mac P2P programs

    Well my Dad has a Mac and I've noticed he uses a program called Carracho I think, as well as LimeWire and occasionly Poison and a few others I've never really heard of. Of course, although I've never tried it myself, there are BitTorrent clients for the Mac so that is still a viable option (and...
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    What Browser do YOU use? IE? Opera? Firefox?

    Firefox almost 100% of the time. I never bother with Windows Updates anymore, haven't updated since SP1 (is there actually any point, apart from wasting valuable HDD space?). If there's a site that doesn't load properly or at all in Firefox I normally can't be bothered to load up Internet...
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    Guild Wars beta: free weekend!

    Yeah, download speeds are MUCH better today. Last night I was getting terrible speeds, like 2-20KB/s, but now it seems to be as it should be going at a very reasonable speed of 50-90KB/s. At that speed it doesn't take too long to download new areas and once you visit an area which you have...
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    If you could choose your 1 (!ONE!) favourite game....

    Final Fantasy VII (PSX) Of course how can I also not mention other legendary games such as: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) GoldenEye (N64) Perfect Dark (N64) Quake III (PC) Phantasy Star Online (DC) Pokemon (GB/GBC/GBA)
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    What Happened to Final Fantasy III (Japanese Numbering)

    I'm also in the same situation as you - I have Final Fantasy 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, X and X-2 for the PlayStation/PS2...but no number 3! Or XI, but that's a slightly different story...
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    How do you organize your MP3 collection.

    Music\0-9\Artist\Album\ Music\A\Artist\Album\ Music\B\Artist\Album\ Music\Y\Artist\Album\ Music\Z\Artist\Album\ Artists are done as above, a folder for each letter, and I also have: Music\Compilations Music\Soundtracks As of today I think I am going to have to create a folder...
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    Is it unsafe to only have 200ish MB left?

    That shouldn't be too bad at all considering I've been at around 20MB-100MB free space for over half a year now I think. :P This is on a 120GB WDJB...I REALLY need to buy another HDD, probably a 200 or 250GB one. And no, I don't have any wasted space at all! I think all my files take up 108GB...
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    So what games are you waiting for to come out?

    Quake 4 and Final Fantasy XII...and one day, maybe, Diablo III and Phantasy Star Online 3!
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    How to get gmail invites??

    I hope I'm in the right place at the right time, as I'm very eager to get onto Gmail. Reason is that with every other e-mail and sometimes other account-based sites my desired nickname is always taken... So basically I need to choose the name for my account before anyone else does - I hate it...
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    How many MP3s have you got?

    About 19000 songs consuming about 80GB.
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    ***Official Doom3 Demo1 benchmark thread***

    1024x768, Medium - 18 FPS Quite low what I'm using for Single Player at the moment though. I ran at the lowest resolution with all options disabled to see how high I could get: 640x480, Low - 40FPS Still not that high... :P
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    What do you use to play MP3s?

    Yep, I've tried it. I'd say it's practically the same as version 2 but I think it is slightly slower and tbh I don't really need/use the newer features, thus there's no real benfit from installing it rather than the older one yet.
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    internet browser

    Firefox :)
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    What do you use to play MP3s?

    I use Winamp 2.91 as I feel it is the fastest version of Winamp available. I've tried iTunes but other than messing up my CD drives there's nothing it really offers that my Winamp doesn't do and of course Winamp is most probably faster at doing it.
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    id Software's Official DOOM3 Benchmarks

    My little sister who's only 6 can tell the difference between 30 FPS and above... :P
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    What internet connection do you use for gaming?

    I have a 1Mb/256K ADSL connection in the UK. I'm hoping to upgrade to 2Mb soon. I practically only play Quake 3 and as someone has already said it is very ping reliant, at least if you play competively. I get roughly 20-25 ping on UK servers and 30-35 ping on other European ones.
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    Doom ]I[ scores 94% in latest issue of PC gamer

    I seriously can't wait much longer for this game! I need something new and exciting to play through this summer. Of course I know my system won't achieve the high FPS I love to play with at any of the different quality settings, but I don't care, I just wanna see amazing graphics and play.
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    What essential programs would you put on a cd for every computer you ever build?

    Ad-aware Adobe Acrobat 5 Ahead Nero AVG Anti-Virus BitTornado (BitTorrent Client) Ogg Direct Show Filter (For OGM files) Java Office XP mIRC Mozilla Firefox PowerDVD DivX Codec SmartFTP (FTP Client) TeamSpeak 2 Trillian Pro Winamp WinRAR Xvid Codec Media Player Classic Exact...
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    Best place to buy Hardware in the UK?

    Heh, just noticed Ebuyer doesn't sell any Abit boards. :P dylman: Thanks for the link to the retailer list, very handy. :)
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    Best place to buy Hardware in the UK?

    I'm just looking at Ebuyer now and it does seem very good indeed. There are certainly lots of products available at what seem to be very good prices, as well as loads of reviews from people on certain products. Funny I haven't heard of this place before, the reason obviously because I've only...
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    Best place to buy Hardware in the UK?

    Obviously the UK doesn't have the mighty newegg, so what does it have instead? System builders in the UK where do you like to order your various parts from? Thanks :)