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    NEW 2080 Ti FE issue - ASUS PG278Q - Beware!

    "I would be very curious to know if anyone out there with the same set up ran into the same problem. I can also say that we both noticed it the first time we ran Battlefield 5." I had a 2080 for a couple of weeks and a 2080Ti for 30 days and I was using a PG278Q gsync monitor (4 years old). I...
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    EA Allegedly Cancels Open World Star Wars Game

    Good they would have fucked it up anyway. Remaster Star Wars Galaxies (ORIGINAL) DONE
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    Had it not been for [H]ardocp 's issues I would of missed my 30 days. I was not even thinking about returning the card at the time. Literally read his replacement card went bad and I tapped out. It was just coincidence that it was my 30th day. Special Thanks to Fed Ex for getting Kyle's faulty...
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    UPDATE: 1. Ordered 2080 Ti 10/17/2018 From NVIDIA Store 2. Recieved on 10/22/18 3. Graphics Card was working perfectly, all the horrors stories started to come out. 4. Reading this thread was...
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    Reading this thread made me hit the eject button. My card was working fine but I could not have myself second guessing every time I turn the computer on. NVIDIA received my card today, now I wait the 5-7 business days for my refund. Great card when it works as mine did. But the cloud of fear of...
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    Zero Posts in 14 Years! ....made my day! Yes when this info comes out at least it will either give the rest of the working cards peace of mind or a reason for a refund.
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    Now that is what I call being served a warm cup of STFU.
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    Well thanks to you doing your job, I returned my perfectly working card. Because dammit there is something rotten in Denmark. Thanks Kyle.
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    Nope here is another example of just bad RTX card. This is a non ref 2070 with space invaders.
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    I like to stick to something for at least 3 to 4 years. My 2080 Ti is doing just fine as well. But 1200 bucks and all this negative cloud hovering is a no go for me. I have to send it back and ride the storm out. maybe next gen.
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    They fumbled in their [H]igh end zone. And i recovered it for the "safety" of my GTX 1080.
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    Well I just requested a "Refund" for my 2080 Ti. Card is working fine and all is good, but I can't have this hovering over the life of the card that any day could be the day it dies. Reason given to nvidia was "Quality issues with this product". An RMA was issued with return label and upon them...
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    I continue to game for long sessions with out a fan curve at default speeds to run the card toasty. It peeks at 81c but hovers around 76c. I've OC and run benchmarks for several hours looking for any sign of potential failure. A month in and still no issues. But damn what the hell is the root...
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    RTX 2080 Ti, gone, not even AIB's... Extra 50 bucks for Darker Box, Extra 100 Bucks for samsung memory! /s They are listed again in the main page.
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    RTX 2080 Ti, gone, not even AIB's... They are listed.
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    NVIDIA Help Hombres Hit Homerun with HardOCP

    I had a similar experience with my 2080 Ti Delivery with Fed Ex. I waited all morning for it, had to go to work. My Son literally watch the Fed Ex guy just get off the truck and stick a sticker on the door that no one was home. He didn't even knock or ring the doorbell. I was livid. Lucky for me...
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    NVIDIA Help Hombres Hit Homerun with HardOCP

    I have never purchased a video card from NVIDIA directly until now. This is good to see. It gives me some comfort in knowing that they are taking care of the issue with out hassle and more importantly with speed. On a side note and not to be dismissed is the fact that [H]ardocp is representing...
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    ULMB users

    Thanks for the feed back brother!
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    Nvidia drivers 416.81

    Gamed all weekend long hours of BLOPS 4 no issues with these drivers.
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    Is the RTX 2080 Ti a "grass greener on the other side" type scenario? Or are you enjoying it?

    I went from a 1080 to a 2080 (essentially a 1080Ti with less ram that cost more). And was not impressed. However I then jumped to 2080 Ti and I am happy with the performance gain. The price on the other hand is a bit to steep for most. But I have no regrets.
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    ULMB users

    I tried it and did not like ULMB. It made my Monitor to dark. If I cap the fps on my games below my refresh rate by -3 and use g sync I get little to no input lag. It basically feels the same as ULMB with out the loss of brightness. Also on my Monitor I need to run it @ 120hz in order to use...
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    GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FAILS After Gaming for 2 Hours @ [H]

    This Sucks! What ever is causing this better be addressed by NVIDIA soon. A recall should be in order for such an expensive card.
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    Upgrading to 1440p, Which GPU?

    I have a 27 inch 1440p gsync 144 hz monitor. My graphics have gone from 2x 680 is SLI to 1080 to 2080 to 2080 Ti. The 1080 was sufficient enough to do the job, little to no sacrifice to frame rates by simply turning off anti aliasing in all games. Older games are fine. Newer games are memory...
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    Upgrading to 1440p, Which GPU?

    For Nvidia: GTX 1080 or Higher
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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    I am on Windows version 1803, still good to go.
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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    I have a RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition from NVIDIA store. Received it 10/23/18 and I have been gaming and torture testing for overclock and benchmark scores. So far everything is working perfectly. Games I play are Overwatch, BF4, Black Ops 4 all maxed @ 1440p. See benchmarks below: Time Spy...
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    @ Dayaks Flashing is possible on FE: My 2080FE is working just fine. Here are some overclocked scores using Afterbuner: Time Spy Extreme: Fire Strike Extreme...
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    Alienware Co-Founder Frank Azor Discusses How Gaming Has Changed

    I had literally the same experience. I saved 4,000 bucks and had a killer rig built. My Dream machine arrived DOA. I sent it back and 5 days later I received its replacement with out a power cord and some other items like driver disks etc. It broke my heart sending it all back for a full refund...
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    Fire Strike 1.1 Fire Strike Extreme Time Spy 1.0 Time Spy Extreme No regrets No complaints
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    RTX 2080Ti crazy prices ... in stock at NVIDIA Store
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    RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition available on

    Yup I took the plunge. Returned my 2080. Upgraded to 2080 ti. Fuck IT!
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is Out

    My wife got me (Let me get) a 2080 since I gifted my 1080 for my son (was on 680 sli) We both got Black Ops 4 and are having a blast. Wife got a new stove and fridge. LOL
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    I replaced my 1080FE with a 2080FE and gave the 1080 to my son who is super happy to have a geek dad. I am utterly surprised at how quiet this thing is at default. And temps hold under load. With the 1080FE I was forced to buy AIO due to noise and heat. So far I can say I may get away with...
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    The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is Too Damn High! @ [H]

    I remember reading these types of comments back when I bought my 1080FE for $699 at launch. I then laughed for nearly 2 years when most paid 2x that during the mining craze. And I was playing hearthstone on my killer rig. LOL Point is if you want it and can afford it. Fucking buy it and never...
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    RTX2080 and RTX2080Ti Reviews online

    This launch reminds me of the GTX 480. Lots of MEMEs and a short life span.
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    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    My 1080 is doing what I need it to do. 1440p 144hz
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    What resolution do you game at?

    1440p GSync 27 inch with EVGA 1080 FE RTX is not important to me. Waiting on performance numbers for current games.
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    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti Official Performance Charts Leaked

    2x680s, (700 series 900 series skipped), 1080 FE, (20xx series skipped) see you in a couple more generations for my next upgrade. :cool:
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    2080 3dmark leak

    I will wait for [H] review for real numbers.
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    I voted yes. Provided you are comfortable with the language in the NDA and that said NDA allows you to give an [H]onest opinion. I have always depended on [H]ard reviews above all others. And having a review ready at launch instead of later date is good for the consumer. No matter the outcome I...