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    Pandemic 2

    wicked :p
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    Cat Golf!

    pretty fun... good concept. -3
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    CPU hog?

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    How to best use a small HDD?

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    Who remembers carmageddon?

    I used to spend hours playing that. Some of the most fun I have ever had on a PC.
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    Question for College Gamers

    I had time my freshman year. I even had time for a CoD CTF clan. But like I said that was Freshman year. Now I am lucky if I can get in a few games of Halo 2 on live.
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    Need For Madness

    Wow no replies. I found it very entertaining. :)
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    ? Mark? Like you don't know ;)
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    New Mario?

    Man... this sucks. I thought I was over the handheld shit but I have been waiting for a ne sidescroller. I am hooked. Looks like I'll be getting one of these now. WEEEEEEE
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    New Mario?

    I did notice that on the opening screen it says "2005 Nintendo". Not sure if that means anything though.
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    New Mario?

    Has anyone seen this yet? This looks fun as hell if it's true. I have been itching for some new Mario fun.
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    RagE Theater

    That's ridiculously awesome... :p
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    CS:S scores...

    No shit this happened to me as well.... and there is no history ever either.
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    Next Crytek game (not Far Cry 2, but Crysis) Amazing GFX

    No he doesn't... it's not like it's the end of my life. It's small disappointment. Life goes on. Just an observation. It's hard to keep up with PC games these days. PC games are slowly losing popularity I think. At least with me anyway. It just isn't worth it to spend stupid amounts of money on...
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    Next Crytek game (not Far Cry 2, but Crysis) Amazing GFX

    I am tired of having to upgrade for games. It's so disheartening to think I won't be playing this stuff at %100. Poor college kids can't buy new vid cards all the time. Make it stop! So many pretty looking games.
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    What's your gamerscore?

    I don't have a 360... so my question is do you get anything for having ass loads of points? There should be some sort of incentive other than claiming a larger e-penis. Maybe like access to a tourny or something.
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    Valve > EA

    My only beef with Steam is that it should have made the games cheaper and it didn't. the packaging, CD's, Manuals and all that junk were cut out of the process so where did the extra money go? On a side note... the other day I didn't internet in my new place yet and I wanted to play some of...
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    Robin Williams is a sniper in Battlefield 2

    Nick Swardson... Back to Robin Williams... I wonder if he is any good?
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    WTB: DVD Player With HDMI Upconversion

    I have a Faroudja DV1000 just sitting around. No box or remote or anything. I'd sell it cheap if ya want. I have never sold anything online but hell... I am not using it.
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    CS:S Update!

    And I agree with the people who argue that this shouldn't even be an issue. Just adapt... just like you guys always have. It's no biggie. Everyon acts like one little change in the game and the whole thing is ruined.
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    CS:S Update!

    Why do I always come into these threads and see people slamming source? I used to play CS but I got bored. Ever since Source came out I am having a lot of fun playing CS again. So what's making the difference?
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    Best place for match videos...

    sweet thanks...
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    Best place for match videos...

    I need match videos from CS games, Quake3, Unreal , etc. My friends don't believe me that PC FPS are slightly faster paced than Halo 2. Anyway I need a place to download videos (not demos). Anyone know a good place?
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    Any word/update on the new carmageddon?

    It got sacked as far as I know.
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    Circles.... what the heck!

    I've got a fever and the only cure is more circles (curves).... sorry I had too.
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    How Spielbergian (Spielberg + EA = ?)

    The OP made a good point about his influence maybe bringing in more talent. But with the way Hollywood is I don't want them touching games so much. Movies have sucked lately and so have games. I just hope two halves can make one and finally put out some spectacular things.
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    Funny BF2 video worth watching lol

    That was great... Gotta love a little game humor there with the tutorial guy.
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    Carmageddon being redone....anyone know link to this

    I hope they do this game right. I am always afraid when they redo games. They could either botch the game or do a really bang up job... pun intended ;)
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    Carmageddon being redone....anyone know link to this

    Haha... I was so happy the first time I destroyed one. HAHAHAHAHAH! *Evil Laugh* ;)
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    Carmageddon being redone....anyone know link to this

    You guys said... it's about time. I spent so many hours playing carmageddon. It will be the death of me if the release a ne wupdated version. Score!
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    I want Serious sam 2!

    Yeah I have to say that I am looking forward to this release more than any other. There's just isn't anything else like Serious Sam co-op. I personally hope Sam has a little bit more dialogue. ;)
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    The Summer is coming to an END

    Sadly when I went to school no one gave a shit. Honestly. Maybe you can meet someone into that stuff but I never did. then again I am in East Texas....
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    X2 with SLI...

    God that's sexy looking with that RAM. Drool... :D
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    The Summer is coming to an END

    Relax man. I built a brand new rig for school and I still have it. Just keep your door locked and you should have nothing to worry about.
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    The sucking

    LMAO... that's great.
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    The sucking

    So they can start a conversation without contributing to it.
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    BF2 ranked servers hacked

    EA blows... I am kind of glad this happened. I hope it happens more. EA is such a crap company. They don't give a crap about anyone.
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    [NEWS] Doom the movie - going to have hell!!!

    It has nothing to do with being gothic. It has to do with the fact that Doom takes place in a HELL environment and it should be accurate to the game.
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    [NEWS] Doom the movie - going to have hell!!!

    Did you read this? We might even be able to expect a Wolfenstein movie! "With Wolfenstein, that's a project that we've actually had in development. We've been working with some writers and those sorts of things. It's obviously not as far along as the Doom movie was when it took off after we...