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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    girlfriend + box of tissues + what appears to be lotion = WIN ;) Inglourious Basterds?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Looks like these:
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    Inside a Microsoft Data Center

    :D Do you think they use SSD's yet???
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    looks like TRIM-enabled firmware for X25-M is out today

    Now the intel drives are the best choice, can't fault them one bit!
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    Are there any good SSD drives 64GB or lower for under $200?

    Hmmm 37GB seems way to tight for me, 64GB seemed a squeeze, I would prefer a 128GB drive.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Same :D
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    Dell U2410

    Saying you can't get a women (as a joke)
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    The 10 Best (and 10 Worst) Companies for Customer Service

    uh, Apple can only afford good customer service because of all the crazy prices on their products!
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    Illegal File Sharers Buy The Most Legal Media

    try before you buy, i will buy something if i believe they deserve my money!
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    iMac Goes Up In Smoke

    Because of all the apple fanboys out there, i mean if there dumb enough to pay for a service pack (snow leopard) then there dumb enough to pay for anything. LOL, apple would literally rot. Correct. LOL
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    MSI US Launches WIND TOP AE2010

    thank goodness, can someone teach apple a lesson about over pricing all in on computers now!!!
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    Illegal Downloaders in Britain May Lose Web Access

    give up and stop wasting our tax, you can NEVER stop it completely!!!
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    Sony PS3 Slim, Price Cut Confirmed at GDC Europe 09

    Look Out Microsoft, those high sales will mean nothing now!
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    Corsair® Re-launches Dominator GT Ultra-Performance DRAM Modules

    The ultimate RAM is back :-D
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    Intel Delivers Industry's First 34nm NAND Flash SSDs

    Im telling you, come christmas/Early 2010, we could have drives close to £1/GB which is around $1.65/GB
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Looks like the windows 7 RTM, Torrents aye?
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    The Decade's 25 Biggest Tech Flops

    thats a lot of sony's flops
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    New Wonder Material, One-Atom Thick, Has Scientists Abuzz

    and thats the inconvenient truth (anyone get the pun?), all we need is some people with a plan and a lot of money to help get discovery's like this into mass production.
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    Using the Internet Might Make You Smarter

    in other news, Exercise helps keep you fit :-O Wasn't this a bit obvious?
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    Burglars Busted By Text Message

    Why? First being caught on a web-cam and then ebay. When will criminals ever learn?
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    The Most Dangerous Search Terms on the Internet

    +1 i was expecting the word "Keygen" to be up there as well as "porn".
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    AMD Demonstrates DirectX 11 Graphics Processor

    +1, i could make a much better presentation then that!!!! But still, all in all, well done ATI, im glad they got there first as usual. Now all we need is some benchmarks and some DX11 Games!!!
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    Corsair Announces Cooling Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler

    On another Forum where a Corsair Representative is present, Corsair had this to say... Source Obviously its a statement made by corsair so its a wait and see game.
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    Corsair Announces Cooling Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler

    +1, i would love to see a GPU unit like this, then i will be very happy. Some temps versus the stock cooler and a un-named high performance cooler.
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    YouTube For TV

    +1, i really LOL'd at Microsoft, they seemed so excited about it, i just thought, who the hell cares!!!
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    Microsoft's Project Natal In Action

    I wouldn't fancy playing any fighting games like red faction, god of war (i know its a PS3 game), peoples TV's will be destroyed. i would love to use it though, i still dont understand how it works...i mean, isn't there anything connected to you?
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    Xbox 360 Hits The 30 Million Mark

    How many of those are peoples second third or fourth, e.g. I've seen some people online on around their 5th or 6th console!!! also the one big selling point of the 360 is its hackable ;-)
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    AMD Makes Accelerated Video Experiences Possible for Millions of Consumers

    Badabing Badaboom and there you have it.
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    Reznor Raises $645k for Fan VIA Twitter

    +1, twitter just became useful!!!!
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    Running An App Store Isn’t Easy

    LOL, iphone activation was hell!!! i lol'd at nokia though!!!
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    Full HD 3D Monitor From LG

    /me waits for OLED 3D screens ;-)
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    Celebs Threatening To Stop Twittering

    twitter,meh. Another popular website that will die down eventually.
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    Cool 3D Murals On Buildings

    nice, don't blame the firemen, but they should have understood quicker.
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    Greenhouse Gases Rate of Incresase, Lowest in 19 Years

    so a recession is good for the environment? what would you rather have, global warming or a recession?
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    XFX Entering Power Supply Arena

    make a blue version and im sold, would look sooooo sweet in my antec 1200!!!
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    Google Street View Tricycle?

    LOL isn't google one of the best companies in the world to work for? Guess again :-P
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    Will Hard Disks become Obsolete in Near future

    M-RAM has been in development since the 1990's, it still has some time to go.
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    Will Hard Disks become Obsolete in Near future

    +1, HDD companies will have no choice but to drop prices as SSD's come down, if SSD's do make it to the same price as HDD's then you could be buying 1TB HDD's for a fraction of the cost that you would today. +1, SSD's have been falling faster then world economy, just 2 years ago they where...