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    New drivers incoming for RX 6000 GPUs

    The latest AMD drivers froze and reset on me a week ago. Surprising. I haven't had this happen before on either any of my AMD or NV cards. Otherwise, I'm pretty neutral on AMD/NV as far as drivers go at the moment. My last infuriating/gamebreaking experience with drivers was having a Radeon...
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    bad RAM slot - should RMA this board or OK to use?

    I saw your edit, but for the price of those X670E boards, if ANYTHING was bad, I'd RMA it.
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    What are some good value x670e motherboards, or boards with good features in general?

    I'm pretty sure that USB 4 spec means it's compatible with TB3 and most (?) TB4 devices, hence no need for the header.
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    Will try to watch the video after work, but what was mentioned in particular about the boards? Also - wonder how they plan to do that?
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    Best bang for the $? 5500 vs 5600 vs 5600X vs 3600X for OFFICE work loads

    Between the choices, the 5600 is the best buy here for a general purpose machine. The 5500 is a Cezanne CPU which means it lacks PCIE 4 and isn't as capable in single threaded stuff, and the older 3rd gen CPUs are a lot slower in single thread. Niche buy - for a purely 8 core, 16 thread...
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    Why are current gen motherboards so expensive?

    Ok, I know costs everywhere are going crazy, but why are current gen motherboards so expensive? I picked up my X570 Strix E at the local, USD equivalent of $250 (not in the US), and the X670 Strix E is more than double the price now. I read somewhere way before the 7000 series launch that the...
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    Solved - ASUS x370 Hero RAM Issue (No POST)

    Looks like either the CPU or the board has a bad memory channel. Youtuber Greg Salazar has noticed this on a few Ryzen 3rd gen chips on his troubleshooting videos.
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    How do I run two sticks of RAM in an ASUS Z590 Gaming-Plus Wifi?

    Is the board running an updated BIOS?
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    Still alive!

    Only a Crucial M4 has failed on me to date. My other oldest SSDs are still alive - an 840 EVO, an 840 vanilla and an 840 Pro. I probably have between 50-100 SSDs by Crucial and Samsung in a few production workstations at the moment.
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    Worth it to "upgrade" from p8p67 rev 3.1 to Asus p8z77-v deluxe for overclocking?

    A current gen i3 stock will run rings around that 5ghz 2600K for any sort of CPU intensive process and will lower your power bill. I'd leave things as is until you're ready for a platform upgrade.
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    WELL..BOYS.. I done did it.. slightly inebriated video card purchase.. RTX 3070 from BB @ $499~ coming from RX580

    1440P monitors aren't going to be held back so much by the R5 3600... you will likely be GPU limited for the most part.
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    Anyone have an nVME Gen 4 SSD they like with good random read performance at high (4TBish) capacities?

    Semi on topic: any reason why 4TB NVME's aren't so widely available yet from the biggish manufacturers? IE WD, Samsung, Micron/Crucial, Hynix? I'd be totally fine with a WD Blue SN550 in 4TB. Too bad my incoming laptop stopped supporting SATA SSDs of any kind :| Does it have anything to do with...
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    Pulled the trigger on a new NAS

    Be careful on the SSD cache. Heard of read only caches crashing live volumes on the synology.
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    Hypothetical Question - Do lower power/lower end GPUs last longer?

    I doubt we can truly get a conclusive answer based on anecdotal evidence on our forums, but: Do GPUs based on the lower end chips last longer assuming these are used similarly? In a way, I can guess that this MAY make sense due to: 1. Lower clockspeeds 2. Less power draw Leading to: 3. Less...
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    Memory Upgrade Causes PC/CPU Slowdown/Higher Usage

    Slow computer responsiveness I notice can be brought about by some form of memory incompatibility. Try upping the voltage as mentioned or manually setting the timings. If XMP is on, try turning it off. Could also be that the platform does not like 32GB RAM.
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    Black screen in M-Flash on my MSI X570 Unfity

    Is the USB formatted in MBR, in FAT32 and has the BIOS named properly? I recently recovered from a bad flash on my ASUS X570 E. The crash free BIOS would NOT reload the proper firmware with the GUI. The flashback feature however brought the board back to life.
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    MSI Tommy hawk 570x issues

    Assuming what you have is the X570 Tomahawk Wifi (not the X570S Tomahawk MAX Wifi)
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    Black screen in M-Flash on my MSI X570 Unfity

    No. So long as the PC is off, you can start the flash process.
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    Laptop 4K Screen - Will running it at 1080p look odd?

    Thanks for the input. I guess nothing to be afraid of then. Yeah, I have issues on some older / legacy programs where display scaling doesn't really work. For the most part I may be running 4K with scaling but there may be times I will be forced to run 1080p. Frankly speaking, for a 15" screen...
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    Laptop 4K Screen - Will running it at 1080p look odd?

    Hello all, Looking to pickup a laptop soon perhaps. However, the one I want just happens to have a 4K screen... which, for light gaming and most work at 15", I feel is a lot overkill. Battery life aside, I'm looking at other potential drawbacks to this. I know non native resolution scaling is...
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    Black screen in M-Flash on my MSI X570 Unfity

    Skipping the problem entirely: you can just use the BIOS flashback if you want.
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    Aorus X570 Master 1.2 Problems Posting, looping to F4

    Turn off XMP to rule out RAM failing to train?
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    Gigabyte Aorus Elite AX 690 DDR5 motherboard and 32GB 5200MHZ DDR5 RAM For $380 at Amazon.

    240 AIO minimum or something like the Noctua U12A/D15 if it fits that board.
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    Aorus X570 Master 1.2 Problems Posting, looping to F4

    You're lucky you picked a Gigabyte board that actually has that BIOS selector switch... ;)
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    Aorus X570 Master 1.2 Problems Posting, looping to F4

    I'd rule out the RAM failing to train first... which is what happens on cold boots but not on warm restarts. Move the RAM back to stock (XMP off) and give it a go for a few days. Edit: Did a quick check. F4 means recovery firmware is loaded. I'm going to guess something it didn't like...
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    B450 Aorus Pro WiFi Resetting/Rebooting Constantly

    Not sure if you have done so but if yes, turn off XMP and try again. Gigabyte B450/X470 boards outside of the X470 Gaming 7 are notoriously bad at clocking RAM. With a Ryzen 5 3600 that will easily overclock a certain set of memory to 3600mhz on another motherboard, my Gigabyte X470 Ultra...
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    X570 chipset differences?

    AFAIK the Strix E (non II) uses the Intel AX200 chip. I can verify tonight if you'd need. I have a box running that MB at home.
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    X570 chipset differences?

    Strix E maybe?
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    X570 chipset differences?

    Yes it's that one. I do believe that yes, the Tomahawk isn't using all its connectivity options, since the board sits lower in MSI's product stack compared to the Taichi, which is Asrock's top of the line board. Doing a quick glance, the X570S ACE MAX is MSI's range topper (apart from the...
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    X570 chipset differences?

    You can wire up the X570 chipset in a few number of ways. In the end, past the dedicated 16x GPU and 4x NVME slot, a few SATA ports and some USB ports which are directly wired to the CPU, everything else is coursed through the chipset, which is bandwidth limited by its x4 link to the CPU...
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    Ryzen stutter on desktop, not TPM related?

    Maybe Windows pulling some bad drivers and overwriting your manually installed ones? I know this one happens. Just today, one user at work had Win11 uninstall the Ryzen iGPU drivers on their laptop causing external monitors to not show up. I do vaguely remember there is an option or maybe...
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    Ryzen stutter on desktop, not TPM related?

    Sorry, just going to throw ideas out there... Try booting a live linux usb to rule out storage causing that issue? Maybe downgrade the BIOS?
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    Asus PRIME TRX40-PRO USB 3.2 Gen 2 2x2 Type C Support? On the Asus side, only the Zenith 2 Extreme. Don't think the 2x2 is going to be mainstream anytime soon.
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    First startup Asus ROG Strix Z690-E mobo issue with post

    I can't find an 0604 BIOS revision on ASUS's page for the Z690 E (which is what your screenshot shows) I'm guessing your board shipped with the super early firmware, and I remember some people reported weird issues with early BIOS models on some alder lake boards. Try updating your BIOS to the...
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    4K Editing Brings My Ryzen 5 1500x To Its Knees

    ^From your linked article, seems like if you have half decent airflow (ie not on an open air test bench), seems to be ok. Yeah. 3900X seems to be a good choice here too.
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    4K Editing Brings My Ryzen 5 1500x To Its Knees

    Not sure how that B350 would handle a 3900X on full load though.
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    InterVLAN Routing Configuration

    Hi All, I'm currently trying to setup some managed switches to setup a different VLAN for our WIFI users and still give them access to resources on our main network. I have VLANs setup to the point wherein I have different subnets, and connecting to certain SSIDs will put you in a different...
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    B550 CPU Compatibility

    Great info. Will look up the BIOS on mine tonight. Thanks!
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    4K Editing Brings My Ryzen 5 1500x To Its Knees

    This is true, better wait for some people to willingly beta test, but at this point, since the B350 and B450 chipsets are similar [forgot where I read this a long time ago] then I would expect that there should be few issues. If it works though, the 5600X would be a very good upgrade for OP.
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    4K Editing Brings My Ryzen 5 1500x To Its Knees

    The 6026 beta BIOS released recently should support Zen3 at this point. Looks like they are working to get it to non beta in the very near future.