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    Florida Introduces "Stop Social Media Censorship Act"

    The question I have re: social media websites being "public spaces" - how does this jive with targeted advertising? Maybe there aren't obvious walls blocking the public from using these services, but they're paying in more inconspicuous ways. Seems that social media websites use the "public...
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    911 Calls Raise Concerns Over Amazon Working Conditions

    I want to believe this is sarcasm, but it seems to go well with the general "back in my day" mood of this thread:p.
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    Rogue One Writer Lambastes EA for "Catastrophically Mismanaging" the Star Wars License

    All that needs to be said. This is simply a case of Disney not doing their homework. EA is bottom of the barrel when it comes to game development at this point. I've played various sports titles from EA over the past few years, and to say that some of these games are past the beta stage would be...
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    The Witcher III Cost $81M

    So what exactly happened to CreepyUncleGoogle? I actually miss the guy. Very idiosyncratic, the way he used to rile people up.
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Launches in September 2019

    What, MW4: Mercs didn't exist? Still waiting on that impending storm that was supposed to arrive at the end of the Mercs campaigns. I loved playing that game so much. I was still hoping for a sequel for a few years. Sucks that it has to be PGI. This will probably get passed over like any other...
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    The Chinese Social Credit Score System Has Already Been Implemented

    Nowhere in that study indicates that the frogs are turning "gay". Going sterile and changing sexes? Sure. I don't see how that abounds to a leap of faith about the US government turning the frogs gay. Of course, that was all really just a dog whistle about the purported "homosexual agenda"...
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    Star Citizen Has Made Over $200,000,000

    That's some level of hyperbole you got going on there. I'm sorry, but if the whole idea was to go against this idea that SC has formed some sort of a cult, this is pretty much not the way to go about disproving that accusation. Hate Star Citizen or DIE? Talk about dramatic histrionics. :rolleyes:
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    Star Citizen is Free to Try for a Week Starting November 23

    I'd say it's entirely understandable, considering the amount of money that was pulled in, the ridiculous scope creep, QA issues, missed deadlines, and Chris Roberts's own incompetence in the past. That's generally not a good mix for a crowdfunded game. I'm more inclined towards the cynical...
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    Star Citizen is Free to Try for a Week Starting November 23

    It does say something about a game that most of the 1st page in this thread was dedicated to posts "pre-empting the haters".
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    Billionaire LA Times Owner Calls Social Media the 'Cancer' of Our Times

    They're all birds of a feather, but admittedly some of them have a bit more gloss on their feathers than others. Fox is low rung, and to consider what Fox does as journalism is laughable. Why should any credibility be given to an outlet whose previous ringleader was unabashed when it came to do...
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    Billionaire LA Times Owner Calls Social Media the 'Cancer' of Our Times

    What's missing is that media outlets, especially print media, missed out heavily on the ad facing gravy train that Facebook and others currently conduct. Beyond that, social media simply amplifies what current media reports. Social media could be blamed for creating little thought bubbles that...
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    "Total War: Rome II" Developers on Female Generals: "Don’t Like It? Don’t Play It"

    Does CA still update this game? It was a complete mess even a year or so after release. The worst TW game I have played to date. I'd be more outraged if they were retconning female generals into the game on the low, and not fixing the game at the same time.
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    Disney CEO Apologizes for "Star Wars": "You Can Expect Some Slowdown"

    I have to say, I actually liked Revenge of the Sith a lot. I watched it before I watched the TPM and CW, mainly because I did my best to avoid watching any of the prequels due to their perception. I did go back and watch the other two, and I can understand why they were lambasted, and I can...
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    Equifax Slapped With 500k Fine

    Pathetic. These companies need to be financially nuked, honestly.
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    OnePlus Is Getting Rid of the Headphone Jack

    Shame. Had a 1+1 and a 1+3. Great phones. Funny how OP was making fun of jack-less phones 6 months ago, and now they're looking every bit the jack-ass. I find myself using headphones constantly. Not a fan at all of Bluetooth sets, and even less so of heavily inconsistent dongles. They still...
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    EA Defies Belgian Lootbox Law

    Additionally, companies like EA don't disclose 'pack weight', meaning you're rolling the dice for more expensive packs/lootboxes, without some guarantee that you will get back a serviceable item. I also lay the blame on these YouTubers, especially where FIFA is concerned. Lot of lip service is...
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    Elon Musk Smokes Weed in Podcast

    There's some nonsense in this thread, but this really takes the cake. Whatever happened to the self responsibility that this forum is so huge on? Poor Elon, so much more intelligent and creative than Rogan, with an unmatched drive to boot, yet falling to a petty gambit by Rogan to knock him...
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    Elon Musk’s Kid-Submarine Was “A PR Stunt,” Thailand Cave Rescue Diver Says

    A reach to bump this thread that has seemingly backfired. This is some pie in the face stuff. It really starts to give credence to the idea re: Musk having a cult of personality.
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    Jesus, that poor kid with the red dot on his shirt... RIP son...
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    Gamers Nexus Calls Out Tom’s Hardware for Their “Just Buy It” RTX 2080 Article

    Huh. It really has been a while since I visited TH. Glad they finally tidied up the site a bit. It was a nightmare to navigate through some years back. Forums still looking as garish as usual.
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    Battlefield 5 Developers Wish They'd Included Women in Battlefield 1, Too

    The issue really seems to be one of branding. They could've simply said the game is stylistically in the purview of WW2, ie in terms of guns, locales etc, but doesn't follow any historical relevancy in terms of political ideologies and more specific historical moments. It's understandably more...
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    Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PC Trailer

    If it's anything like last Black Ops, I'll refrain. I loved 1 and 2, but 3 left a sour taste in my mouth. The whole idea of jetpacks and jumpsuits was so beyond what Call of Duty was up until that point. But then again, when you're pandering to the 5-18 year old crowd, you need more shiny...
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    Nvidia Allegedly Terminates Sponsorship for Stance Against Preordering Hardware

    How much does it matter that it was the guest, and not the guy running the stream, that made the comments re: preordering? Do guest voices also need to self-censor over their host's predicated sponsorships?
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    Nvidia Allegedly Terminates Sponsorship for Stance Against Preordering Hardware

    That's some level of vitriol for a seemingly benign response to what nVidia did. What do the reddits say? I saw one thread on PCMR that just says "there's probably more to the story", which is about as helpful as your "probably more to the story" statement. Maybe I looked at the wrong thread?
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    Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

    "It just works" "It just works" "It just works" Where have we heard that before?
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    To think that a 104 part used to cost around $200-250 not too long ago... Also, why the $200 premium for the FE part?
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    Rumored NVIDIA RTX 2070 Specs: 2304 Cores, 8GB GDDR6 at ~$400

    That would seemingly cannibalize the hell out of the 2080. For reference, the 1070 ti had about 25% more cores than the 1070. 3500 cores would effectively mean a ~50% jump from the 2070 to the 2070 ti.
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    Nordic Hardware Says RTX 2080 a Paper Launch

    I can only imagine what the price of the 2080 Ti on eBay will be, a couple weeks after launch.
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    Industry Powerhouses Invest into Game Streaming as a Game Console Replacement

    I just don't see how costs won't be considerable for any streaming enterprise, unless we're getting server farms of the cookie cutter graphics variety. Its one thing to use thin clients for work purposes, and another thing entirely to share graphics load. Am I missing something here? How will...
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    Nvidia Teases New Lineup of Consumer Video Cards

    "Be For the Game" sounds like a slogan that a Chinese company selling cheap gaming peripherals would use.
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    Ninja Explains His Choice Not to Stream with Female Gamers

    Considering the amount of fuckery that is ever present when it comes to Twitch relationships, this is a sensible decision. inb4 "he must be closeted"
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    Cuphead Sells 3 Million Copies in Less Than a Year

    Platformers aren't my thing, but games like Cuphead and Ori are just gorgeous to look at. I've spent some hours just watching gameplay of these games on YouTube.
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    Professional Fortnite Players Resurrect the 4:3 Resolution for a Competitive Edge

    Since when did lowering the FOV increase the size of hitboxes? Seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of how aspect ratios work. Yes, using 4:3 will make a player model appear wider when the screen is stretched, but you also have to maneuver through a larger physical area to make up for...
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    Origin’s Free Game Program “On the House” Has Been “Retired”

    Yeah, Red Alert 2 + YR for free almost made Origin worth it. I say almost because they wouldn't work with Win10 or Win8. Had to revert back to Win7, and even then, it took tinkering with a few .ini files and using some graphics patcher to get RA2 to work. Had to do some more tinkering for YR to...
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    Purported Google Pixel 3 XL Leaks in “Clearly White”

    Jesus Christ, that notch. Surprised they didn't just go all the way with the screen at the bottom. Really drive home the point. Would've looked better anyways. What's the point of leaving space at the bottom and having a notch? I don't know why Google doesn't just have an agreement to sell...
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    Apple Said to Be Removing Headphone Jack from Upcoming 2018 iPad Pro Models

    Also, a tablet with bezels like that seems to be a disaster waiting to happen.
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    Apple Said to Be Removing Headphone Jack from Upcoming 2018 iPad Pro Models

    Vertical only keyboard? Isn't one of the biggest pros for tablets the fact that you can use the keyboard in landscape mode and still have some intuitiveness? Apple really can't be that stupid.
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    The Instagram Rich List Shows How Insane The World Is

    Shocked that LeBron isn't on there...or does he not monetize himself via Instagram?