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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    I like Corsair because they often sponsor many of these sweet give aways. Also, their powersupply is feeding my rig, so I feel obligated to say something about quality and value, but you know... free stuff.
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    Video Game Sales Lowest Since 2006

    Same, although I have been this way for a long while. I figure most people are falling in the same category. Get burned once or twice at even $40 and you simply get cynical, assume the worst, and only buy games when they are on sale; all the while publishers seem to be exercising yet another...
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    How Crytek Doomed Crysis 2 For the PC

    Normally I don't pay any mind to registration date/seniority on forums, but circumstances being what they are with you registering today to defend this piece of shit release, I am going to call shill.
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    Sony to Get PS3 Hacker’s PayPal Records

    canna's example was completely retarded. A more appropriate example would be along the lines of it not being criminal to make duplications of keys to your own fucking house, so you can access it and make modifications to it. The fact Sony used the same key for every "house" they sold just makes...
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Because Corsair is literally giving the memory away.
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    Courts: Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment

    I really like the courts. Its almost like checks and balances are still working. Now if the President and Legislators would stop "working together" we might actually have a government to be proud of again.
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    Anti-Piracy Lawyers Sued For Fraud, Abuse and Extortion

    Just because you do something wrong doesn't mean you do not know it is wrong.
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    Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!

    I want to put the boards on ebay to buy presents for the holidays.
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    Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain

    Media organizations are just trying every single avenue possible. With enough government agencies there is bound to be one that can get or assume authority to do what you want.
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    Police Texting To Save Money?

    Nevermind reading the article itself and realizing this applies to UK police, and not the rest of the world. I don't even know what the troopers do in my own state, while my brother-in-law is a cop. Do we (Americans) already use "text" messages like this or what? Still, appreciate the input...
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    80% of Television Viewed in SD

    Are they including watching "TV" on the internet?
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    AMD CEO: Next-Gen Radeon Launches Next Week

    This right here, boys and girls.
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    Sony Fights Back Against Jailbreaking

    No, it is shortsighted. You have to open the damn platform before you have even MAKE all of the other legitimate uses. Even if 100% of the people jailbreaking their PS3s are pirating it doesn't change the fact that making a closed platform open doesn't invite opportunity for "legitimate" uses. I...
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    Pirate Bay Sunk At Last After Europe-Wide Raids?

    That goes toward keeping patrols equipped or maintained. Or would you rather law-abiding citizens foot the bill in all cases and police be funded exclusively through tax? Just saying, you slipped up. Thanks for supporting our boys in blue. :)
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    Facebook Refuses to Take Down Tribute Page to Killer

    Just a heads up.
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    Ubisoft has disgustingly bad tech support and does not care about its customers.

    Given we practically buy games as a service these days, I do not see anything wrong with this.
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    Can WoW's expansion un-do damage Burning Crusade did to it?

    I am loving the changes. I am not an incompetent player, I just can't stand to be arsed in getting half of the gear, or seeing most of the content. The new 25man raids will have level adjusted 10man version is fantastic! There is no way in hell I would stand to group with 24 idiots, but between...
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    UbiSoft uses pirates' no CD patch as official fix.

    Nah. D2D needs to produce their own patches, so more than likely this is independent of Ubisoft. I am guessing the D2D guys had to fix the issue and couldn't get the support from Ubisoft to make it happen. Since D2D couldn't remove the copy protection themselves they did the only other thing...
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    WOW players here is a good question

    Druid is pretty competitive vs. Hunter grind speed. You have more at risk since you don't have the pet, and you don't have feign death, meaning you WILL make trips from the grave yard, but you can kill as fast and consistently.
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    MS gaming support is retarded :(

    Is Xbox Customer Support telling you to contact Xbox customer support? Anyway, there is nothing wrong with your gamepad. This is mostly just the fault of gamepad support as it exists in PC games. ANY analog stick will not rest perfectly center, much less return to the SAME point off-center...
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    MGS 4 Has Several 90 Minute Cutscenes

    At least they can be paused and skipped, but why in the world does anyone believe this is good news? I admit it is a cool idea to mix and match mediums to work on the strengths of both; but I can't honestly see how these feature length films are necessary. Again, experiments are OK, but if we...
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    UK Plans To Record All E-mail, Call and Web Use?

    The difference is that information is private. Maintaining a publicly funded catalog of all this data benefits no one but those who sit in power.
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    Wii Fit Taking Heat for Calling Kids Fat

    This is bull. It is as if the child can't fucking do anything about their physique. The same reason these chubbie fucks got that way in the first place was because they couldn't be arsed to get outside. Like shit they can't deal with a little negative reinforcement in doors.
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    Pre-Ordering games is a waste of time

    Only games I will pre-order are the niche Atlus games that tend to disappear shortly after release, and quickly turn up on Ebay for twice the price. Even then, I go through Amazon. If I am going to put money down I'm not going to make two trips to the store. Otherwise, yes. Pre-orders are a...
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    Left4Dead: New gameplay videos

    I don't believe this will be much of a problem. It is a coop game by default, and designed around minimal player volume. If you have difficulty finding a full team of four who actually want to play, instead of screw tih achievements, then don't bother. Just start a game two others, or even just...
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    PS3 overtakes 360 in Europe

    So what is the attribute of it's success? Was Blu-ray that much of a selller?
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    awesome gameplay footage of mirror's edge

    Platformer in first person? If you just hear about it I would imagine gut wrenching, but that video honestly has me impressed. Prince of Persia in first person actually looks throughly possible. I'll have my eye on this one.
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    New Games Require Online Validation Every 10 Days?

    If publishers had their way, yes. The whole concept behind software sales is the property holders are selling you a license. As soon as someone gets the great idea they can indefinitely charge end users for that license they'll jump at it. In some ways this has already happened. Gametap does...
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    Swedish Court Convicts Man of File Sharing

    Remember that The Pirate Bay doesn't actually host any of the copy righted material. This man was.
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    Free NIN Album “The Slip”

    Yes, this most certainly is promotional material for an upcoming tour.
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    Crytek no longer PC exclusive

    Piracy does seem like a cop-out, but there is at least some truth to sales potential being higher on consoles. If nothing else the markets are completely different. Console gamers, to some degree, seem eager to eat up just about anything. How many shooters were released this holiday season? How...
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    Persona 3 FES

    There is an error when saving on a PS3. Nothing destructive. Just pay attention. Periodically the game will report the card/save is corrupt or can not be found. Just try again. The same problem was present in the vanilla release of P3. The problem is superficial, so don't worry about it. Just be...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    1up Entry submitted.
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    "They Wonder Why People Don't Make PC Games Any More"

    Did anyone even read the article? I will not dispute CoD4 may have been pirated in great volume, but the linked article and the [H] news snippet (since it was copy&pasted) are utter bullshit. There are no numbers or evidence to support the assertion. It is one thing for some random blogger to...
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    Deus Ex problem

    What is the install method? Retail disc, or steam? I would recommend reinstalling, but since you tried on a different setup chances are slim that is the problem. If you have an earlier save try loading up one of those. Maybe the save itself is corrupted and has the engine looking for...
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    360 Banhammer Has Started.

    I won't go this far, but I certainly don't agree anyone with a modded box should be on Live. At the same time, consumers should have a facility to backing up their media. I am certain a number of individuals with modded consoles have done so for the sake of keeping their $60 software intact...
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    No future for deaf gamer online...

    I am thinking voice rec will actually get MORE attention, as there becomes more demand for voice chat, believe it or not. After a point listening to whiny 12 year olds on Xbox Live! becomes intolerable, but outright muting everyone from the get go doesn't exactly benefit the game. Voice -> text...
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    The Witcher: improving your load/save times :)

    Unfortunately there is only so much you can do. My load times are anywhere between 5 and 40 seconds (including auto-saving), but outside of some very serious patching or a complete engine overhaul, the problems with loading are really attributed to the fact it occurs so often. A 40 second load...