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    WTB: X58 socket 1366 board, and video card

    Hello, my friend is looking to upgrade his computer. Being college students, we don't have a lot of cash. He got stuck with a crappy Lenovo i3 desktop with integrated graphics. He has trouble with a lot of the games he wants to play. I told him I could build him a decent computer if he gave...
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    Vote for the March [H]ardest Working Boxen!

    Here they are in all their glory! Vote for the [H]ardest Working Boxen! 402blownstroker: R-Type: Untitledone:
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    I am coming for you.
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    March [H]ard Working Boxen poll

    In the usual course of human history rebellion is common and sometimes necessary. Those of us with down trodden, workhorse boxen deserve love too. Wether it be a naked 4P box or a hacked together machine built from odds and ends or a well engineered salvage box. It will be a voting thread to...
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    Some people wanted pictures There you go! The beast in all its red neck engineered glory. This is the poor mans 48 core machine. Performance Data: 8P socket 1207 F 48 cores 48 threads @ 2.4Ghz, 8 x Opteron 8431, 6 x 2GB DDR2 ECC Parity 800...
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    WTB: Opteron 8431, 8435, or 8439

    Finishing up a build and thought I would see if anyone had one of these CPU's around. I just need one more to finish the system. I bought a pair of 8431's the other day on ebay for about $62 per cpu. Looking to spend around that for the last one. My weaksauce Heat...
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    WTB Opteron 8431, 8435, 8439

    Hello, I am in need of ( 3 ) AMD Opteron 8431, 8435, or 8439 socket F hexacore processors. I would like to get them for $70 per CPU if possible, but I am willing to negotiate. I have a folding rig project in the works that will require these CPU's for it to be fully opterational. Any assistance...
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    Looking to Trade for Mobo+CPU

    Hi guys, ran into some issues on a build I have been working on and dont have enough cash to finish it. I would like to trade my ram + cash for a decent motherboard and CPU, or to just straight sell the ram and buy some stuff off of newegg. I also have a WD HDD that I could sell/trade as well to...
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    Bad Trade: ccityinstaller

    His [H]ardforum account: His Heatware profile: Thanks to jhartono0002 for pointing out that ccityinstaller is banned from anadtech for a bad trade...
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    16 bit x86 assembly language - looking to learn it

    Hello there seasoned programmers, I am looking to learn 16 bit x86 assembly language. I would like some web sites or other info that can help me a long. I have a little experience with 8 bit PIC microcontroller assembly language programming so I should not be completely overwhelmed. The reason I...
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    Holy $[H]!+ Batman linux is Awesome

    So I finally got my computer back up and running and folding again. I am 8 frames into a 7140 and decided to look at HFM. HFM is estimating 6500 PPD!!! or 6:45 TPF. I don't have any data specificly on the 7140 since my HFM log got hosed when windows died. However on jebo's sheet I had uploaded...
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    Windows Fail

    Well last night I went to check my folding rig and noticed that it was at the Win7 login screen. I though "oh man, the computer restarted". Well I get to my desktop and notice that half of my desktop icons were not there, and I get a lovely "windows has recovered from a serious error". I though...
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    Random Ramblings

    Hi there [H] folding community. Was a little bored so I thought I would post. I overclocked my Phenom 9600 some more. It will be a little while before I get to see how much more PPD I get from the overclock. I am running at 237x11 for a clock speed of 2607mhz at 1.23V. I was running at...
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    Sometime next week when I get some time I would like to install Ubuntu Linux on my dedicated folder. I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on a laptop and got everthing setup so I know it wont be hard. I was just wondering what a general performance increase would be had from Win 7 pro x64 to Ubuntu on the...
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    I was wondering if someone can tell me how make HFM.NET save my WU history. I see a lot of people that have these huge lists of completed WU with the time per frame, PPD, etc... Is there some setting I need to enable, or is there more too it than that. I really just want the results from one...
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    Beta Units

    I was wondering if there was a way to block beta units? I got one yesterday and it really raped my poor phenom. Most units I get between 7-8 mins TPF, this bastard beta unit is at 25mins TPF !!! Thats 42 hours for a unit! Well I guess I will have to see what points I get for it. Its just a...
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    Question about Windows Install Disks

    I was wondering if I could install a different version of windows from the install disk. To elaborate more, I get a lot of friends, family members, and people wanting me to fix their computers that lose the restore disks. I want to know if I can install (windows vista/ windows 7 usually) using...
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    A couple quick noobie questions

    Hi guys, I just set up my main computer to fold today. I was just wondering what I need to do to sign up on [H]ardfolding. I assume that since I have just started and have no stats yet that I will not show up on it yet since I need a Stats ID # to be able to register. My first thing will be done...
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    This is probably a stupid question

    Is there a specific reason why AMD still uses pins?
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    One AM3+ Mobo on newegg

    Not making a big deal of this, but its interesting to see. Under the features section: "Get Ready for New Generation of 32nm AMD AM3+ CPU"