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    Hottest Boards These Days?

    Yes and no. Am4 guys may or may not care about bleeding edge mem topology and vrm capability to maintain all core boost. They simply overbuy. Intel guys have been shepherded into a 9900 top that hasn't moved so the bulk of z370 is fine for them. I find it amusing.
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    Most important CES announcement(IMO): Ryzen 4000 APUs.

    So the most exciting thing is winning in the segment that isn't even worth benchmarking. Win in dog food workflows is a what?
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    Hottest Boards These Days?

    ASRock b450+wtfe Ryzen is the gutter option. Z370/390 I'm really not sure since we aren't affected as much. I see a lot of primo mobos used in the Intel space compared to straight up hit garbage in the am4 space. For the record I use good Intel mobos and Garbo am4. Am4 guys trip off things...
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    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    Knock on wood I haven't needed them on my Garbo amd mobos yet. They need the most help with audio&nic unless you spend stupid $.
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    3960x build check

    Unless your workflow dives straight at thread intensive workflow after single threaded minority work I don't see why you wouldn't go 9700/9900 for PS + Minor rendering + gaming. Bc 2 out of 3 a 9600k would cover fine in a burger build with same workflow order.
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    Ryzen R5-1600 AF

    I clocked a 2600 to 4.2ghz all core and captured plenty of BO4 footage. 1700x was 4ghz all core and helped me thru the later Blackout updates with a ton of core contention capping footage. I used a b450m hdv with 32gb Corsair 3200 running at xmp no problems. So the garbage asrock b450 boards...
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    You’d think that since Apple’s external gpu functionality was fenced off to only newer Macs they’d open the doors to whatever gpu you need to get the job done would be supported. Oh wait, it’s Apple, Pro is just a label they throw around. luckily I have an equipment allowance and Linux works...
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    Upgrade 7820x to 10900x?

    Here's my build arc of the past 2 years: 7820x + 1080tis bc all of the sudden I went from simple cloud native .js builds to needing a local Kubernetes and python validation box. The AWS spend just throwing spaghetti against the wall from serverless and machine learning was truly stupid. Also...
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    Advice on finishing Threadripper 3960 video editing build please

    The issue with that service interval on consumer hardware is going to be driver and OS support. My last Supermicro build took me from Sandy Bridge to Skylake X. I was solid thru Windows, esxi, rhel, Ubuntu versions. Content builds we just waited for the accountant to tell us gear needs to be...
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    Wifi and BT 5.0 on MBs?

    Worked for a game pub. Designed and deployed 200 ps/Xbox/PC demo stations per title at E3, Pax, Comicon, etc. I'm very fond of UBNT aps for filtering out noise and isolating signal in the noisiest environments. Builds could be 8-13 titles, depending on the year. So yeah, there's a lot in a...
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    First Build inyears (guidance please)

    I was sitting at AWS with the #5 & #6 VCDXs going thru some retraining. You could taste their fear. I'm 45, these guys are older with mortgages/wives/kids/etc. You knew it was do or die for them. I have a current AWS DevOps Pro + Security Specialty working on cloud native builds to current...
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    Case recommendations - basic, good airflow

    Define C/Meshify had a clearance issue with an aio front and a long 1080ti. I had to take out the hdd cage for 360 cooling. O11 mini looks interesting. Pair of bottom fans for air cooled gpu is desirable. Side intake with rear/top exhaust is out of the way for an air cooled setup. Aio support...
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    Dual system cases: what are my options?

    Wait for pricing on the Intel pcie nuc. Any dual system case is spendy, then you need to contend with dual psu or a $$$ revolt phanteks psu.
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    Threadripper 3990X Feb 7th

    You are writing your data driven workloads to be explicitly threaded, or segmenting them thru vms/containers, in the Enterprise. I guess in the commercial market you could just throw Octane or Blender at 64c to diff btw 3x V100s. There's also the cooling exercise thing, just to say you did it...
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    Threadripper 3990X Feb 7th

    I think someone here will get one just to have the biggest peen. Might be an interesting cooling exercise but that's getting into Dominus territory. 64c is beyond labbing for me, that's pushing my experiments to some old HP Gen7 gear bc. Arguable whether anyone has workloads that are cpu...
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    Ryzen 3950X, 3960X, 3970X Availability

    Might as well cancel that order and preorder 3990x. I’m curious how many small feeder studios have 3900x/3950x running as stopgap builds while they wait for TR3.
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    Advice on finishing Threadripper 3960 video editing build please

    I'm good with the equal spread of resources. I'm not good with the idea this build is going to last 5+ years. In the content creation scenario I assume you can crank enough invoices thru the build, after writing the build cost off, that you can derive a profit formula that tells you when to jump...
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    Ryzen R5-1600 AF

    Articles might just be a script writing exercise at this pt. I get why all YouTubers are pushing clip length given monetization opportunity is spread across the length rather than the beginning of a clip now. It's is a lot like criticizing the remodel of a McDonalds, the stucco and crap tile...
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    Would you try this? 3960X / 3970X Direct-Die Cooling

    No, I'd segment the workload to a dedicated machine and reduce drag on the main pc.
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    What air cooler to get for 3950x? I don't want water cooling.

    No, bc this used to be an enthusiast forum.
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    What air cooler to get for 3950x? I don't want water cooling.

    You bought the highest sku AMD consumer part. Treat it like a BMW M3/M5/etc where it'll require diff fluids and service than normal BMWs. Find out what size rad the case will support. Hit you local stocking retailer that has a return policy like bestbuy and try it. I like to run pump at 100%...
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    Ryzen R5-1600 AF

    I understand. You might be waiting a while for current gen price cuts. If your workloads require an 8-core then 2700/2700x is inexpensive right now.
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    Ryzen R5-1600 AF

    Funny, that's why I stopped watching the earlier established infotainers and started watching GN. GN is at least informative rather than an infomercial. Wendell has his points but he sounds like he hasn't had a Dev job in a long time. Many of his points come from a beige pants in seat cube...
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    What air cooler to get for 3950x? I don't want water cooling.

    People will run systems that are delivering less performance for their own reasons. I'm starting to think of them like vegans or low carb beer drinkers. There were ample 2700x owners that benchmarked their builds with stock cooling, and aftermarket, noting throttling with the stock cooler...
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    1300x + stock cooler $50 shipped to the lower 48

    Forgot I had this until I a buddy reminded me. Started out as my Plex/streaming build.
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    WTB Cheap Ryzen

    AF content launched the day I decided to upgrade my 1300x build. I had no idea anything was coming besides fulfilling deliveries for the highest AMD $ segment. I wonder if the 1600AF is a by-product of 39x0X.
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    WTB Cheap Ryzen

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    What air cooler to get for 3950x? I don't want water cooling.

    I'd be more concerned about thermal throttling in your day to day workloads.
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    GIGABYTE B450 AORUS M no usb's ?

    I'm updating a Mobo with same issues. Don't mix year+ old bios&firmware with most current Win10.
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    Former or current 1080 ti/Titan (Pascal) owners

    I have an X34 that is used for everything else but fps gaming. It was cool seeing all that real estate in games that support 3440x1440. My setup can push 100+ frames at that Rez. Playing RTS, Civ, etc give me much more command of what I'm doing. It felt noticeably laggier than 1440p trying...
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    Former or current 1080 ti/Titan (Pascal) owners

    I ran a 1080ti hybrid since launch in some shape or form. I’m not chasing anything more than 165hz @1440p so I’m good for a while. I’ve always liked staying under 50c at load. I’m fine with lower quality recordings bc it’s a hobby I don’t bother pushing everyday. If I was making a living solely...
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    Zen,Zen+,Zen2 comparison @ same clocks?

    Techspot is a hair away from the Verge. Try Puget systems or Gamers Nexus. At least those 2 outlets try to normalize their millennials.
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    Zen 3 is rumored to be flaunting monumental IPC gains in early testing

    GE has been executing bizarre offerings with 70's era Big Blue ideology since the late 90's. I know guys that worked on their public cloud offering. Oracle seems more plausible than the Garbo GE was wasting $ on. GE sold their lightbulb concern. That would be like Intel selling off their...
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    AMD Threadripper 3970X temps

    you should run the same bench as OP at stock, then neuter your fan curve and rerun the bench at higher temps. Compare core clocks vs frametime at either temp. I don’t think anyone has uploaded a clip to YouTube with 3960x. There’s tons of air cooler and aio tests for Ryzen:
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    "Value" mATX Board AM4 or smaller

    Core ct vs Mobo becomes an issue at 8cores, then rapidly excludes mobos at 12/16core. I think about anything bx50/x70 can run a 6 core fine, as long as your case has enough airflow. I got away with running a 1700x all core max clocked bc my AIOs were intake front and rear with top exhaust. I...
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    Wifi and BT 5.0 on MBs?

    What ^ said. Ngff is all over the map bc use cases are broad. I consider that a good thing. I was shopping around when I had my Ryzen setups bc their audio and networking are truly meh. I'm more likely to stuff a Ryzen build with pcie cards than an Intel build. You'll want antennal wire long...
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    "Value" mATX Board AM4 or smaller

    I ran a bottom barrel ASRock b450m hdv with a 2600 and 1700x. All core pegged 4.2ghz on either cpu. It was fine for gaming while recording.
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    Wifi and BT 5.0 on MBs?

    I use a UBNT router and AP, latency or issues can come from using a junky provided router period. Some people can feel a difference on wifi vs ethernet, but those are also people that have to play at 1080p vs 1440p bc they can feel latency. You know you are one of those people, bc you're...