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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Controller pretty much required. So if that makes a difference...otherwise it runs flawless on pc. I played it on my htpc and very much enjoyed it.
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    Nintendo/Sony Playstation Prototype

    I have a feeling he's going to regret not taking the 1.2 mil. Especially after the auction house takes their cut.
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    Air pressure testing loop with CO2

    I tried to nitrogen test a radiator to less than 100psi.(was considering using for 134a to make a phase change loop) and it blew the rad up like a balloon. All the copper and fins yea, don't do that. Lol Any reasonable positive pressure to do any real dry testing will be too much...
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    Do people here remove the tab on a phone case that guards the headphone jack?

    Yes. But for the charger cover as I don't use headphones often. I don't need ip68, just enjoyed the extra drop protection a solid case offered.
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    Quiet keyboard?

    I love my logitech illuminated keyboard. I'm the anomaly that dislikes mechanical keyboards because the noise is annoying to me. I'll take a silent membrane keyboard over a clackety one any day.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    I have an amd Pcie card. No Pcie power needed. I can dig it out with specifics if still needed.
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    Closed Thread

    I have a p25x v2 I can part with. Screen isn't flawless, but no dead pixels and it's nothing crazy. It's a Common issue with this model. I can boot it up and pm pictures if interested. A brand new screen is only ~$50 and takes 5 minutes to swap if it is something that really bothers you. It's a...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    One of only a handful of games I've ever bought at launch, and I don't regret it. Just finished the story this morning and it was excellent. Plenty of things to tweak for the next one as they search for the next holocron. :) Could see them aim for co-op on the next, but I am so glad they made a...
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    Odd issue where I don't get video some times

    0 experience with this in particular, but if I had to wager a guess, it's the PSU or monitor. Follow ups: Do you use the same inputs for the other devices? When you have the blank boot, do the fans spin up and down or stay at 100% (assuming they normally spin down a bit after boot)? Can you...
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    First time trying SW ToR

    One of like 3 games I've ever pre ordered. It was/is awesome. They just gimped the f2p so much and $15/mo is hard to justify with the little time I have to even play games anymore. If you have a couple of months that you can commit to playing through some of the stories, you can definitely get...
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    Share some good quality games that were obscure/unheard of

    Idk if it qualifies, but they never made a follow up so I'll throw up soldier of fortune. At least #2 was fun and I always hoped for a new one or a remake that never came. Maybe it's just the rose colored glasses talking. Lol
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    Old Noob Looking for DeathMatch FPS

    Any unreal tournament. New doom.
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    FS: RX 5700XT reference model $330 shipped in US

    Sub'd considering that 7250. Not a lot of small/light laptops come with rj45 anymore. Nice price too.
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    WTB: Long shot - CPU Fan from HP Z440 Workstation $22 on ebay
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    Powerline Net Adapters.

    Depends on your wiring, distance, and luck. I had good luck with them. You can run a bunch in the house and they'll all talk to each other. If you run a lot run off a modem/router, the base can get pretty warm. -Occasional reboots were needed more than either wifi or direct wire. -they're not...
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    Non-working keys, missed timelines, and poor communication from seller. What should I do?

    I had bought plenty of keys from him that were all fine. I got one that didn't work and he was prompt to replace. I would send a follow up pm as it may have been lost in mind. I suspect he does a lot of key transactions and it's reasonable to think sometimes the ball will get dropped.
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    So if a person needed a 4-6G'ish HDD, what is the raptor of the current gen?

    Depending on your budget, 4tb ssd's exist. 1tb nvmes are fairly affordable. Otherwise a plain Jane 7200rpm is all you've got. Not a lot of options in between.
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    The sliding is annoying, but w/e. My only real complaint is why are all the loots cosmetic? No buffs in the lightsaber changes, or outfits and whatnot. Kind of takes the desire to explore away for me. It's a fun game, I just stopped trying to find all the bins.
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    FS : 2500k/P67/16gb RAM COMBO $75 SHIPPED

    What's the OD on those compressions?
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    Wtb simple laptop w/dvd

    Trying to find a replacement for an elderly grandmother who has an xp era laptop she uses to watch movies. It was slow when it was new. It's near useless now. Anything sandybridge and newer is fine. A working battery is a plus, but hoping to not spend a bunch. Lmk what yall have! Thanks.
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    I freaking hate USB type C connectors.

    I did too. With a case, it's not quite as pronounced. It definitely still sticks out though. With kids and atlanta driving, it's less risk than it getting snagged on a fall with a cord attached for me. At worst the adapter gets smashed. There's not really enough leverage to do any damage to the...
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    I freaking hate USB type C connectors.

    Sure. Case pretty much required. I've been using this for almost a year now. Works awesome. Wireless is slow ish, but more than enough for me. The magnetic side is quick and still allows data through for Android auto or data transfer. I can use the same cable for my pixel and my work iPhone...
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    I freaking hate USB type C connectors.

    Bought this: USB C Magnetic Wireless Charger Receiver Kit SIKAI Ultra Slim Combination Wired & Wireless Charging Cable Magnetic Wireless Receiver with Free Magnetic Cable (for USB C+5A Cable) Converted everything to...
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    can we talk about water chillers please?!

    If you're gpu is running cooler than your cpu, it would benefit the cpu while hurting your gpu temps. I'm pretty sure his suggestion was just for testing purposes only. You have the gear, dual loop would be ideal, but if you hadn't tried everything and it's easy to test..? Now if it's a full...
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    WTB MoBos for i7-2600k cpus

    I have an itx z77 and 2500k set I just pulled. Was running at 4.6 for years, but recently I had to drop down to 4.2/4.4 as it didn't like it any more. Take that as you will, and if it's of interest, pm me and I'll get you more details.
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    The Simpsons is finally ending after 30 years, according to show's composer

    Meh, I still enjoy it under the context of second screen watching or just trying to wind down without wanting to think much. They’ve had at least a handful of good episodes the last few seasons. They should have gone the south park route and dropped to 10 episodes a year.
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    FS: Older WC PC Setup

    That's an awesome deal for $300.
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    Confusion over Win 10 license & product keys

    Magical jelly beans key finder would be able to pull the key that's actually in use. I always use it when wiping a box to reinstall.
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    Water Cooling LayOut - Please review.

    Law of thermodynamics says the order is moot. Rez before pump is all that matters. Did I miss the part where you say what you are cooling? Are you planning to over clock? Is your objective temps, noise, looks/fun, any or all of the above? I've run my cpu and gpu on a 2x140mm rad for a long...
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    What is this about LED tvs I’m seeing?

    I’ll lead off with, I’ve been clinging to my 720p LG plasma for as long as I can remember and love it. I know it’s days are numbered, and would like to have a game plan. I know I cannot describe it well so I’ll try my best. All my experience with LED TVs is at friends and families and they...
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    70 inch Samsung $549 @ BB

    Nice. Was looking for something to replace my parents dying dlp tv. This seems sufficient.
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    Building a CD-Ripping Tower

    ... How much do you charge for ripping cd's? I have a binder full I've been wanting to rip, but I always get too lazy. :(
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    3950x Overclocking guide needed!!

    Afaik, zen 2 over clocks terribly. Like results are often worse than just leaving it on auto. You’d get better gains OCing your ram.
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    Possible to get new Z97 motherboards still?

    New, unlikely. Do you live near a microcenter? If so, I’d bet they have an open box or close to new one you can get and get a replacement warranty on. (If warranty is why you were looking for new)
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    The Official Newegg Black Friday Thread

    I made it about halfway through that list before the lightbulb went off in my head. I was thinking they were doing the worlds biggest flea market bf promos. Haha. Yea, real Black Friday deals are as dead as this 10 year old thread.
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    5700 XT for $270 or 5700 for $240?

    I’ll play devils advocate. If the 5700 is plenty for your needs, don’t spend the $30 and gamble on the flash. If it works, awesome, saved $30! If not, oh well, still saved $30. If you feel like having the non xt will leave you unhappy, than it’s not worth the gamble anymore.
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    EVGA gtx 760

    Go back a few versions on the driver if you have a chance to try it. I had similar issues with mine before I upgraded a week or so ago. Just a thought. Glws either way.
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    What do you use to test stability?

    depends on the needs of the box. Typically I’ll just play a few games and keep an eye on it over a few days. If there’s issues, I’ll re assess, otherwise I’ll keep it rolling until that day comes. My 2500k rig is starting to dislike its 1ghz oc so I’ve had to tweak a lot more lately. And that’s...
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    can we have a discussion about GPU pricing?

    I’d rather buy the used card and save the $70. That’s a savings of about 2 full games. If the gpu made it this long, it’s probably going to last a while as the bad batch cards would have already shown themselves. Power use differential is probably equivalent to using one less lightbulb, so...
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    1usmus Power Plan for AMD Ryzen - New Developments

    Constructive criticism isn’t necessarily the same thing as bitching. It’s a suggestion and not a personal attack. Take it or leave it, if you see news posted on any forum or site, there’s a basic expectation of something more than a link and title. Plus, isn’t that what people so everywhere on...