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    27'' or 32'' inch WQHD monitor?

    If you are only planning for one then I'd go with the bigger size.
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    Best Buy Asking Employees To Contact Congress

    this is very common. it's voluntary and it's no big deal.
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    The Secret To Getting A Lower Cable Bill

    Why do we have to negotiate with cable companies? When will we have more choices?
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    Why Google's Self-Driving Car Will Fail

    Mass transit blows. I don't like getting on crowded buses or planes. The only way you get rid of personal vehicles is with higher fuel prices. Until then, they will be here to stay.
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    iPhone Buying Interest Continues To Drop

    I love Apple for iphone/ipad combo but prefer Windows for everything else (laptop/desktop). As an iphone 5 user that skipped on the 5s, i'm looking forward to the 6.
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    eBay Hacked, Requests All Users Change Passwords

    Marketing ploy just to get people to use their site. ;)
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    Apple Buying Beats For $3.2B?

    MJ is the best of my generation but the kiddos like Lebron and that Coopernick kid.
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    Apple Buying Beats For $3.2B?

    Beats are a fad. Just wait until Lebron starts wearing something else.
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    Target CEO Out In Wake Of Data Breach

    It is discouraging to know that c-levels look out for their own where as Joe Employee is shown the door immediately. Probably more afraid of litigation coming from the 1% and hope they go away peacefully.
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    Target CEO Out In Wake Of Data Breach

    If you knowingly get caught withholding this information from customers, you will go to jail. They should have had penetration tests done by independent security firms. If you do a few tests a year and rotate between vendors, someone *should* have caught this hole and reported it as a...
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    Google Glass Parts Estimated to Cost Less Than $80

    i forget. Who's forcing you to buy it?
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    Target CEO Out In Wake Of Data Breach

    wow. This should cause some CEOs to take notice and prod the tech guys a little more.
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    Driver Fined $48K For Using Cell Phone Jammer

    I very seldom make calls while driving. It only happens if I absolutely have to. However, I do receive calls while driving. Preventing cellphones from ringing would lessen my chance of getting in an accident.
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    Google Says Its Self-Driving Cars Can Tackle City Streets Now

    I like this statement. I don't think driver is ever that complex though. Our emotions may 'think' they are but it's not.
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    Google Says Its Self-Driving Cars Can Tackle City Streets Now

    Human intuition and 'feel' is not something I trust. It comes down to safety. Driver-less cars never get distracted, never get sleepy, never get drunk, don't get emotional, don't need to 'feel' the road.
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    Google Says Its Self-Driving Cars Can Tackle City Streets Now

    I would put money on computers over people any day in this scenario. Most people have no idea their car is hydroplaning or sliding. The number of accidents that unfavorable elements and inexperienced drivers cause should really make the safety of the driver-less car shine. The next gripe...
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    Banks Pay Microsoft Big for Securing Windows XP ATMs

    People freaking out about ATM's running XP is a waste of time. The machines are on isolated networks and unless you can get to the USB port, attacking the OS is a waste of time. The real risk lies in magnetic card skimmers. Those devices don't care what OS you run.
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    Silicon Valley Trailer

    Look's funny. I like it!
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    Apple Is The Next Microsoft: Barclays Downgrades Apple

    Just means the excitement is simply gone it's just business as usual.
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    What Apple And Tesla's Meeting Actually Means, Probably

    I think Apple wants to make rockets!
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    Google Buys Nest For $3.2B

    I would look at washers, dryers, dish washer, ovens, furnace, water heaters, light bulbs, and then personal robot assistant. :cool:
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    Marissa Mayer Fires Yahoo COO

    They actually have a great Yahoo Finance section if you're in to that. It provides more data than a majority of others out there.
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    Google Buys Nest For $3.2B

    I think Google has plenty of high profile designers already. This has more to do with them getting a foot into the consumer hardware market. There are dozens of unloved devices in your home that Nest could redesign. All those devices will collect data.....which is something Google is good at.
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    Google Buys Nest For $3.2B

    This is scary. First Boston Dynamics and now Next. Skynet truly is starting!
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    Target Data Breach Now At 70M

    well. The good? news is the 70 million people were affected so the odds of someone using your information is pretty slim.
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    Target Data Breach Now At 70M

    I'm not asking what they can do to resolve or prevent it from happening again (there are plenty of controls to implement), I'm asking what can they do for you to get over it?
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    Target Data Breach Now At 70M

    What do you suggest they do? This could have happened anywhere and it's likely happening somewhere right now where you have recently used a card but it hasn't been detected yet.
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    Target Data Breach Now At 70M

    It was probably someone hired by Walmart.
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    Nobody Needs a New TV Anymore

    what a horrible article. No insight. No vision. Might as well say, 'No need to buy a new computer because the one i have is good enough and always will be'.
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    Best Melt Down of CES 2014

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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    This view is just ugly!
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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    good question. Powershell feels like a step back to me. If consumer and business truly is converging, how the hell am i supposed to type those cmdlets from my mobile device? :confused:
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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    You sir, need a timeout.
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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    I think there are more system admins on these forums than you want to believe. ;)
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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    It should have been included in the first place. They could have kept it disabled by default if they wanted users to try first without it.
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    OCZ Reaches Agreement With Toshiba to Acquire SSD Business

    Has more to do with the business than the product.
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    Google-Backed 23andMe Ordered to Halt DNA Test Service

    Could you imagine if the testing devices turn out to be wrong?