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    Lets make it 2,000,000,000

    I just lit up my son's Nvidia 660 at school. Another 20K PPD until I can fix the driver issue and then about twice that. Free power for the Horde is nice. Fold On!
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    Why We DC

    My wife's best friend was just told that she has Stage 4 cancer in her abdominal cavity and ovarian cancer. She was having problems with her stomach and was given a clean bill of health six months ago based on biopsies that were take then; however, that has changed now. The good news is that...
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    Google Developing System to Eradicate Child Porn

    It seems to me as this is another step in thought control. If at some point, an administration decides they do not like you searching for 'guns', they just tell Google to not allow searches for it by returning zero results. Simple enough. Same thing goes for any other topic. As long as...
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    how much difference does hyperthreading make?

    I have read that increases Folding performance by 20-30%.
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    What are you doing now?

    I will continue to fight the beast with each machine or component whatever it might be. The beast took my wife's mom from her when she was in seventh grade. We met in high school and I was never able to meet her. I will fight on in her name.
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    [H] Folders Take The #1 Spot Again!

    Has the duck been returned or did I miss it?
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    Windows 7 family UPGRADE pack (3 copies) $100 home premium

    Thanks for the info. I didn't understand that it was one key for up to three computers in one household. I am in the software licensing business and one of the last things I want to do is break software licensing rules as I don't think my employer would like it if I got caught pirating...
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    Windows 7 family UPGRADE pack (3 copies) $100 home premium

    Does anyone have one of these licenses available for sale? I have a machine that I want to upgrade and would like to purchase one if it is available. HoosierDad
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    Christmas "D" - What did Santa bring you?

    Thanks for the response. That is what I expected; however, I am unsure if I have the parameters set properly to run them if they release anymore of them.
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    Christmas "D" - What did Santa bring you?

    For my Christmas present I put together a new computer for me replacing my 5 year old E6750 Dual Core. Intel i7 2600K (4.4 Ghz) Asus P8Z68-M Pro G-Skill Ripjaws 8 GB (HardForum Hot Deal a few weeks ago) Radeon 3850 PSU Using 2 TB SATA drive I already had Upped my daily PPD from about...
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    Free PPD (first come first serve)

    I wondered away and came back after some time in the wilderness.
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    Free PPD (first come first serve)

    I'll take them unless you have a new folder with less points than asks for them. I hate to see the points go to waste.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    500,000 :D :cool: What a long haul. It's all for the good. Fold On!!
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    i think im going to cry

    I was getting really bad PPD output after I switched to the 5.04 client. After I went back to 5.02 a couple of months later, I seemed to have a jump in my PPD total. I am not for sure if 5.02 caused the PPD to increase again but it seemed to match my jump exactly. I recently have added...
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    Here's an interesting way to cool your farm

    I could hook this up to my geothermal system and have 55F degree coolant all year!!
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    Last 50 Day CPU Chart [H] - OCAU

    I think the Ducky likes it so much here in the States he just bought a house. Good thing he never gave up his US citizenship. It looks like a long stay. Can't say I'm helping much as my old machines keep getting worse and worse PPD work units assigned to them. Except for the 600 pointers...
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    Overclockers Australia catching up?

    I think they need to change the title from 'FLOGOMETER' to 'FLOGAROOMETER'.
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    Not a Good Thing

    How ironic. We are starting a new house in New Palestine that will have Geothermal for cooling and heating and a 2250 sq ft basement :D . Now because of building the house, I won't have the money to fill it up with folding systems and to pay the monthly electric bill for them. Choices...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    400K!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fold On!!
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    Hit a UD milestone, post it here!

    wrong thread
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    BFGTech GeForce 7800 GS OC AGP Gaming Evaluation

    Just ordered and received from Microcenter an ATI 850XT for $200 after rebate. Upgrade from my ATI 9500 Pro. The 7800GS seems to be way over priced for those looking for that final AGP card. I wanted to upgrade to PCI-E but building a new house guided me to one last AGP upgrade. Fold On!!
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    dream of X1900XT GPU Folding Behemoth

    Let's convince them to do QMD WUs for AMD processors first. Fold On!!
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    Better Folding Box?

    Sempron for sure. Celerons suck at folding. Fold On!!
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    What a week Two Boxes go down... Hdd's dead

    Just lost a 4.5 year old Western Digital 100GB drive on the kids machine. Luckily Fry's had a Seagate 160GB drive for $39 after rebate. :D PC up and Folding again. Fold On!!
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    Time to start busting the Flog-o-whatsit!!

    No wonder the roos lost the lead. They still think it is January 4, 2005 according to their Flog-a-Roo ometer. :confused: Fold On!!
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    Will this be safe ? Lappy crunching

    The biggest problem I have ran into is that I have significantly shortened my battery life because my laptop runs so hot and that will reduce the battery life. After a year of FAH, I would only get about 45 minutes of runtime out of my battery before the lappy would shutdown. My $.02 worth...
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    Top 200

    I just fell out of the top 100 at only about 500ppd. It was a good run at that daily level but now with all the bigger producers I saw the writing on the wall. Now I will try and convince a few friends to Fold and see if I can slide back into the top 100. Fold On!!!
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    Lets Play a Game Kids and Dogs! ( Contest ) Post your Folding Boxen Up Time!

    Power failure last night 2am. 2 machines. One was 57 minutes from completing a 364 pointer and the checksum failed. Restart. Yeah!!!! 12 hrs 35 minutes : Is there a prize for shortest uptime? :mad:
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    Nnnoooo!!! Not another socket type! x_x

    I guess now that I have skipped Socket 754, 939, and 940 upgrades, I can begin to seriously think about an upgrade involving M2, DDR2, and PCIe graphics cards. The wait has been painful though. See Sig!!!
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    What are you working on?

    Does a new remote control glider count? Not ready to make the next upgrade from the system in my signature. Waiting for ATI to come out with their new graphics cards before I decide if I upgrade in the fall or wait for the spring.
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    Nekkid boxen q's

    Thanks for the idea. That would be a cleaner method and less risk of knocking the AGP card out of it's slot. Fold On!!
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    Nekkid boxen q's

    I set my nekkid boxen on their Fedex boxes from shipping. Provides enough clearence room for the AGP cards to hang over the edge and not cause problems. Now to see if I can resurrect my MSI K7N2 Delta motherboard that was having BIOS problems. Now where is that Duron 600Mhz that...
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    Quick! SOmeone go borg this!!

    I agree. We all know that Pi has no repeating decimals so who cares how many millions of decimal points we calculate it to. I wonder how fast it process the QMDs? Best to put it to work for science and the elimination of cancer. Fold On!!
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    The new "died in the line of duty" thread

    I lost a MSI K7N2-L Delta motherboard over the weekend. My son is freaking out because his computer is down and he can't Instant Message with the girls. I guess he doesn't know what a phone is for!!! I tease him relentlessly about IM and the phone and the girls. Now I know why I had...
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    goin away for two weeks, think it'd be smart to leave folding@home on?

    Leave them on. Just make sure they are setup to power back on in the case that they lose power and that Folding is setup as a service or use Fire Daemon. I left my 4 systems on due to peer pressure and I think you should as well. We need to keep the Aussies close so we can clobber them...
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    BF2 on 9500 Pro

    Thanks for all of the replies. They were very helpful. It sounds like it may be time to do the PCI-Express upgrade even though I was wanting to wait until early winter. Or, I may just stick with Call of Duty and Desert Combat for now. My daughter thinks she has to go to college doesn't...
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    BF2 on 9500 Pro

    Does anyone play BF2 on a 9500 Pro and what resolutions are you able to play out? I would like to play at 1024x768 and eye candy is nice but not necessary because I am looking for the bad guys not at the grass.
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    Request: ECC SDRAM Memory

    I have access to some as well and your welcome to it. I'll post another message tomorrow and let you know what I can get my hands on. Fold on!
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    "Forgive me [H] for I have sinned...

    We don't fire volunteers here. :D