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    FS: 2x 7800GTX's, FX-57, ABIT AN8 32X, 2 GIGS DDR400

    any package deal if we should want the whole lot?
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    Sennheiser = King of Audiophile Headphones

    beyer dt770pro.... no amp needed (but they improve w/one later), great for rock/hip hop, super comfortable and relativly inexpensive. I'd give them a listen at your local guitar center if you get a chance.
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    WTS: modded emu0404 + millet hybrid

    card pending if I can find a buyer for the amp but I still would prefer to sell it as a whole. If you only wanted the amp, feel free to pm me any offers.
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    WTS: modded emu0404 + millet hybrid

    willing to part only if both items have a buyer.
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    WTS: modded emu0404 + millet hybrid

    bump and price drop
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    WTS: modded emu0404 + millet hybrid

    Pretty simple, I have an emu0404 modded by zemo (standard bypass and opamp upgrade) that I will also include a pair of blackmax headphile 1/4" to rca cables (about a foot long). To go along w/ this I have a millet hybrid amp w/ a set of handmatched rca 12ae6a tubes and a elpac wallwart. I'd...
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    WTT: 6600gt 128meg agp for A8N-SLI

    I have a unused (opened but unused) evga 128meg 6600gt agp from zzf I'd like to trade straight across for a A8N-SLI (would prefer retail, but may consider just the bare board). Heat under ivandal and will check pms.
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    HD595 - Amp really make that much of a diff?

    in the $150 price point, I'm going to assume your looking at something like a high quality pimeta. With the 595's this would be about the right level amp to get the most out of your cans w/out overkilling the budget. The highest I would go amp wise with the 595s would be a mid level ppa...
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    Whats the 1337er pair of headphones?

    for just a little more you can get one of the top end senns @ ttvj: ^---you wont be disapointed by those in combination with a ppa or even a little pimeta and they just get better as you upgrade amp/source around them
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    Microphone Suggestions

    lapel style mic should work perfect for ya. for gaming purposes, any will do so just hit up google and grab one in your budget.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    finally recieved my s.fi5 I'm reserving a spot for a pic, will have one up later tonight.
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    are there such things as good cheap speakers(<$50)?

    I know once in awhile frys offers a set of klh bookshelves for around $49.99. These aren't "awesome" speakers, but for the price they are damn nice.
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    My speaker problem

    yeah I'd say get yourself a decent power conditioner, but then again doing that you'd spend more on it then you did on your speakers by a good amount that would make it pretty unjustified. A ups won't really solve the problem, but really it couldn't hurt the situation any.
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    Audigy 2 ZS - not that impressed

    why only 48k? also can't the zs handle 32 bit fixed point? <-- total noob to the audigy line (went sblive value to delta1010)
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    Audigy 2 ZS - not that impressed

    its not so much the player itself, but the soundfonts and output style that influence the sound. I myself like foobar2k w/ kernel streaming, but either foobar or winamp w/ asio aren't poor choices either. Give any of those a whirl and I think you'll like it. oh and dick around w/ the sample...
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    FS Beyerdynamic DT880. $210

    up w/ ye. please someone give these a good home, I don't need 3 sets...
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    FS Beyerdynamic DT880. $210

    bump. help me recoup some funds from the purchase of some 5 ebs....
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    FS Beyerdynamic DT880. $210

    Title says it all. I have a set of beyer dt880s (coiled cord) sitting here in need of a new home. I'll sell for $195 local pickup (92056). This includes the dt880s cans, 1/8" to 1/4" adapter, metal case, and the additional 1.5m cord extension. I have heat under ivandal and accept payment...
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    headphone Amplification questions

    clipping the signal, not a certain range.
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    Sony MDR-V300 Tip Broke. need new headphones

    koss ksc-75. get em, love em, call back later
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    Suggestions on headphone amplifiers?

    I'd highly suggest bypassing getting an amp in this situation if money is this strapped and getting yourself a set of sure e2c's for appr $70 (ttvj price). As these will easily be adequatly powered straight off the source, and they offer superb isolation and pretty nice sound for the price. I...
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    What soundcard do you Use...

    delta 1010 and a emu 0404
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    Just Spent 160 bucks on Cans: Medusa 5.1

    no offence, but comparing cans you spend $160 on and $60 on really shouldnt be a fair comparison. If you were to compare something like a set of dt-770pros and the medusas I'd find it a bit more even of a comparison as they both appear to be in the same price range. And as far as imaging goes...
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    DJ Headphones Recommendation

    Something you may also think about when looking for dj cans is whether or not having one cup on and one off (side of your neck, wherever you position it when listening to your monitors) either kills the soundstage of the cans or makes them unbearably cumbersome/uncomfortable. Having said that...
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    Good repair shops?

    I wanted to know if anyone here could recomend a place that does good work in repairing/rebuilding the enclosure portions of nicer headphones. I ask because while moving a book case my roomates had one of the plank shelves fall and punched a pencil eraser size dent/hole into my cd3ks (landed...
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    WTB: Cable router and 16+ port switch....

    Need these for a small lan that I don't want to lug MY gear to. Would like something on the lines of a RT314 for the router, and pretty much any 16+ port switch that will work with it is fine. Nothing over 10/100m needed. PM me or post here w/ your prices. Heat under ivandal.
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    Sennheiser HD650 Headset

    yes I am. I can honestly say that I enjoy my almost all my dt880s + ppa/woo1 over the hd600s and hd650s I've borrowed w/ the same amps. The 650s were awesome cans, no doubt, but they seemed to lack a "trueness" to them, sort of sounded like a set of pa speakers but not quite right imo, and...
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    Sennheiser HD650 Headset

    screw both the 580s and 650s and grab yourself a nice amp and a set of beyer dt880's and call it a day until you get yourself some k1000s, rs-1, or qualias.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    look for a hp-1000a or a millet hybrid, those are a pair of nice opening tube amps, as is a wooaudio1 if you can find one.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    Hmmm, I've been hearing alot of talk about the m3 project yet but have seen very few finished yet, mind throwing up some pics X? Also which tubes do you like best in your millet, I like my sylvania 12ae6a's myself...
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    Looking for the best headphones under $100

    dt231 pros and a cmoy maybe?
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    headphone amp

    well all I'm saying is t-amp vs cmoy, t-amp wins imo. Alot of things best the t imo, but they are much larger in budget. I mean the guy said $20-40 budget....I could have suggested a dynahi, but where would that get us?
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    headphone amp

    or beyer its not going to be putting out a constant 15w, your not having the thing on full vol constantly.
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    headphone amp

    you can probably find it a bit cheaper elsewhere, but here is a product link for you