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    My 6 day old laptop clicked and turned off. Should I be worried? Return it?

    Sleep/Standby modes are not the best designed parts of any system. Don't know weather to blame the hardware/software or a combination. Turning it off saves a lot of issues among various brands and models. Just my experience.
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    Anybody using Miracast (WiFi Display)?

    The Netgear PVT3000 is switchable between Intel WiDi and Miracast. I have streamed from my S3 with it. Miracast from my S3 works well.
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 ROG Motherboard Giveaway! Week 2

    I like the Favorites section.
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    SeaSonic M12II Power Supply Lucky Draw

    Never owned a Seasonic product although I am certain that I have had one that was oem'd by them.
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    New found Origin hate.

    Currently you are not allowed to proceed to checkout on Steam if an item in your cart is already owned by you when purchasing for yourself is selected.
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    Need to clean install, but OS installed to SSD & programs to HDD

    Moving a Steam Installation and Games How do I install my games to a different location? How can I move Steam to a different location? Steam installs to the following folder by default: C:\Program Files\Steam Files for games installed on Steam are stored in the following folder...
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    Need to clean install, but OS installed to SSD & programs to HDD No idea why the link does not work. Do a search with "Moving A Steam Installation " and it should be the first hit. With all the links I get a 404 not found when I post them here and what evilsofa posted also.
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    Need to clean install, but OS installed to SSD & programs to HDD

    For your new installation to recognize your Steam folder and games its a fairly simple procedure. Delete everything in the steam folder except steam.exe and the steamapps folder, then run steam. Moving A Steam Installation
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    MS Office 2013 Professional Plus for $9.95!

    Stll working for hotmail addresses.
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    Steam hack?

    I got an email last week from Steam that I had requested a password reset so someone's making the rounds. It was not me and nothing had been compromised.
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    If you had to pick a gaming laptop...

    Another vote here for the Y580. Depending on options it can fall below 1K in pricing and has a 660M for gaming. You can also add an msata drive for extra speed on specific programs to install on it.
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    How to learn the guitar in one week

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    Galaxy S3 Root and rom

    From that list the d2vzw is the Verizon S3. I747 should be the ATT version but I believe its the d2att one in the listing.
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    Why would deleting a user profile also DELETE all documents?

    In hindsight, log into the admin account and then rename the /users/<name> directory, delete the user profile then ceate the replacement. Copy back from the renamed directory the files you want.
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    Question about reinstalling windows and saved game data

    Look up Game Save Manager as an option.
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    Any legal windows 8 iso downloads?

    The school should have been able to download an ISO and make it available to you.
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 GHz Edition Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    This will fit in a tablet correct?
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    Currently with Verizon/unlimited data/iphone4s ... have free upgrade. iPhone5 or GS3

    My guess it was SwiftKey unless you are a person that likes to type by swiping.
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    Android Protection.

    Two others I can think of are aVast and TrustCo.
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    128gb phone coming soon?

    Four or five years ago SanDisk said they would have 128GB micro SD cards last year. :)
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    128gb phone coming soon?

    The SGS3 may work with a 128 gb micro SD card. It has only been tested with 64 GB cards but who knows.
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    Galaxy S3 question

    Another option could be to get the Plex server on your PC and the Plex android client and then stream to your Phone and then to your TV through the MHL,Plex. I actually have a Roku with the Plex channel, Plex server on my PC and the Plex client on my SGS3 also. It's not perfect but it does a...
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    Patriot & HardOCP Lucky Draw Giveaway

    They look purty!
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    Galaxy S3 question

    Doesn't the USB of the MHL connection have to go to a power source? If not you might want to check on a program called Stikmount and see if that will mount the drive you are wanting to use.
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    It would be a definate upgrade from my GTX 480.
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    Backup/Restore Non-Rooted Galaxy SIII?

    You could try MyBackup from the Play store. It is a 30 day trial of the MyBackup PRO which allows backups on non-rooted phones. It lists what you will not be able to do on a non-rooted phone but it may be enough for you get what you need to accomplish your task.
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    Is there a way to access my home server over the internet using my phone?

    Another option is through DLNA. Skifta is a free DNLA app for Android. I used Skifta but am currently using Plex. Plex also has a free Roku client so your media can be played back on your TV.
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    FCC rules Verizon can't charge for Wi-Fi tethering on 4G

    It may not apply to grandfathered unlimited data plans though, just the metered plans. They cannot block the sale of tethering apps in the Play store. The possibility that someone on an unlimited plan caught tethering may have to switch to a metered plan.
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    Iran Nuclear Energy Facility Hit With Malware That Plays AC/DC

    Let's see if the RIAA does anything with those pirateing Iranians.
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    list of BSOD codes?

    Here is a listing of the Bug Check Codes (BCC) with info to point you to the possible area to look. Bug Check Code Reference The BSOD should list a BCC:<code>
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    Ultrabook for Gaming

    Go back and read the Editors Note at the bottom. Due in US in second half of 2012. Currently available in Singapore.
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    Galaxy S3 delay... anyone else have luck or updates?

    Kentucky and mine is coming from PA also. Seems that Memphis would have been closer and would have arrived in a day most likely. I guess when they got to my order the Memphis stock was out.
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    Verizon SGS3 Pre-Order Shipment

    My order was charged and shipped today for delivery on Monday. I ordered a blue 16 the first day based on what they said that the 32 was using the microsd card slot. I called back the next day to confirm as there seemed to still be conflicting reports on the shipping config of the 16 vs 32 gb...
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    Galaxy S3 delay... anyone else have luck or updates?

    My charge was processed and phone shipped today. Delivery set for Monday.
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    Verizon SGS3 Pre-Order Shipment

    Blue 32 with no deliver notice yet.
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    Antec has a long mostly favorably history and I usually have something from Antec in my systems.
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    Why do people buy bad games if it's cheap?

    The same reason they buy cheap bad girls.
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    What was your first true computer -- Give specs!

    I had an Atari 400. I upgraded the membrane KB and the ram. I eventually got a floppy drive to keep my cassette drive company and the 300 baud modem. Got double duty from the floppies with a hole punch. When I finally mooded into the high speed world of 1200 bps I thought my world was complete...
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    How do I keep Unlimited LTE on Verizon?

    There are not two grandfathered plans, just the one unlimited that goes away on the 28th. To keep unlimited you will need to purchase any future phone unsubsidized. If you have an upgrade available you can use it before the 28th and keep it. A preorder of the sgs3 will also keep unlimited data.
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    HOT!! SanDisk - Mobile Ultra 64GB microSDXC Class 6 Memory Card $49.99 w/fs!!!

    The class 10 version is available on Amazon for just under $80.