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    Potential upgrades

    I went ahead and did the 16 GB upgrade already and have a new SSD on the way. I'm currently overclocking my 3570k to 4.2 GHz I believe but I will need to double check. How would I check on memory usage for the 7870?
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    Potential upgrades

    Thanks for the reply, I am currently at 8 GB ram and a SSD was also on the list, just for more storage if anything.
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    Potential upgrades

    I'm quite a bit out of the loop on hardware and would like some suggestions for upgrades. Use my computer for gaming and watching movies/TV 99% of the time. Currently have: Gigabyte Sniper.M3 z77 mATX motherboard Intel Core i5-3570k PowerColor PCS+ Radeon HD 7870 OCZ Vertex Plus R2 120GB SSD...
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    Planetside 2

    I have been crashing significantly more since the latest patch. Every 5 minutes or so.
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    Planetside 2

    Even though my previous computer was on it's last leg (7 years old) this game is what pushed me to get a new computer. Enjoyed playing it but could only be useful in small skirmishes. Big battles ate the computer for lunch. Got a new computer and it runs great even in big battles now and I...
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    Sapphire HD 7850 2GB OC Edition

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    Planetside 2

    I don't think there is a right answer to this. Play on a server close to your location and have at it. Someone released some statistics that showed all factions are very balanced. Play around with everything and see what you like. Personally, I play a lot of heavy assault with some medic...
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    Sapphire HD 7850 2GB OC Edition

    bump, price drop
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    Sapphire HD 7850 2GB OC Edition

    New in box, $155 shipped SOLD. Amazon Payments only.
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    Camelot Unchained - New MMO Kickstarter Project

    Has any MMO in history been decent on launch day? I just have so little faith in MMOs these days. Regular games can't even get their launch days down. If it takes a year for a MMO to become polished enough to draw a crowd after it's launched, it's going to close down or go FTP before that...
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    Is mouse acceleration so evil?

    I'm actually fairly surprised at the amount of people using acceleration in this thread. Played CS 1.6 for a long time and always always turned acceleration off. When you were dead and watching someone you could instantly tell when someone was using acceleration (that and by looking at the...
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    Jay Wilson: Auction House really hurt Diablo 3

    That's BS. They wanted to make more money with the fees on the RMAH. All they had to do was make a decent game and then provide DLC or additional features for money (like PVP or additional quests?). I bought the game and have never been so frustrated by a game in my life. I haven't played...
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    Bioshock Infinite + Tomb Raider

    Selling the AMD combo code (1 code gives you both games) for Bioshock Infinite + Tomb Raider. $50 SOLD Amazon Payments only Heatware is tys90 Ebay is tys90
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    Video Game Industry crash...

    They lost $138M but took a $106M charge under "restructuring". Still lost a boatload of money but it's not all because of lack of sales. Let me ask this question - are the expectations for today's games so high that the production costs are not inline with what revenues from sales are? The...
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    WTB: 120GB SSD

    Found one, thanks everyone!
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    WTB: 120GB SSD

    As the title says, I'm looking for a 120GB SSD. It's for an aging computer so I'm looking for something relatively inexpensive but am open to anything. Thanks in advance.
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    best HTPC frontend for window 7 based system

    XBMC is awesome....once you get it setup. It does take some work but it's pretty sweet. I love it for the TV sorting, organizing, extra info, wallpapers, etc. I don't use it so much for movies or music.
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    New Build

    I'm resurrecting this thread because I'm once again looking at buying a computer, nothing has changed and I would appreciate the help
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    Advice on Dragon Age camera and controls

    WASD + right mouse, never had any troubles? I zoom out a little sometimes. The movement/camera was perfect from the start for me
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    The New EVE: Apocrypha

    Big battles like those are coordinated by voice, someone is calling out targets for your group. You find have a list of enemies, find your target, approach, lock on or do whatever you have to do. It's a little confusing at first just because stuff can happen so fast but you get used to it.
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    Heroes of Newerth beta

    I tried to play LoL and I'm not a fan of the game play mechanics they've changed compared to DOTA. Creeping is useless because they aren't worth much gold, even if there is more of them, it's all about who can push towers the fastest. At least that was my initial observations. I like a LOT of...
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    New Build

    Preface: I've built all my own computers and don't necessarily need a new computer but I know someone who could use my current computer if I get a new one so I'm thinking about building a newish one. I've given a large budget range but I basically want the greatest bang/buck in a system using...
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    What is with some gamers?!

    A few people mentioned it, but the number one reason I play CS at 800x600 is consistency. I've seen good players play at higher resolutions and lower resolutions, even 640x480 and for them it's all about being comfortable with the settings. As stupid as it sounds, it's kinda like a pregame...
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    Dragon Age

    Krondor was based on a book series wasn't it? And the game sequels to the original Betrayal were poor. I don't know anything about the lore besides what I know from the Betrayal game so I dunno if there are other story lines to make a game off of. That said, I played Betrayal at Krondor to...
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    Aion Release

    So now that I know everyone's character this game any good?
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    Ultima Online: The Stygian Abyss

    I've gone back to free shards 3 times now just to get my nostalgic fill of the game (does that make sense?). I have some of the fondest gaming memories playing that game, and it wasn't my first MMO either. Too bad there will never be a game like it.
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    Best games of the 90's?

    Haha, I loved the music but the first time I heard it was with the CD version (which I realized had a lot better music than the disk version), which I got after I got a new computer. The disk version I first had didn't run on the computer I had at the time, I don't remember why though.
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    Best games of the 90's?

    The game I remember most fondly is Betrayal At Krondor but to add to my list Heroes 2 Diablo 2 Age of Empires C&C Red Alert
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    Matrix Online, Eve Online or that pirates game Online questions...

    You can train skills while you aren't playing in EVE...I'm not sure how it is now but when I played you needed a good 6-8 months before you could be effective in PvP if that's your thing. The drawback of not having to play to train is that they make training take a very long time and there's...
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    BoB is dead... the war is over. (Eve Online)

    Incredible game though, wish I had time to play it again.
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    WOTLK launch = WoW numbers jump to 11.5 million

    That's odd, how did Michael Jordan win a NCAA championship even though he never went to college? :confused: You must not know them that well.
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    Dark Fall Online

    I'm going to have to at least give this game a chance. Just for the fact that they have the balls to try a game like that. If they are lucky, they could end up like EVE, which I consider successful (and fun). But damn I hope it isn't as time consuming as EVE is.
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    Got 400 Xbox points..

    Save up for Braid?