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    Best encoder to use to compress old movies for Plex server?

    If hdd space is no concern, h264 is easily decoded on basically any hardware at this point and plex can stream without transcoding which takes a load off the server if you have multiple users accessing simultaneously. h265 really didn't get widespread adoption and all the big streaming services...
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    Facebook Employees Had Access to Millions of User Passwords Stored in Plain Text

    yea uh why are passwords even collected in plaintext....
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    Real-Time Ray Tracing Support Comes to GeForce GTX GPUs and Game Engines

    oh man this is great! I didn't buy into all the hype and they always said patience is a virtue! now DX12 coming to win7 now ray tracing can work on GTX cards. I may not need to upgrade after all muahaha!!!
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    Microsoft Will Pester Windows 7 Users to Upgrade to W10 with Pop-Up Notifications

    "win7 will no longer be supported. please upgrade to win10. where we will attempt to make sure your computer is unusable."
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    Prisoners in England to Be Taught Code

    Clearly these folks didn't have the best judgement to begin with.... and with (mobile) cybercrime malware/phishing/etc on the rise, I'm not sure I see why they would choose to go down this route. I'm sure there's lots of other things to teach...
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    Parents Blame Elementary School's Cell Tower after 4th Student Diagnosed with Cancer

    Repair tech: "So it turns out that cell tower isn't even powered and active. It's just a metal structure." Parents: "BUT STILL!!!" smh
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    Windows 7 Is One Obstinate OS

    with the nightmare experiences win10 is putting some folks through, I can't blame them for wanting win7 back. I've had to repair my dad's win10 home pc more times in the last 6 months than I ever did for the entire run of win8. luckily my mom was smart and never budged from win7....
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    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    ehhh that's slippery slope. look what happened to digital privacy because we didn't ask people to learn how the internet actually works. now every app and website and OS want telemetry data for who knows what dumb reasons. same thing here. today it's volvo. tomorrow it's every auto maker. I'll...
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    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    limit to 112 mph? geofencing to automatically limit speeds? seems like we're going the opposite direction here. we need to teach people to be MORE responsible for their judgements, not take away their ability to exercise it at all....
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    Anthem Is a Buggy Mess

    kind of not surprised anthem is a buggy mess. it had waaay too much hype. plus all software these days is released half baked. execs love to lay off all the expensive folks that knew what they're doing and replace them all with cheaper college grads. and they don't bother to QC because they...
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    Microsoft to Announce Xbox One S "All Digital Edition" in April [Rumor]

    meh. same reasons I don't support all digital on PC and even less compelling on consoles: 1. data caps and slow download speeds. now I have to dl the 60 GB game in addition to the 60 GB day one patch/ hi res textures/etc 2. expect "this realm is restarting for maintenance (patching)" to now...
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    The End of Blu-ray

    bluray is dead, baloney! even DVD is STILL alive. my dad buys DVDs and has thousands. I bet there's millions of people like him all around the world still buying DVDs. bluray will stick around too.
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    Huawei Announces the $2,600 Foldable Mate X Smartphone: It Folds Outwards!

    $2600 is absurd. unless it has double the processors, double the ram, double the batteries, etc. And what's "over 100 pieces in the hinge" to sound cool? That just sounds like a 100 different ways for it to break. All of which I probably can't or won't be allowed to repair myself.
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    Backblaze Analyzes SSD Reliability

    my longest running daily used HDD is a WD 320 gb. use it for temp storage and bt. files on it from 2003. my longest running daily used SSD is intel x25v for OS and OCZ Vertex for apps/games. got those near release day. all in all, these all have worked wonderfully for general daily pc use and...
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    How China's Social Credit System Affects Its Citizens and Businesses

    Agree. it's hilarious how folks think this doesn't exist in western countries. It does, only it's not thrown in your face like China is doing. Think not having a social profile protects you but you have friends or neighbors or coworkers that mention you in all their stuff? There's a profile on...
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    Forbes Tries To Game on Linux

    eh the users of linux are a self selecting crowd anyway: they know there's going to be a fair amount of google-fu involved. especially if they have the intention to play recent "graphics heavy" 3d games on linux. choosing and installing the drivers is not the terrible chore the author makes it...
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    Blizzard To Double Down on Warcraft and Diablo IPs

    gosh I hope these "new" things don't just mean remaster textures... oh who am I kidding. 20 years hasn't passed since d3 yet. there's no new installment coming.
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    Activision Plans to Cut Hundreds of Jobs Next Week

    Bloomberg has learned hundreds of employees will lose their jobs on Tuesday as part of a restructuring attempt aimed at centralizing functions and boosting profit. Many of these layoffs will reportedly be in non-game-development departments, such as publishing, marketing, and sales. “Analysts...
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    Pennsylvania Legislators Re-introduce Bill to Tax Mature-Rated Video Games

    boy they should tax other "mature rated" activities too then: drinking, smoking, going to the club, watching cop drama murder mystery tv shows, etc. morons.
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    "Criminal Conduct": NYPD Asks Google to Scrap Waze's DUI/DWI Checkpoints

    or better yet NYPD, why don't you just ask (would be) criminals to turn themselves in and make it easier for everybody involved? you don't have to setup a checkpoint, they don't have to drive thru it. saves everyone the hassle of the lines and time wasted. /s I like this notification of other...
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    Your Privacy and Data are Different Things

    IDK why people think simply not signing up and using a service means they've escaped. EVERYTHING is interconnected. Do your friends use facebook? Do they use it on their phone? Are you a contact in their phone? Have you been captured in a photo at some point in time that they've posted? Do they...
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    Google Launches Password Checkup Extension

    hilariously bad suggestion. just like their URL suggestion. I thought that all passwords are only ever stored as hashes anyway? so the only thing this plugin would check is if the hash entered matches a compromised hash. as I type this it occurs to me that google probably captures exact...
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    Slack Files for IPO

    kind of hilarious how a pretty version of IRC can IPO.
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    Firefox 66 to Block Audible Sound from Autoplay Video and Audio by Default

    ohhh you mean like give us back what things used to be like before autoplay was an option that developer could set? about time. disable that crap. if I want to play it, I'll CLICK play.
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    Google Takes Its First Steps toward Killing the URL

    "People should know easily what site they’re on, and they shouldn’t be confused into thinking they’re on another site. It shouldn’t take advanced knowledge of how the internet works to figure that out." ya I think that's why DNS and URL was invented...
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    BioWare: Anthem Won't Run at 1080p/60 FPS on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X

    ugh I guess those of us without the refresh models are even worse off... I have noticed my ps4 non-pro struggling at 1080 for many games already sigh
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    Judge Rules Against Law Enforcement in Biometrics Unlocking Case

    This sounded like far too much common sense...... now we know why. /s
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    Apple Allegedly Replaced 11 Million Batteries Following CPU Throttling Scandal

    IDK about this logic... replacing a battery now represents a lost iphone sale? what is this, the movie industry claiming lost ticket sales? they could have bought a samsung next for all we know! and let's face it, with the XR being the "cheapest" new iphone at $750.... it's the prices of the new...
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    Album Sales Are Dying as Fast as Streaming Services Are Rising

    haha it's great how people don't like to own the stuff they buy anymore and rather would pay for access to something. I buy physical when I can, although in this case that means an actual trip to rasputin or amoeba, since target and best buy have dropped nearly all CDs from their inventory. I...
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    CVAA Regulations Affecting Multiplayer Chat Just Went Into Effect

    hm IDK if that's a good analogy because wouldn't that mean they'd have to cut out the entire p2p communication function?
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    CVAA Regulations Affecting Multiplayer Chat Just Went Into Effect

    I haven't read the exact verbiage, but I'm confused. how does cutting out the whole text chat function mean they are in compliance with this? it would seem like no text chat is even more violation.. And without knowing anything about cost, I'm not convinced it will add all this "enormous" cost...
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    Researchers Demonstrate Hot Tub Hack

    ' Completely agree. But this is what happens when marketing folks get to run companies where the CEO is just as clueless. bigwig: "We need to innovate!!" engineer: "It's a water boiler. And we already quick heat, insulate, earthquake proof, etc etc" marketer: "Let's make them SMART water...
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    Apple Confirms Some iPad Pros Ship Slightly Bent, but Says It's Normal

    You go to apple for service and they nitpick every little scratch, mark, sticker tear, etc to try to deny you warranty repair. Yet, they want to sell you something that's clearly bent from the get-go. HAHAHA double standard much?
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    Asus and Gigabyte Drivers Allegedly Contain Serious Security Vulnerabilities

    "we're a hardware company not a software company" AHAHAHA so you get to ignore what's really happening and live in your own bubble? sounds a lot like facebook. "oh no we're not a news and media company" except majority of people get their news from facebook now so yea...... TAKE SOME...
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    Capcom Is Plastering In-Game Ads on Its Street Fighter V Characters

    wtf is wrong with advertisers and their need to stick crap in your face everywhere? and wtf is wrong with society that puts up with it? If I paid for the game already I don't need to see real world ads in my fantasy world.... that's why I'm playing the game....
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    Microsoft Is Readying a Consumer Microsoft 365 Subscription Bundle

    Seems recently that all Microsoft users, be it win10 or office365 or whatever, clearly ARE beta testers. Why on earth would you PAY monthly for that privilege??
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    Mobile Apps Track Your Movements and Its All for Sale

    I think the truly atrocious part is that the article claims this data point is worth about half a cent to 2 cents PER MONTH
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    FS RDIMM, X5650, EK waterblocks, XSPC fittings CLOSED

    heatware 19-0-0 Time for some cleaning because these have been sitting around too long! Hope these find a new good home! All prices shipped (by USPS flat rate) to ConUS only. Paypal preferred. 1. 6x 8GB ECC RDIMM Low Voltage 1.35V DDR3 1333 PC3L 10600R 2Rx4 hynix - $40 per pair or $100 for...