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    headphones suddenly not working on right side

    Where ever you plugging your cans into on your PC has a problem. Easy enough. Replace the card or if it's internal get a card.
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    Alright Guys, Getting an MP3 Player Tommorow, what to get?

    Sorry, if you were an "audiophile" and you listened to some of the competition, you wouldn't have gotten an iPod. Don't pat yourself on the back too hard.
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    headphones suddenly not working on right side

    Have you tried another set of cans to see if they exhibit the same problems? If it turns out to be the headphones and the they are under $100 or so it's not worth fixing generally (unless your into DIY).
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    Changing the Subwoofer on the Z680

    I guess some of us have more picky ears than others. No offence :)
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    Changing the Subwoofer on the Z680

    You for sure need to do some more research to make sure it's a good fit as a replacement driver. There's lot's of resouces out there with info on this. I did a quick search and found The Subwoofer DIY Page. But there's alot more to replacing a driver than matching the power handling and size...
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    Alright Guys, Getting an MP3 Player Tommorow, what to get?

    I second the vote for an iAudio X5. Better SQ, more features, format support and cheaper than an equivalent iPod. iPods are way overpriced for what you get imo.
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    Changing the Subwoofer on the Z680

    You can't just pop in another driver in an enclosure and have it sound good. There's alot of factors to consider. Trust me, you don't want to go there.
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    Cmoy Amp Idea/Quistion.

    Ever heard of the phrase, "You can't shit s**t." There's your solution. Don't bother. There's not such thing as good 5.1 headphones.
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    What MP3 Player for gf for christmas(yea I know its early)

    Well consider the iAudio 5XL that I have is rated up to 35 hours playback time it still destroys most DAPs in the market for battery life and then some. And FYI a firmware update will provide ID3 browsing AND viewing by file structure very soon. But until then nope.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    I'm a Grado fan, but I'd never use them for gaming. You do alot better with some closed Sennheiser or something like an Audio-Techinia A900. I agree with ya there.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    Very nice stand, the black tubes are PVC. But for under $100, super super nice product. Larry does killer work.
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    Colour calibration tool?

    I have a Colorvision Spyder Plus since I do alot a photo work and it's crucial that my output matches what I do on screen. It's a little pricey (approx $280 since it does printer color calibration as well). You can get a screen only basic hardware version for under 100 if you need TRUE color...
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    LCD Security measures

    All laptop lockdown devices can be defeated super easy. Only ones that might help are the ones with alarms in case something is moved etc. alot like a car alarm. If your college is that bad, maybe you should reconsider :)
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    From left to right: Grado SR60, Audio-Technica ATH-W1000, Sennheiser HD-650, Grado RS-1
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    Sucks: Crossfire does only 1600x1200@60 or 1920x1200@52

    LCD's are alot better for eye strain than CRT this is FACT. Google it and you will find alot of info on this. Just because you have a high refresh rate don't mean squat. Sooner or later you will pay the price, trust me.
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    Sucks: Crossfire does only 1600x1200@60 or 1920x1200@52

    True enough, but most people do ALOT more than gaming with their display.
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    Hahaha, you do stand up too?
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    Chaintech or High end

    It's one of the best of the low budget cards for music listening out there. You just know how to set it up to take advantage of it which is super easy and takes 5 min.
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    Then for sure for the $$ your looking to spend the Audio-Technica ATH-A900s are your best bet by far. Great headphones.
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    What soundcard do you Use...

    AV-710 > Electric Avenues Pocket Amp 2 > Audio-Technica ATH-W1000. Sounds damm good :)
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    good monitor for 7800gtx oc

    You won't get a LCD, much less a good one for 200.
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    LCD monitors for gaming.

    God I love blanket statements like that. Idiocy at it's best.
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    where can i buy pcp&c psu's?

    Well it's easier to say if you want something not loud like a PC&C 510. Great PSU, just little too much in the Db department for me.
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    Halo 3 Delayed?

    Sorry, the day I start reading books based on videogames, is the day.....let's just say it'll never happen :)
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    Floppy Drive, Do I need one?

    When you need to install that driver during boot it's not so funny anymore. Sorry I don't want to Slipstream 1 driver.
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    eVGA RMA Issues

    All this over someone that's complaining over approx $10 of shipping charges on a piece of hardware that he admits he OC'd. Like I tell friends that play the market, if you can't afford to lose it, don't play... Ya, your not [H]ard like you think.
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    Optimus OLED Keyboard

    Grow up kid. You threw out flamebait, don't act so suprised. Like you said, you've been banned before, you know the drill.
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    Cell Phone: Best GSM for CIngular?

    Not true, my Moto v710 has a TransFlash slot.
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    Remove Laser Engraving

    You honestly put 1337 on it? I hope that was a joke lol.
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    Sager is trying to rip me off!

    Just file a compliant with your CC company and have it charged back. I've done it a couple of times with crappy companies like this. Never had one problem getting my money back. That's why I always charge everything in case someone tries to rip me off. Your not taking anyone to court over...
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    I think my Antec P180 is

    Antec makes some good stuff, just not a fan of cases with doors at all.
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    R520 ready for production!!!

    Ya but considering this is ATI, that's 1-2 months in dog years.
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    s939 AGP motherboards that support A64 X2 out of the box?

    Believe me you want to avoid Via. Go A8N-xxx, much much better MB. My A8N-SLI Premium booted up my X2 4400+ np - zero problems.
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    Is AGP near death?

    People keep missing the point, high end system does not equal an AGP system anymore, it's being proven by nVidia and OEMs. If it was, you'd be able to buy a AGP 7800 right now.or a buy a top level AGP system from the likes of Dell etc. That's why AGP is dying quickly. You want to play with...
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    So did any 7800GT reviews mention when the AGP version was due?

    Get over it. If AGP was worth it business-wise it'd be there period. It's all about $$$$. High end setups use PCIe. End of story, sheesh. It doesn't frickin matter if ISA could handle a 7800 GTX, they DON"T MAKE IT for good reason. If I hear one more person say "Wow AGP can handle XXXX...
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    Geezz... I just don't know.. headphones

    I've the Grado SR60's for years and they sound fantastic. Great headphones.
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    What is your connection speed?

    Something 4000/384 now with Comcast. Going to be 15000/2000 within next month or so with Verizon FiOS :)
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    Scythe Shogun

    Anyone out there running this beast? I was thinking of grabbing one and slapping a 120mm X 120mm x 38mm fan on it. I sent Scythe an email asking if it could handle the 38mm depth days ago, no reply. Anyone know if it can handle it with provided mounting hardware?