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    Is the 8800GT really out of stock almost everywhere for now?

    BFG claims to have this one in stock. Too bad it's a bare card and no game (I'm holding out for the free Quake Wars w/ EVGA.)
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    God Of War

    I liked it better when it was Rygar (and, yes, I'll post this on every bloody GoW thread from here to kingdom come--David Jaffe is a hack).
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    Before you buy 7900, did you read the part about shimmering?

    I'm on an x1900xt right now and there IS shimmering on it, so let's please stop pretending this is an NV-only issue.
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    Tekken: Dark Ressurection for PSP! Its about Time!!

    I'm guessing his point is that the PSP was hyped to be a "portable PS2"--I don't recall anyone 'hyping' the DS as a portable N64 (at least not without tongue firmly planted in cheek).
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    Xbox 360 + Fuzion Frenzy + Emulator = Slow?

    A number of 360 games don't run at full speed under emulation, so there's probably nothing wrong with your system.
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    External Audio Solution for SFF?

    Can anybody recommend a good, external, audio solution for a SFF that does not incur a performance hit? I've looked at the Creative Audigy NX but that, apparently, is no better than onboard sound as far as peformance degredation goes. Thanks!
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    Am I the only person who thinks Devil May Cry 3 is stupidly difficult?

    Kind of like how I don't get that you think NG is a better game than DMC3, I guess. However, forgetting camera issues, the big killer on NG was that, with one move, you could destroy the entire game--I don't believe that's open to debate (or at least it wasn't when I beat the game in ~8-10...
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    Next Gen Consoles- Too Early?

    Pikachu would disagree with would Animal Crossing...and Nintendogs...and so on...
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    Am I the only person who thinks Devil May Cry 3 is stupidly difficult?

    I liked God of War better...when it was Rygar. I've played both (and wrote the Prima guide on Ninja Gaiden) and I can safely say that, thanks to the camera (in regular or Black), DMC3 is, overall, a better experience. Of course, that's just my opinion... ;)
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    Drill Dozer

    I picked up the import in, oh, Nov? It's a really fun little game--very remiscent of Treasure's classic, 16-bit, stuff--though it's painfully easy. Still, I got my money's-worth out of it.
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    Any other Max Payne Type Games?

    The Punisher: mindless but a lot of fun.
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    No 6 Pin Adapter w/ x190xt?!

    I would have been glad to, but I went to 2 CompUSA's and 2 Fry's (and 1 Staples out of desperation) over the weekend--none of them stock it (but CompUSA could "special order" it).
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    What games do you want to play this year? (PC and Consoles)

    NDS<--fav game machine, currentty FFIII New Super Mario Bros. Tetris DS Metroid Prime Hunters Metroid Dread PC Prey Battle for Middle Earth 2 Quake Wars PS2 Ibara Cube Zelda! 360 Lost Planet PSP MegaMan Powered Gradius Collection Ghouls 'N' Ghosts Dreamcast...
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    No 6 Pin Adapter w/ x190xt?!

    Yep, that's what I meant--sorry for the confusion...was kinda p*ssed off ;) And I had to order one online because NO store in the LA-area stocks the damn things!! :mad: As for the PSU not being able to supply the card, that doens't hold water: I've had 7800 GTXs running rock-stable on a...
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    battle for middle earth 2

    Feb. 28th and it's fantastic.
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    No 6 Pin Adapter w/ x190xt?!

    Talk about cheaping out--all the NV cards I've bought since PCI-E debuted come with a 6 pin adapter for powering the card, but not so with the ATI-branded x1900xt. Thanks ATI! Good to find this out at 10 o'clock at night :mad:
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    Hand Tops: Any Experiences?

    The [H] may be the wrong place for this question, but does anyone here have any experience at all with handtop-sized computers? Flybook, certain Fujitsus, etc.? If so, would you mind sharing how they function on general office apps, web browsing, etc.? Thanks all!
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    HDTV Decision

    What he said. (I'm on my third plasma and burn-in, at this point, is a non-issue)
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    i just got a ds with partners in time.

    I love the game, but it's not as good as the N64/Cube Paper Mario games nor the GBA original (a bit too repetitive for that, I'm afraid). It's still a great game, tho.
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    Will SLI ever work with dual-monitors?

    Yes, I've tried it and it works (using the card mentioned in the example). Go here: Dual Monitor SLI
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    can anyone recomend good retailers online ? (but you'd prolly be better off going to Fry's, their b 'n' m sibling).
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    iMac Intel CoreDuo = FAST

    It seems to work great on the bundled stuff, but apps like WoW, Firefox, etc., run pretty laggy and/or feel un-stable (though after grabbing the beta Intel rev of Firefox, that fixed at least one problem--it runs like a rock).
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    Will SLI ever work with dual-monitors?

    It does work with an ATI PCI card when you're running SLI.
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    ps3 easier to program for

    They will work on the platform that publishers pay them to work on and that will be the platform with the biggest (or potentially biggest) userbase.
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    iMac and WoW

    2.0 iMac w/ 2 gigs and 256 on vid card: Chug, chug, chug...*sigh*. I will wait for the patch as, right now, it runs worlds better on my notebook (Turion/1 gig/ATI x300) and (naturally) another universe on my 6800U WinXP setup.
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    CyberPower Review?

    I had one two years ago and it was awful--had to also rebuild myself.
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    Taito Legends - Bubble Bobble

    I have the import version; it's the arcade version and, yes, you have to start from scratch each time.
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    Nintendo DS Lite

    I ordered one and will hate myself when they come out w/ a black one and I buy that, too :(
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    Plasma TV Bad fpr gaming?

    Here we go again: I'm on my second plasma. The first was a 42" Panny which I spent ungodly hours playing PSO on (12+ hours straight with huge amounts of static elements). Yes, it GHOSTED but there was NO permanent burn-in and the after-image faded after a few days. That was a PDP from 3 gens...
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    Have an xbox 360 and an HDTV. Any reason to get a progressive scan DVD player?

    Ditto on that (though it's actually a 4-switch component box that's full :(). The Oppo puts out a fantastic picture. Even my tech and image quality illiterate brother can see a huge difference (believe me, this is saying a lot).
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    Who remembers BioForge!

    I remember the controls being near-unworkable (didn't it use, like, every key on the keyboard?), but it looked nice at the time :)
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    HDTV-On switch on the Xbox360 CABLE

    From the dashboard under Display Settings (when the cable is not in the HD position and you've set the console to 720p or 1080i mode):: "HDTV output is disabled. Your Xbox 360 Component HD Cable is currently set to TV." If you like, I can post a picture...but that's no cure for illiteracy.
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    HDTV-On switch on the Xbox360 CABLE

    Actually you'll get a message on-screen in the monitor set-up section of the dashboard telling you the cable isn't set correctly from the minute you first set it to 720p/1080i. So, yeah, you'd be silly...and illiterate.
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    hdtv or no hdtv for xbox360

    QFT--it's like night and day.
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    Have an xbox 360 and an HDTV. Any reason to get a progressive scan DVD player?

    Get this one. You likely won't be able to tell the difference between it and the Denon (the Denon **is** better but not for hat price differential). Panasonic and Samsung also make competent upscaling players, but the Oppo is wonderfully-priced and produces a beautiful image if you have a TV...
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    Does the 6800Ultra support 1900xwhatever rez?

    Yes, I have two of those monitors and the 6800 Ultra does indeed drive 1920x1200.
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    Sounds like Sony is trying to create artificial demand again

    Uh, I live in SoCal and these things are everywhere: Target, Best Buy, EB Games, Gamestop, etc.. Considering they have 1.5 million PSPs floating around N. America right now, I don't think the GPU issue is as real as you (or Sony) would like it to be. Uh, yes, dead pixels are Sony's...
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    Nintendo Revolution: projects games in a realtime 3D image?

    I've never gotten a headache from them but, forgetting that for a moment, am I the only person to ever own the 3D glasses for the Sega Master System? Or the only person that's ever used Nvidia's stereoscopic support? Meaning that this certainly has been applied to games before...(at least in a...
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    What are some good GBA Games you recommend?

    Ninja Five-O if you can find it.
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    Hellgate:London -- the new Diablo?

    It says in the article that you don't have to worry about ammo or even aiming, really, so that takes most of the FPS out of it right there.