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    wire management solutions?

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    cold cathode question

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    FS: 3x 250gb hdd w/ 8mb cache

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    WTT: Dual 2005fpw for Single 2405fpw

    I'll consider it. I dont really need the 2405 I currently have at work. By the way, whatever happened to the case????
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    NFSMW DirectX 9?

    Try going to properties of the launch shortcut and forcing "Windows 2000 Compatibility" mode
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    FS MINT Dell 1800FP UltraSharp 18" LCD

    Response time?
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    Widescreen in Quake 4
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    two- way window

    Just go down to any local window tinting shop and get the stuff and tint the acrylic yourself.
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    Lost Coast

    I feel dumb. I am stuck in the courtyard. What I am supposed to do, climb that scaffolding?:(
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    Trader MIA - anyone know tree_?

    I have done business with him also, and on some very high dollar items I might add. I am sure there is reasonable explanation
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    PC Game Controller

    You might have to configure the controller and/or calibrate it to your liking, but thats all it takes.
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    PC Game Controller

    Most adapters you can purchase are plug and play
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    Best Buy will be the only store where you can buy the X-Box 360 on 11/22/05.

    Wow... I wasnt saying anything derogative about you, your job, or the fact that you worked there.You need to lighten up and see the humor in the statement. It sounds funny saying.... "An agent of the Geek Squad"...thats alll it was. Dont read into things too far, it will make you unhappy on...
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    Best Buy will be the only store where you can buy the X-Box 360 on 11/22/05.

    An "Agent" of the geek squad? Thats as far as I got before spitting my Pepsi all over in laughter :D
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    Doom3 is much better the 2nd time around :)

    Doom 3 was meh both times around for me
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    Free Blood pres. monitor,digital scale

    Error Occurred While Processing Request File not found: /flv/video.cfm :(
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    6800 GT Heat Problems

    Yeppers. QFT.
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    Bending Acrylic

    A form molding and/or brace and the oven at low temp will bend it just fine. Just lay the plexiglass over or on top of something metal and let gravity form it for you. I had to fabricate a couple tinted plexiglass/acrylic tailight covers for my first car and that method proved to work well...
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    Need something new to play.

    Psychonauts. An excellent game with nice graphics and a great original story:)
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    Zalman VF700-Cu vs NV Silencer

    Zalman hands down. Many users have reported the NV Silencers making very poor clean contact along all points.
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    i love my 6600GT

    Its to go with my huge ass Dell LCD;)
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    SWAT 4 = Perfect says VUG

    I enjoyed the single player career missions. Looks good too:) Nice change of pace form the usual shoot this and that FPS's
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    Any one here use Viper John??

    How much did you spend on this?
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    Best arcade like car game for P.C.?

    I agree. The feel of the fun wears off quickly and the repetition begins:(
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    WTT: evga 5900SE/XT, PNY 6800NU, WD 160 SATA for 6800GT or Ultra

    I'll consider it, make me an offer. Remember, it has this already installed now...
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    WTB: 6800 NU 128meg AGP

    PM sent
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    making a lexan window

    Clear silicone adhesive works for attachment also.
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    R520 core pics

    Uhh..whats so fascinating about this?
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    ATTN Shipping experts - How to ship a Desktop Pc And 19" Crt Monitor And a 27" TV?

    I would consider selling the TV and monitor and purchasing something new upon arrival. Shipping cost is going to cut into your pocket book:(
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    Poor Packaging.....???

    Thats what I call the right way to approach and handle this situation as the seller. You are A+ in my book sir and I look forward to someday having the pleasure of a business transaction with you:)
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    FS: Gateway Athlon 1 Ghz Computer (Complete)

    Interested in trading it for a video card?