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    Core i7-7700K - Kaby Lake & Corsair RAM Overclocking @ [H]

    Is there no official spec sheet out yet? Assuming max officially supported memory speed is still 2133. Curious to see if IMC degradation exists like on haswell. Can't even find any imc degradation for skylake
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    AMD Presents New Horizon

    Disappointed with the stream, they didn't really show much. Lots of talk and some potentially cherry picked "comparisons" / gpu limited @ 4k gaming. Also near the end, reminded me of the "amd vs intel" streaming tests that tek syndicate did a while back. Just because it "can" play + cpu...
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    Best deal on a 5820k processor?

    Price match in-store. Phone or live chat won't work. Say you want to order something at the kiosk and need a pricematch. You might get bounced from person to person. Bring printout of microcenter cpu to show them. Helps to also have a staples printout of the item you want so they can...
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    Looks like TigerDirect is done

    I ordered an cpu from them days before black friday, right after i saw the email promo. Never delivered. They lied saying it was in stock and more than a week later it changed to backordered. Then to more or less not expecting shipment for it ever. order status still says "in the warehouse"...
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    Pirate Told To Get 200K YouTube Hits Or Face Huge Fine

    235k usd fine if the conversion is right? for 8 years of distribution? seems like a "low" fine, considering some of the news stories you hear about people sharing music. but still an unrealistic amount to be paid wonder if the video is to cover the fines or to reduce jail time (which...
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    ASUS ROG Swift G-Sync Problems

    might not help you but had issues once (black screen flicker with frame pausing) but ended up being the videocard for some reason. 980ti sli, swapped card positions and it went away have you tried a different cable or a different displayport?
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    Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Beta is live on PC.

    Played through campaign, wasn't impressed. maxed quality except fxaa without motion blur, 4790k/32gb ram/980ti sli/1440p 120hz gsync, parts of it ran okay but there was lots of stuttering. Lots of areas with low quality textures, bugged shadows, or model clipping. Story was bad. AI...
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    USPS' Bizarre Reason For Denying Insurance Claim

    I've used USPS a few times to ship expensive videocards without problems, though full of packing material with the address label taped over just in case. But I try to avoid sending it out where it will sit over the weekend. some UPS boxes that I get, end up really smashed or have holes poked...
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    $900 rig for video editing + some gaming

    I'd recommend not getting a seagate hard drive. I've had good luck with the 2tb toshiba rebadges This case is also on sale for 25 currently antec platinum power...
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    Good looking board without too much red but @ $300 wow that costs a lot, almost as much as a 6700k
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    EVGA X99 FTW Fan quirks

    Youre probably stuck with using a splitter. tldr = EVGA motherboards have bad fan control. I think they intend for you to use 4 pin physical pwm fans (for cpu fans.) I think only 1 actual fan port on the board itself will work with a 3pin fan that will change rpm reacting to cpu temp, maybe...
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    Random crashes

    What is your cpu cache ratio set to? I would guess it is autodetected too high. Have you tried lowering it to say 42 or 43 @ stock volts (think it is 1.150) Cpu memory controller SOMETIMES needs a voltage adjustment for higher speed memory, you might or might not have gone through this with...
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    Affects of RAM speed on games - research.

    Good luck with your testing. Be aware, there can be quite a variance between running ~3 tests of the same config. Sometimes there is also a difference between running 1 benchmark, quit, launch/rerun benchmark vs running X amount after the first without quitting. Some games/benchmarks the...
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    ASUS Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1 Motherboard

    Somewhat ugly color theme on all the sabertooth boards. Dislike how an expensive board doesnt use all 7 expansion slot spacing. Good luck getting them to honor the 5 year warranty if something goes wrong.
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    SilverStone CS01B-HS Mini-ITX Case

    case external reminds me too much of the older macs DS380B seems to be better in every way except for size (but the nas = 8, 3.5 or 2.5)
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    SLI question... mATX board... touching video cards?

    Looks like it's meant for reference cards Arranged for two, 2 slot cards in a matx case with only 4 expansion slots. You could probably get a full sized case and a pcie riser but that kinda defeats the purpose of buying a small motherboard in the first place, does it not?
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    Gaming PCs Are Like Sports Cars, The First Thing You Do Is Show Them Off

    Never cared for led lights or bright colored components. Windows are meh and usually make companies charge more. Prefer and components flat black, fans black, heatsink natural color or plated. Without the dumb bright red stripes of paint. Definitely without bright led lights...
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    AMD, Roy Taylor, the Nano, and the Press @ [H]

    Surprised this has gone on this long. Then again, if amd made a better or cheaper card, none of the favoritism/bias would be blamed. Remember the nvidia 970 3.5gb crapfest? But none of us biased [h] members were upset lolol I want AMD to make competitive gpus and cpus, but I'm not going to...
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    Seagate Cutting Over 1,000 Jobs Worldwide

    I have one of the older ide drives in my 939 machine, still running. Back from the era when they were still good... Won't buy a seagate drive now, for anything. Almost feels like they went so downhill that a drive can fail just from sitting on the shelf.
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    R9 Nano Review Thread

    There's several mini-itx cases that you can fit full cards into. I get the potential appeal of a small card, but not really at 650. Silverstone ml07 and rvz01 are pretty small cases and people have jammed a gtx980 in.
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    R9 Nano Review Thread

    Am I missing something? Slower, lower clocked, hotter, louder (coil whine) than the full sized air cooled version. Sometimes a lot less power consumption, sometimes not. And at the same price basically. But the review sites that were given a sample still ended up recommending it. Why? It...
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    The directX 12 conspiracy

    All speculation, no games out that are ready for it. Recently, ARK was "close" to being released to the public but was questionably yanked a day before the announced date. There have been closed demos of alpha games, that's about it. For all we know, there could be another generation or two of...
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    AMD Not providing R9 Nano samples to several sites.

    Hard to be really impressed at a smaller card when the watercooled version was already pretty small. IMO sucks they are dictating samples after [several and fair] past reviews of the fury and 390 coming up short. On the other hand, nvidia would probably do the same thing if they were losing...
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    Z170 Skylake DDR3

    I'm surprised ddr3 made it on any of the z170 boards. But it seems they are on low end ones. DDR4 is dropping. Can currently get a 16gb corsair kit on sale for $90 that is 2400, 14-16-16-31
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    Intel G3258

    Hard to say with games that come out nowadays (lol batman) but it will probably run it. Depends what you are willing to put up with performance wise. It might be in the 30s-40s fps or end up choking constantly from 60. I had to rma my 4 core intel a few months back and had to use a pentium as...
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    6700k or 5820k build

    Sucks to hear that, I also have an evga motherboard with unresolved problems and keep getting sent broken rma boards. I would sell it and run. I would say get a 6700k then. There's also a deal on ddr4 today @ newegg. Vengeance lpx 16gb @ $90 with promo code or $189 for 32gb set (but they are...
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    6700k or 5820k build

    You might be able to upgrade your current pc to a 6 core xeon but they start out at low clocks and need overclocking (but cheap and worth it.) What motherboard do you have? Might be able to use one (X5550/x5560/x5570/x5580)
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    Supermicro Gaming S5 Mid-Tower Chassis Review @ [H]

    Can't stand the red on the front of the case 99 is too much for what it is. Several, equal or better, antec and corsair cases go on sale below that. Even not on sale might be cheaper.
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    SLI and Windows 10

    SLI definitely works. Not sure I buy into the "some people have problems, some dont." But there has to be a driver problem for the memory leak problem with sli...saw the complaints in the nvidia forum and some on reddit, too. I have had crashing resuming from sleep. Havent tried games that...
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    EVGA GTX 760 died....Again

    I'd recommend posting in the evga forums and possibly trying to contact "evga_jacobf" and see how far you get. He is also on twitter. Not exactly sure who to try to contact as the person that helped me years ago might not be with evga anymore (matthew hurwitz) Ive been there though. RMAd an...
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    To be or not to be with Windows 10?

    Waiting here, mainly due to creative sound drivers. Some from windows update work but sound/mic quality is bad. Also waiting for 3rd party apps/patches/info to completely remove/block the spying. Tried 10240 and had a few apps that it wasn't happy with. Corsairlink needed a fix and...
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    Win10 - Did you read the small print?

    Disappointing to see it still continuing on Aug 1st. I assumed crap like this was just for beta testing and wouldnt be this bad for final. I wonder how much spying it will do on you if you dont use a microsoft login and turn off all the stuff it "tells you that you can" turn off by default
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    RIAA Accuses CNET Of Hosting ‘Pirate’ Software

    making a copy of something you own isnt illegal, so what's the problem?
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    Microsoft Launches 90-Day Windows 10 Free Trial

    -must have premium solitaire- (not) enterprise looks like a winner. I still remember the pre-rtm and 10240 rtm discussion, the apps were crashing for some people still. I'll choose my own apps and versions to run, kthx
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    Windows 10 Solitaire Requires A Subscription To Remove Ads

    i dont play solitare but it still feels like some sort of sick joke. who knows what else they have done, especially with their stupid browser waiting for some antispyware apps or patch before i'm willing to switch over
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    PSA: Intel Pentium G3258 + Windows 10 = fail for most users. No official Fix yet....

    Autokms was included in some of the pre-final builds I tried, think you had to use it while the activation servers were down. Not sure if win10 is "smart enough" to be able to tell the difference, but it would be better than being screwed when the timer runs out.
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    DirectX 12: Ushering In A New Era Of PC Gaming

    I just get the feeling that splitting half the screen across SLI is going to have screen sync problems.
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    PSA: Intel Pentium G3258 + Windows 10 = fail for most users. No official Fix yet....

    Makes me feel bad that I broke the cpu socket in my asrock board. If you can install with a workaround first, maybe you can use one of the activation hacks to get around it?
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    Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi With Contacts

    I've used a few different versions before the actual release date, I remember during the install to literally uncheck everything it wanted to use to spy. Eventhough it's out, early adopters are still like beta testers. "Free" somewhat goes along with privacy concerns.
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    MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Motherboard

    still looks bad with all the red crap back of the motherboard looks way better than the front