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    Javascript & Firefox

    Have the variables brandSelect and modelSelect been defined? Or are you tyring to directly access form controls by name? Try document.getElementById('brandSelect').value or document.formname.brandSelect.value
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    [HTML/JS] the joys of breaking stuff... endless loop

    Yeah, a too-short timeout could do that -- it spends all its effort checking if things are loaded, and no effort goes toward actual loading. The one-millisecond timeout I used is a bit extreme, 5 or 10 milliseconds is more reasonable.
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    [HTML/JS] the joys of breaking stuff... endless loop

    If, in your detection, you included the parentheses after top.content.clear(), then you'd still just be trying to call the function. Gots to look at only the function-object. Jam this in as main_f (and adjust the frameset so you can see it's output):<html> <body> <script...
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    [HTML/JS] the joys of breaking stuff... endless loop

    You seem to be assuming that index2_f will be fully loaded and parsed by the time main_f calls top.content.clear()... an assumption now proved false. Make use of onload handlers (in either or both frames), or object detection ( if ( typeof(top.content.clear) == 'undefined')...
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    [HTML/JS] the joys of breaking stuff... endless loop

    document.write is meant for adding HTML to a document as it is loading, or for creating an entirely new doc from scratch. When you call it on an existing document, it simply clears that document and begins a new one. So, when you call echo from your iframe, it clears your parent document. The...
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    Javascript Popups

    Tried it on different box, and got the evil results you described. It would seem that this is a XPsp2 thing. I know of no work-around -- and since this is an intentional 'enhancentment' to IE, I doubt there is a solution.
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    Javascript Popups

    I couldn't replicate the problem. Using (large parts of) your code gave reliable popups when closing the browser. For the heck of it, you might try running your popup using onbeforeunload instead of onunload. Beyond that, need a link to see how your real page differs from my test.
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    Javascript Popups

    From looking at your code, it's obvious that the problem is...
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    Need temperature and unique id from motherboard

    Extra monitoring stuff usually lives in an extra chip on the SMBus, but the basic voltage/temps stuff is often in the chipset itself and accessed via the ISA bus. You do know how to access the ISA bus and SMBus in your language of choice...right? Fire up MMB and check its system-info output...
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    Javascript - passing values to function

    Where/how do you initially define count and delay? First thing you need to know is that the statements in a setTimeout are executed in the global scope. setTimeout acts as if the statements were wrapped in a <script> tag and appended to the end of the document at the appropriate time...
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    javascript: Creating and accessing new window DOM

    You are tyring to set the value of the lname input before it exists -- you aren't allowing any time for your pop-up to open and for newRequestor.php to load. Instead of pushing the value to the pop-up, try using onload/onfocus events in newRequestor.php to grab your value from the opener...
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    The fun of referrer-browsing

    You may be seeing some of mine... I taught my web-proxy to make referrers more fun. Most look like search-engine queries - any one of a score of engines and using a word or three from a list of a couple hundred (biased towards the weird and the pornographic, with enough bland pop-culture terms...
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    Need some help (website)

    Let's see if I've got this want your webpage to be able to snoop on the interactions of a user with some other site. No fucking' way. I'm sure your intentions are honorable <cough>, but if such a thing was possible don't you think the the phishers and faudsters would be using it...
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    Nope! Sorry, you've got that backwards, the number of combinations is 2^numberOfBits.
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    centering page in firefox

    You could force a vertical scrollbar. Add to your css: html {overflow:-moz-scrollbars-vertical}
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    Strange error using forum buttons ("Go to first new post", "View first unread", etc.)

    Have you done the speed tweaks where you enable pipelining and increase the maximum simultaneous connecters per server? I've found that if you get too carried away with that, you can briefly overwhelm a server, and end up with some of your page/image requests being ignored.
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    Downloadable links

    Bad MIME-type is the problem.+++GET 526+++ GET HTTP/1.0 Host: Accept: text/xml,application/xml,application/xhtml+xml,text/html;q=0.9,text/plain;q=0.8,image/png,*/*;q=0.5 Accept-Language: en-us,en;q=0.5 Accept-Encoding...
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    Downloadable links

    You may have mistakes in your html-code for embedding the video in the page, or the server may be sending the wrong MIME-type header with the video. With a link we could tell you more.
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    Downloadable links

    You need your server to set a http-header when responding to the request -- Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=whatever.ext
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    Hosts File Madness--Missing?
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    Particles (ie glitter..) in water cooling...

    A rheoscopic fluid would be better than adding solids like glitter.
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    Another site critique

    Thought about accessibility? Since your navigation is composed entirely of background images (no text, no alt-text, no title-text) -- I don't see your navigation at all, because due to color-blindness I surf text/background colors disabled (which also disables background images). It not just me...
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    How to change the value of a <INPUT TYPE="TEXT"> when <SELECT><OPTION> changes?

    Yes, to make things happen on a user's pages, Javascript is what you need. <script type='text/javascript'> function foo(sel){ document.getElementById('txt1').value=sel.value; document.getElementById('txt2').value=sel.options[sel.selectedIndex].text; } </script> <SELECT NAME="id"...
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    simple javascript question

    Just don't ever use eval like that in actual practice. Eval is the javascript equivilent of goto - occasionally needed, but generally disliked due to how easy it is to abuse it and produce slow ugly code.
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    Switech MCP-600 and AquaXtreme 50Z-DC12

    They are the same pump.
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    simple javascript question

    You'd have to use array/object notation. var foo=new Array(); foo['total' + product] = product * number; or, if you are okay with having global variables. window['total' + product] = product * number; most often though, you'd just use an array... total=new Array()...
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    Ln2 + copper tube, why?

    With something that experiences wide swings in temperature, you need to have all your materials have similar thermal expansion/contraction. It would really suck to have the base warp or the bond between tube and base break due to thermal stress.
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    Yellow wire in antique telephone?

    There should be a black wire, too. Telco->yellow wire->ringer electromagnet->black wire->telco. Gotta have the whole circuit.
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    Javascript - can't createElement Correctly

    Call center knowledge base search engine? Okay, I can buy that. The big problem is the way you've use your arrays -- 'myTraverse' is a mess. When you add the second select, you chop out portions of the array, but what if the first selection needs to be changed? You've no longer have info...
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    Javascript - can't createElement Correctly

    Online banking built by an amateur? Sounds a little phishy to me. No help without background information.
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    Home made blocks

    Took about two hours and four cutting discs when I did it. I also burned my fingertips holding it steady. Ended up being a damn good waterblock, though.
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    refresh program

    Proxomitron is willing to insert a META-refresh or a refresh-script into the pages you choose.
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    Watercooling a Athlon64 with heatspreader removed

    Yep, use the blue knob. An A64 with a lid wants arount 80 pounds of mounting force, a lidless A64 needs the same 20-25 pounds that the AthlonXP used.
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    DO OR DIE!!! TEC WaterChiller or bust!

    But there's the problem. If you cool the water down, the radiator becomes less effective. Say your rad dumps a 100 watts when the water that enters in 3° over ambient. Drop your water temperature to 2, and the rad only dissipates 67 W. At 1° degree the rad's only good for 33W. If the water is...
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    DO OR DIE!!! TEC WaterChiller or bust!

    Won't work. :( Let's say your heatsinks and chiller block are perfect, keeping the hot side of the TECs at ambient, the cold side at water temp. How much cooler will the water be? Well if your flow is 4 l/min (a hair over a gallon/minute), the water will exit the chiller 0.5° C cooler than it...
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    Spoiler Tags. . . .

    Been a few threads on customization, most recently this one:
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    Spoiler Tags. . . .

    I see it just fine, no highlighting needed, 'cause I use my own custom skin. ;)