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    MSI GTX 980 Ti SEA HAWK Overclocked 4K Review @ [H]

    Quit digging, it makes you look like you're 14 (and that's besides the lack of basic English skills, i.e., capitalization, although to your credit you appear to have at least passing acquaintance with use of the period). It was 980ti vs 980ti as was made clear in the article abstract (reading...
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    AMD, Roy Taylor, the Nano, and the Press @ [H]

    Fuck off asshole.
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    Should You Hope Your Child Never Has To Drive A Car?

    There are times, especially in really nasty congested traffic where autonomous autos, ON A NETWORK would be a better means of managing the congestion (I used to work at TxDot, we did studies on congestion management). Imagine a network that knew where everyone wanted to be and could adjust...
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    Police Investigate 'First Cyber-Flashing' Case

    She's been married for 22 years and never before seen a penis!
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    Hail SATA: Performance SATA Solid State Drive Roundup @ [H]

    Comparing SSDs to each other is like arguing about which wax applied to a supercar trims the most milliseconds off the trap time. Unless your application requires HPC performance, just get the cheapest drive (hell, get two and save an image once a once). Compared to spinning drives the...
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    Heads-Up Displays In Cars Can Hinder Driver Safety

    You mean bright shiny things are a distraction? Derp, really? It takes a study to discover that a driver in a car on a public roadway isn't functionally the same as a fighter pilot in a dogfight? So anytime you see someone driving a car with a cellphone in their hand and anything hanging...
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    NASA Lets You Experience “Pluto Time”

    It's not about you, and if your panties are in a bunch try googling: Perhaps the article was meant to make readers curious about light intensity. Or perhaps it was meant as whinger bait.
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    Google’s European Chief: We Don’t Always Get It Right

    Too bad Google doesn't seem to be aware that America is not a uniform left-coast liberal values driven culture that will blindly follow Google like a horde of sheep.
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    Self-Driving Cars Will 'Always' Cause Motion Sickness

    "Apparently "often" has been upgraded to "always."" Well that explains why every single bus and train window I see is covered with vomit. /s
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    What Bill Gates Is Afraid Of

    You left out the part where Jobs stole the GUI from Xerox PARC "Star" project. So St. Jobs is hardly the aggrieved party.
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    ‘Minecraft’ Most Streamed Video Game in YouTube’s History

    And yet it makes the weekend "sports" shows. Oh wait, I thought you were talking about "golf". Now there's a show for braindead nitwits.
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    Grand Theft Auto V Video Card Performance Preview @ [H]

    Will there be a more in depth article beyond spending a buttload of cash, e.g., the 970/960 series used by the mainstream? Something like this:
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    Billionaire Teams Up With NASA To Mine The Moon

    "If you like your moon, you can keep your moon".
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    MSI GeForce GTX 960 GAMING High Resolution Review @ [H]

    Looking at the 1080 comparison wherein the 770 62.6 FPS in BF4 Ultra vs the 960 at 57 FPS is ~10 % lower, I'm thoroughly unimpressed because my 760 SSC was about 10% lower than a 770 and that was in 2013! So exactly what is the value proposition for a 960 vs a cheaper 760? Or is there just...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 960 GAMING Video Card Review

    Agree completely, moreover, based on "apples to apples" comparisons (which can be stupidly [H]ard to come by (and by apples to apples I mean, "instead of taking the 970 & 980 and testing them SOLELY to other high end cards running 1440P (4K), test them ALSO against other cards running at the...
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    Bill Gates On His 15-Year Plan

    Fish f*ck in that water mate (besides you know "poop"). Yes, you're drinking the "wet spot".
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    Tesla Platform Shatters Record on Risk-Management Benchmark

    But how well does it run Crysis? Sorry. I had to.
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    Some Guy Beat Crota's End...Solo

    I have an Intellivision in the closet and the last game I played on it was Burgertime. I do not miss console gaming
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    How NVIDIA Quadro Powered Gone Girl’s Pioneering 6K Video

    The last time (2013? 2012?) I tried using the "GPU" option in handbrake the results looked like ass.
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    Miss a Payment? Good Luck Moving That Car

    I loan you money, especially without a downpayment, you betcher ass I'll want a kill switch. And comprehensive insurance.
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    Miss a Payment? Good Luck Moving That Car

    Except you didn't *buy* the car. You took out a loan.
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    New York Prosecutor Wants Harsher Texting While Driving Penalties

    This^^^ QFT. And for the 1% of the people who commute to work on mass transit, perhaps a cell node/wifi on the vehicle? If not, then do WTF we did before 2000- READ A F*CKING BOOK. For f*cks sake; use your head for more than a way to keep your ears separate; your "right" to text/talk too...
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    Gamer Gets Swatted On Live Stream

    While you're playing the simple minded card, don't forget the part about "Dear Saudi Princes, we'll ignore your role in allowing Wahhabism free reign in your country to foster and encourage the creation of a jihadist mindset in order to allow a safety valve for your extremist subjects, and...
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    DOT Proposes Mandating Cars Broadcast Location, Direction and Speed

    STFU all you whiney bitches and install a Faraday cage. Jesus christ grow a f'g clue.
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    Kingston SSDNow V310 SSD

    And the pricing sucks. I agree with one of the commenters, it's a good buy if it were $395, but the MSRP of $928 then down to $599? Bah.
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    Hyperloop Makes the Bullet Train Look Like a Steam Locomotive

    File the story under "Everything Old Is New Again". A similar concept was presented in 1953 with R.A. Heinlein's "Starman Jones":
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    70% of Internet of Things Devices Vulnerable to Hacking

    Ah hah! That's just what they want you to think! I have a an array of 10,000 hue light bulbs running at the dance club that fold at home during the day. :D
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    Hyperloop Makes the Bullet Train Look Like a Steam Locomotive

    And the elephant in the room Pylons are vulnerable to terror attacks. Perhaps if the ROW was fully enclosed by high security fencing with ground sensors and monitoring and how much would all that add to the cost. All it would take to shut this down forever would be one...
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    Can India Save Facebook?

    No. The real question is "Can anything save India?"
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    Mental Illness As The Villian In Games Needs To Stop

    But wait, we have to respect the diversity of nutjobs, whackos and fruitcakes! We can't lock them up or stigmitize them because they didn't choose this condition! (Unless the huffed, shot up, or drank/drink heavily- and then it's just as a reaction from not having enough hugs!) In the new...
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    NSA Employees Intercept, Share Private Nude Photos

    Why assume it's his fault or choice to "now pump up his cause"? Are you so naive as to believe that the media is merely a disinterested conduit of truth, justice and the American Way? For all you or I know, he's had everything out on the table from the beginning and the media report only...
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    Windows 7 Support Ends January 2015

    When I was your age we didn't HAVE operating systems to whinge about, we had slide rules! And later on (much later) we had the HP-21 calculator! AND NOTHING NEW HAS BEEN NEEDED SINCE THEN! It's all pretty this and pretty that and oh yeah, it's so easy an idiot can do it and yes that's true as...
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    What Planet Does Larry Page Live On?

    Slaves were no longer working the fields and were replaced by mechanisms that required no pay, but, at roughly the same time, there was job creation in factories to absorb some of the new workers. (And by the way, there was NO MINIMUM WAGE IN 1865) And there was little work in the...
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    What Planet Does Larry Page Live On?

    We have a 3 person (and one dog) household with an income (unadjusted) of about 110K/yr. The house is paid off, the 3 cars are paid off and this was on a single income that was 'only' 36K 20 yrs ago. So yes, $200K *should* keep a family of four in at least a house, car and food...but it...
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    DARPA Strikes Again

    Why just recently, but you won't hear about it in the mainstream media: So yes, secure the border with Mexico.
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    DARPA Strikes Again

    Dead on...but that would be the EPA's mandate to turn food into fuel. Thanks EPA & Congress.
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    Devils Canyon i7-4790K $279.99 Microcenter pre-order

    Now if only someone would benchmark it OC'd against a 2600K OC'd using the same damn benchmarks so we could have a meaningful comparison to use for decision making, life would better. My 2600K is rock solid at a relatively modest 4.3 GHz (a little wobbly at 4.5) what would be the real...
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    TotalBiscuit Takes On The Watch Dogs PC Controversy

    A smoking gun here:
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    Intel Core i7-4790K Devil's Canyon Review

    Hmmm. I'm running a i5-2500K at 4.3 GHz on about a 20-25% improvement UNLESS the app is heavily threaded, where the i7 would show a bigger improvement. Meh for now. Rather spend the money on a 1TB SSD.