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  1. C - a "digg" site for Photoshop Tutorials

    Hello everyone! I just launched a new site called PSDVote ( Have you ever submitted a Photoshop tutorial to a popular voting site like or, only to find that your chances of actually getting that tutorial seen have been buried by vast amounts of...
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    2$ ringtones for iPhone

    You guys don't understand. You get the FULL LENGTH SONG + a 30 sec CLIP (you choose which 30 seconds) for your ringtone. Other companies make you pay over 2 bucks for a crap/POS 15 second clip thats non-customizable. Get over it. It's wayyy cheaper for those who don't want to mod their...
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    Advice for High Qual. Audio Recording on Mac Book

    Look for a USB preamp from M-Audio. All of their pre-amps should come with phantom power should she need it and their products are relatively cheap while offering good quality. Don't try to hook it into the 3.5mm jack through adapters, you just lose quality that way. The preamps are designed...
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    Hard Drive for iBook?

    hmm, not too sure, id have to wait untill i got home..i know it was purchased just over a year and a half ago and it wasnt too long untill the macbook came out. Does it matter?
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    MacBook ordered

    so how is his upgrade to 2gb possible with just 1 module ordered?
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    Hard Drive for iBook?

    Hello all, The hard drive on my sisters 12" iBook G4 went dead. Can anyone reccomend something for under 80$? I really dont know what to look for..please help.
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    MacBook ordered

    on the macbook upgrade options, the option for 1gb is 2x512. Is there another slot to add another 1gb chip? I want to make sure coz I'll be buying a macbook by the end of this month.
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    FS: AMD White Water Block, '86 Chevette Heater Core

    Hello all, bought these items not too long ago in hopes that I'd make some sort of godly mod machine, ended up hardly using these. Nothing is wrong with them and they are both in mint shape. AMD PolyTopped White Water block...$35 shipped '86 Chevette Heater Core with added 1/2"...
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    Via kt266a to Nforce2 A7NX8 Deluxe

    dude, back everything up and start with a fresh formatted drive. That way you dont have all the unneeded gunk in your system.
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    NF7-S with a 2500+ work?

    sure you didnt over bend any resistors? Anything chipped? Another possibility is the thermal sensor under the cpu core. Usually if its compressed low enough that it doesnt touch the proc when it is installed, your comp wont boot, so try stretching it out a lil (be gentle though!) Bad ram...
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    Catacombs Boss - sunlight gone!

    gotta enter code: Down, R, Up, L, Y, B at the Capcom Logo start-up screen.
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    Where to buy gaming PC online

    me! send me money via paypal, and ill build you a kick ass value gaming computer.
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    WOW Beta

    FFXI is very redundant as with a lot of other mmorpg's. I played in some of the WoW sandboxes and it didnt impress me much either (though, running around in empty worlds doesnt impress anyone) but the graphics were okay and character creation was alright, but not nearly as fun as that of city...
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    mobile OC temps

    XP-M 2600+ @ 2.5ghz Case: 24C Idle: 34C Load: 45-47C Cooler: Zalman CPNS7000A-CU on full setting.
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    2600+ mobile at 2.6ghz

    I got the one with good stepping from I have mine running stable at 2.5ghz, 1.65vcore, with just a Zalman CNPS7000A-CU. Its a great cooler and barely audible at highest rpm setting. Lookin at MBM5, ATM my case temp is at 22C and cpu idle temp is at 34C. That temp rises fast...
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    Dtek White Water watercooling

    id like dibs on the criticool relay if u part out
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    Eheim Replacement Parts?

    WoW, Mr. Cathar himself. How ya doing? Still selling those nice SS Cascades i presume? Anyways, I'll look around in the yellow pages tommorow for any aquariums nearby, but if anyone can point me to a site online, that would be great as well.
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    Eheim Replacement Parts?

    Anyone know of a good place (or any place for that matter) that sells Eheim 1250 replacement parts? Im a bit weary of calling Eheim as they are european based (right?) Basically, I need every part for the front side that covers the impeller. EDIT*: I found a place, but it was stationed in...
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    FS/FT: WATERCOOLING (WW, Chevette, Modded Eheim)

    all pics sent. El Nacho, i sent you measurements.
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    FS: Maxtor 7200rpm 80gb, IBM 7200rpm 60gb

    Hello all, selling these hard drives as I have no use for them anymore. Maxtor 7200rpm, 80gb SOLD Bought this in February. Has worked like a charm for me so far. IBM 7200rpm, 60gb Bought this drive 2 years ago. I think its the Deskstar, but regardless of that, I think im a lucky one...
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    FS/FT: WATERCOOLING (WW, Chevette, Modded Eheim)

    bump...make me some offers!
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    WTB: WaterCooling Stuff

    i have a modded eheim 1250 for ya. I broke the impeller housing but jb welded it back together and stuck it to a reservoir. So now its a eheim hybrid hehe. The impeller housing res comes off leaving you with just the pump without the housing, so if you want, you can search the net for a...
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    FS/FT: WATERCOOLING (WW, Chevette, Modded Eheim)

    Hello all, the dealer from my last post got off the deal (on good terms). So im reposting my watercooling setup. =================== Dtek White Water Block I bought this WW roun mid december, only used it really for about three months. Its polytopped with 1/2" od barbs. I lapped it a lil...
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    FS: M-audio revolution , Lian Li PC70 , Gigabyte K8N Pro

    i have a dtek white water, chevette heater core with shroud and 120 fan, and modded eheim that i will trade in all for your Lian Li.
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    Help with AXP-M 2600+

    okay, i installed my 2600+ mobile into my NF7-S 2.0 but the board doesnt recognize it. It says unknown cpu. Any way to make it so it recognizes the processor? Will the performance be hindered in any way if the processor isnt recognized? Also, what are the stock FSB/mult on the 2600+ mobile...