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    Just seen WarZ back on Steam...

    This game is still alive?
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    Eyefinity/Surround Questions

    I have been running a 5850 for a few years in eyefenity with 3, 19 inch lcd's. the 19's are 1280 x 1024 and work fine for most games a year or so old. "Now days that system is for world of tanks and war z i haven't tested it on newer games" Depending on the res your going to push and what...
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    6950/6970 dirt 3 card

    LOL your right i haven't read the rules because i never sell stuff.:confused: I have no idea what the 6950 is worth so lets say $200 or dest offer . and for the 5850 $100 or best offer. and if you want to trade I'm looking for a AK47 or SKS "this is the south we live and breath guns"...
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    6950/6970 dirt 3 card

    I'm looking for some one in Charleston SC area that is wanting a 6950 dirt 3 edition unlocked card or 5850 both OC nicely with no problems. make a offer $ The reason i want local is so they can see the card and test it them self to see they work with no problems. I'm getting the upgrade...
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    The War Z - Zombie Survival MMO

    The game is broken. Hackers have taken over and it don't look like the developer can do a thing to stop it. the hackers are so blatant they even have live streaming while they hack and don't get caught. this is just one of them you...
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    I have been thinking of the 7950 for a while now as a upgrade my 6950. :)
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    Heavy Gamer budget graphics card

    Your in need of a card right now sense yours is dead so get what you can afford and live with it till you can build a new sys. Why spend more than you can afford right now just get your game system going again so it can play the games you playing at this time.
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    12.8 driver concern (They are terrible)

    12.8 has worked fine for me. Not every one has problems.
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    Newegg - Kingston SSDNow V200 128GB $75

    The Egg had the Kingston HyperX 3K 120G for $89 yesterday. The price went back up today to $122:( Hell i paid that for my old M4 64 gig.
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    Who is still using intel Core 2 duo processors for gaming?

    My old Q6600 is still chugging along just fine.:) When i built a I5 system i did notice it was faster but it was not a night and day difference at stock speeds. "overclocked is a different story" The Q6600 system will be around for a few more years its a good back up system when friends...
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    unable to get 640x480 to work

    Try running the game in a window.
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    Grey Screen Crash?.....

    This may sound stupid to you guys but it works for me. I keep a old hard drive on hand that has windows and basic drivers that came with the hardware installed. "don't update anything keep it stock" when i run in to strange problems i cant figure out i swap hard drives, if the problem...
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    Check Your Backlog! Steam Analysis

    Games Owned: 124 Games Played: 83 Games Never Played: 41 Percentage Played: 66.94% Total Hours: 1604.10
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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass Giveaway thread

    Sent them. :) I rechecked my typing 5 times so they are right.
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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass Giveaway thread

    no you get all 3.
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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass Giveaway thread

    I just looked in the box and i have 3 guest pass to give away. First person to send me a pm can have all 3 to do what they want with.
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    GTX 580(s) making me insane

    Disable the built in video in bios before you try to boot to windows.
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    7970 Eyefinity blank screen during POST

    Well i did test the 6950 with 3 monitors but i never did notice if the boot screen showed up on all 3, i was not paying attention i just wanted to see if the extra Vram helped in games.
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    6950 vs. 560 ti and 1gb vs 2gb?

    Good advice. I just got rid of a 22 inch LCD i didn't like and kept my old 1280x1024 19's for eyefinity. I also use a 1920x1200 24 inch LCD for my main game sys and tend to prefer it over the 3 19's for some games.
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    Upgrade from 5850...when to bite

    I have both the 5850 overclocked and a 6950 unlocked and slightly overclocked. I tested both at stock settings and noticed smother game play with the 6950 mostly due to the res i was running at the time 3840x1024 the extra V ram helped a lot. In newer games the 6950 made it possible to run...
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    EVGA 8800 GTX 768 MB

    I still have a old 8800 gt not the gtx and the damn thing will not die. It was overclocked from day one and abused for 6 years till it finaly found a home in a media pc. I have to admit it was the best video card i every owned :) I still use it every now and then when i want to play a...
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    What do I *need* Catalyst Control Center for?

    I am useing 12% and then max the sliders to the right "mine max at 840/1325" Fan speed i left alone. 10% gave me problems every now and then when gaming for more than 3 hrs at a time i had random crash to desk top. :(
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    7970 Eyefinity blank screen during POST

    Same thing happens to my back up sys with 3 monitor on a old 5850. Its no big deal to see the boot screen on all 3 monitors when i only run one when booting up and then enable the other 2 when i need them. I never set up 3 monitors on my 6950 so not sure if it happens on that card also.
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    What happens when you go too long between swapping out your tubing (pics + questions)

    I would be really concerned with whats in the radiator.:eek:
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    Upgrading Radeon 4870 during Black Friday - what to get? (esp for BF3)

    Sorry to be resurrecting a dead thread but i just had to say nice power supply.
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    What is the best 6950 2GB to buy? [list inside]

    Sapphire 6950 2GB Dirt3 Edition I upgraded from a 5850 and it was a noticeable difference in games at 1920 x1200. The 5850 is still going Strong in my back up sys running 3 19 inch monitors. Unlocking the 6950's shaders was easy just flip the switch no need to flash the card. It don't...
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    Small confusion about RAM speeds.

    In bios just set it to XMP "Extreme Memory Profiles". you may gain a little overall speed. Some people say its not worth it but i look at it this way every little bit helps and when you OC the CPU and GPU along with faster memory it all adds up to a faster system overall.:D
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    my monitor wont display video...

    If you have a laptop plug the monitor in to it and test it. To me it sounds like the monitor. I had a monitor do the same thing a few years ago. It would go on and off randomly for a few days then it would not turn on at all after that but you can hear windows booting up. Go get a...
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    6950 still unlock to 6970?

    I used GPUz
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    Need a video card to match my new system

    I don't think any of the 7xxxx series cards will come out any time in the next year or more in the $200 price range. I would go with a 6950 2 gig card the extra memory would help if you one day use a higher res monitor.
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    gtx 560 or 6950 for 2560x1600 gaming to tie me over till next gen..

    I have not noticed any flickering in my past 2 ATI cards 5850, 6950.
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    6950 still unlock to 6970?

    Sapphire 6950 Dirt 3 from last month unlocked with a flip of the switch. As for Overclocking it i just used the ATI overclock and slide them all the way to the right. I think it is 840/1325. I sure it will clock a lot better but i just have not had time to tweak it.
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    Upgrading Radeon 4870 during Black Friday - what to get? (esp for BF3)

    Yes 650 wat will handle one video card and CPU just fine but a year or two form now when he gets the itch to upgrade again ? He seams to hold on to his hardware for a few years and he went cheap on a power supply last time, now he has to get a new one just to be able to use a half decent...
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    Upgrading Radeon 4870 during Black Friday - what to get? (esp for BF3)

    If it was my system i would not upgrade it. Your power supply is only 450 wats and may not be enough for a newer video card worth a damn. :( I personally would pick up a new power supply first, something like a 750 to 800 wats then think about a video card. If you over clocked the 6600 to...
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    DOA Sapphire 6950 2GB?

    Did you try the old gut the sys and test one thing at a time? Its easy to forget after so many years of building systems to go back to the basics. You can try gutting your system and then install the new card. You need to disconnect everything but what is needed to power up the...
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Because i want to try something different from what I'm using.
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    6950 Owners: Was Your Unlock Successful?

    Sapphire 6950 dirt 3 flipped the switch and unlocked. I have not overclocked it yet. i was just curious if it would unlock so hit the switch and booted up to 1536 shades. :D
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    Sapphire HD 6970 2 GB power failure

    Sounds like you knocked a few things lose when you installed the new card. You might want to check every connection and redo the CPU heat sink.
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    Corsair H50 any good?

    One reason i would go with the H50 is lower temperature inside the case and cooler air to the video cards by removing the hot air the aircooler dumps in the case. That alone makes it worth it. preformace wise its about the same.
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    Worth it to Crossfire 5850's

    Thanks for the heads up on the new cards release dates. Time to shop for a 6970.