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    Best exchange to buy on?

    If you're spending USD, I like coin base/pro for the free and instant ACH transfers. Fees on Coinbase pro are reasonable, but you can definitely get better elsewhere. Coinbase also has a reputation for poor customer service and people getting locked out of their accounts, though I suspect many...
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    Investing in mining equipment in 2021

    Honestly, in the 2011-2012 time period I received sage like advice on this forum which I did not follow - but should have (of course, you only have perfect information in hindsight). If you think ETH is going to explode, just spend the 20k on ETH. Or some mix of BTC/ETH.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Down today, up tomorrow. Wouldn't put too much stock in the price of ETH on any individual day. And it's not like there was a lack of demand for cards at 1200 USD/ETH a month ago anyway.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Never actually got one of these into my cart... got to select a store and then add to cart several times, but no dice on getting an actual unit my cart... (EDIT on 3080 FE and then 3090 FE, specifically...)
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    For the 96% who failed to get a 3080

    I made a half-hearted attempt to grab one launch morning, didn't get it of course. At this point I'm just going to wait until November, I figure it's going to take (at least) that long for the supply situation to get sorted out, so I might as well sit back, see what AMD has in store, and try to...
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    Linux Kernel's New Code of Conduct Results in F-Word Being Replaced with "Hugs"

    This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps! Seriously though, people should spent more time worrying about the quality of the code they are submitting and less worrying about the specific wording used in other peoples' comments.
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    Dotcom To Seek A Review Of Court's Forfeiture Ruling

    Well, we have to balance the trade deficit somehow. Your mother might as well have named you Strawman.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Picked up Rocket League this weekend - pretty damn fun.
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    Valve's Steam Controller Reviewed

    There is no point in trying to convince somebody like Dekoth-E to try the steam controller; they show an insurmountable level of closed-mindedness that guarantees they will hate the controller no matter what. The steam controller is a bit different from what we're used to, and if you come to it...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I wonder how long it will take to get that into the backer builds? I don't imagine it will be arriving with 2.1, will it? It would be awesome if they were to add some planetary landing locations to the PU. That looked really good though. I know Chris had said that the procedural generation...
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    More Than Half Of Americans Now Watch Netflix

    I think there are plenty of good movies on Netflix as long as you don't expect the latest blockbusters. I have a long list of movies I missed in the theaters or when they were new releases at the rental place, and I've found some excellent gems in the foreign section as well. But forget all...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Don't you have a bowl of Cheerios to go piss in? :rolleyes:
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    Netflix Raises Price Of Most Popular Plan By $1 Per Month

    I think maybe 15 dollars a month is my max, and that's heavily dependent on them keeping up with the quality original content. Some of it has been better than others, but I thought Daredevil in particular was amazing. That price point is similar to HBO. The nice thing about Netflix is no...
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    UBISOFT shutting down game servers for some older titles.

    It seems like all of these servers could be run of a single machine in VMs. The cost of running this would be next to nothing have effectively zero impact on newer games, especially for a company the size of Ubisoft. But I guess there will always be somebody to swallow the shit sandwich these...
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    GUIDE: Install Windows Vista, 7 and 8 from a flash drive!

    Anyone know who to get a clean windows 7 ISO to use with the USB media creation tool? I need to do a fresh install on a co-workers (personal) laptop, but the digital river links no longer work and Microsoft's ISO download page requires a windows key - but won't accept OEM or upgrade keys. What...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I'm not sure how VR will work out with Star Citizen. I'm interested, but a little skeptical. I think it will be awesome for piloting a ship, buy maybe a litlte akward when getting out of the cockpit and moving around. But maybe not. If it just doesn't work out, then I have already built a DIY...
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    New Unreal Tournament? From nowhere... and free

    I'm sure the catch is there will be paid community content that Epic will take a cut of. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I'll have to hold my judgement until we see how it plays out.
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    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

    I'll have to take a look at this someday. I still haven't finished the first - I really wanted to like it, but had a difficult time getting into the story due to the cheesy dialog, and also the animation style used in the cut scenes. I'll have to give it another shot. The parkour gameplay...
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    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

    Are you sure you want to add Mak54291 to your ignore list? (Y/N) Yes.
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    Sony Playstation Eye - free+$4.99 shipping

    You can, and it works great. I made a 3 point LED tracker that is clipped to my headphones, and it works great even with out removing the IR filter or any other modifications.
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    Introducing The LeanChair!

    Seems like a lazy attempt to cash in on concerns over the health issues for people who sit all day. I'd much rather have an adjustable height desk so I can change from sitting to standing through out the day rather than some idiotic "leaning chair" that has me stuck in the same position all day...
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    Need for Speed 2015 Reboot Trailer Revealed

    It's like they found the douchebag dial and cranked it up to 11.
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    Details of Free Windows 10 Update Become a Little Clearer

    Just because they don't invalidate the old key doesn't mean you can use it for additional upgrades. It seems the easiest way to handle it would be for Microsoft to produce a tool that generates Window 10 keys for the upgrades. That tool maintains a database of keys used to upgrade to Windows...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    The new animations for the FPS module are coming along nicely
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    Newegg: Cyberpower 1500 PFCLCD Pure Sinewave UPS $149.99

    Went ahead and snagged one. No issues with my order going through. I have one of the older 1350VA units with the blue screen, and it's worked well for me. I've had a handful of power outages, including once while I was actually gaming and it held up fine. I have an old HX650 that is probably...
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    EVE: Valkyrie - Remember that EVE VR Demo?

    I can't speak to the other games, but Star Citizen will actually have both.
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    [H] SanDisk 64GB USB 3.0 $25/128GB USB 2.0 $30

    Seems like the same or similar performance and the same price. For my application, the low profile will be appreciated. CrystalDiskMark results from an Amazon review of the 32gb ultra fit drive: - When connected to a computer with USB 3.0 port: Sequential Read = 148.4MB/s, Sequential Write =...
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    [H] SanDisk 64GB USB 3.0 $25/128GB USB 2.0 $30

    Looks like its all the Sandisk drives, and Amazon is price matching. I ordered two of the 32 GB USB 3.0 cruiser fits for 15 bucks:
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    “HBO Now” Coming This Spring For $15 Per Month

    How do you figure? The first season of Game of Thrones cost 60 million to produce. The second season was nearly 70 million. 50 cents an episode? Get real. If you want to watch ala carte, here you go: A bunch of cheapskates...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    "Sale" has already started, but you should be aware that "sale" in Star Citizen doesn't mean discounted ships, but rather they are making available ships that aren't/weren't normally available. So the "limited" variants of ships that aren't normally available, and in this case they also put out...
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    Elite: Dangerous

    Seems more the later. The shields went down awfully quick for a capital class ship, and it didn't seem like the internal components were particularly well protected either. Looked like gimbals according to the icons on his HUD.
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    LG Announces World’s First 21:9 Freesync Monitor

    Yes and most. For games that don't support the 21:9 aspect ratio, it would be equivalent to a 27" 1440p display. I went from a 2x 24" 1080p set up to a single 34" 21:9 (3440x1440) and wouldn't go back. It depends on the game, but for especially games with a first person perspective you get a...
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    Apple Sued For iOS 8's Use Of Storage

    I think the difference is that you control what is put on a hard disk. You don't have to put an OS on there at all if it's used to storage. With phones and other consumer electronics, you have to have the OS installed and you have little to no control over what gets installed with it. You can...
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    Logitech G27 racing wheel $191.99 @ Amazon

    It's back down to 199.99 for those who are interested.
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Poseidon GTX 980

    Why? I may be misunderstanding how this works, but it seems like you're getting a GPU block + additional rad space with this set up.
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    What GAME series do you wish they bring back?

    The you are in luck, there are two "parts" to Star Citizen... there is the online multiplayer game with a persistent universe AKA Star Citizen, and then the single player campaign Squadron 42.
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    No FOV Control In Far Cry 4 = You Pirated The Game

    This is why I hate stunts like this. On the one hand it is pretty funny that they fuck with pirates. but on the other I fear getting stuck in the crossfire and having to deal with this bullshit on a purchased game. It wouldn't be the first time DRM has backfired and caused grief for an actual...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I actually like all the concepts and hope they all get made sooner or later (hopefully sooner, I'd really like to see more going on with the smaller single seat ships in general). I voted for the Dragonfly personally... the bit about it being a highly tunable/modifiable for the...
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    [H]OT !!! Humble Jumbo Bundle 3, Insurgency and others for $1 or more for extra games

    Not helpful. Of course it's easy to share the codes, that's not my complaint. I usually share my extra codes for games I already have or get extra copies of with my friends anyway, or give them away for free. I just very much dislike that I'm forced to share the extra codes in order to...
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    [H]OT !!! Humble Jumbo Bundle 3, Insurgency and others for $1 or more for extra games

    Don't care for the stupid "refer a friend" thing they have going on to unlock one of the games.