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  1. Daroller

    Tesla Announces $45,000 Model 3 with 260 Mile Range

    I'll stick with my 2017 Focus RS, thanks. I paid $50k CAD for it, and it feels like I got my money's worth and more. The thing I immediately noticed in my boss' P100D - the materials quality is bargain basement. That car wasn't worth the $175k CAD she paid for it. The interior of the car...
  2. Daroller

    CaseLabs Announces It Has Been “Forced into Bankruptcy and Liquidation”

    LOL @ people complaining about hardware costs on [H]. Where did all these budget minded 'tards come from? I didn't think they were the target demographic of [H]ardOCP. GTFO of here with that shit. I thought my next case would be a CaseLabs product when I "outgrew" my Core X9. It's a crying...
  3. Daroller

    BioWare Employee Celebrates and Mocks TotalBiscuit’s Death

    Who fucking cares? Totalbiscuit was a douche, and this guy is a douche. He is happy Bain died, and he's allowed to be. He's allowed to throw a "HOORAY THAT TOTALBISCUIT DOUCHE IS DEAD!" party because his opinion is valid, his feelings are valid, and fuck everyone who is trying to silence him...
  4. Daroller

    Ford is Cutting Car Production Back to Just Mustang and Focus Active Models

    I've driven the new mustangs, and I can't understand why they're popular. They're heavy, huge, and squishy everywhere. They're a middle of the road grand touring car, not a performance car. I agree you get a lot of car for the money, though.
  5. Daroller

    Ford is Cutting Car Production Back to Just Mustang and Focus Active Models

    That's sad. I have a 2017 Focus RS and it's an incredible machine (head gasket issue notwithstanding). I've never smiled so much driving a car before in my life.
  6. Daroller

    Dell and HP Resist the NVIDIA GPP Leash - So Far

    First, I'm a straight up NV fanboy. I have nothing against AMD, but I've used NV products since riva tnt days. What NVidia is doing with the GPP is unconscionable. If they don't pull a 180 on this program my next GPU will be AMD.
  7. Daroller

    Sensor Tracks Who Is Driving in Your Neighborhood

    So contact your local law enforcement and ask them to set up a speed trap in the school zone. I've done that very thing here many times, and it works. Speeding through my neighborhood has dropped dramatically since they started setting up the traps. Invading the privacy of everyone is not how...
  8. Daroller

    Sensor Tracks Who Is Driving in Your Neighborhood

    Sure, but you CAN'T set up that logging across an entire city yourself. You won't be able to track which neighborhoods a car is entering or leaving, and cross reference that against another person's database. At least here in Canada you would QUICKLY run afoul of privacy laws (the way it...
  9. Daroller

    Sensor Tracks Who Is Driving in Your Neighborhood

    Oh hell no. This is a private company spying on and logging private citizens' movements. How can this even be legal? If this shit ever comes North of the border you can bet your ass I'm writing some representatives.
  10. Daroller

    Researchers Design 3-D Printed Ovaries that Produce Healthy Offspring

    That is incredible. Yay science!
  11. Daroller

    First AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Benchmarks Are Here

    Ten more days! Just 10 more days! I really hope they pull this off so I can recommend their products again.
  12. Daroller

    Kim Dotcom’s Extradition Appeal Concludes

    Or maybe he knows the whole damned process is bought and paid for, and he doesn't want any fucking part of it. No, it couldn't be that... clearly the US court system is 100% fair. It never tries to make an example of someone. It definitely never does that when there are clear corporate...
  13. Daroller

    Facebook Tells Judge It Takes Terroristic Threats Seriously

    It seems like this judge has a pretty fucking high opinion of himself. I'm not sure someone so clearly ego driven should be presiding over anything.
  14. Daroller

    Apple Defends Decision To Remove 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Cites “Courage”

    I spoke to our office manager; only 3 out of 80 people are taking the "upgrade" to the iPhone 7 in our office. Almost every person that said "no" did so because there is no headphone port. It may be a small sample, but our company has been getting the latest/greatest Apple phone for the past 4...
  15. Daroller

    Apple iPhone 7 Event Livestream

    God damn... with that kind of logic none of you should pay your taxes either.
  16. Daroller

    Silicon Valley's Bloody Plant Burger Smells, Tastes And Sizzles Like Meat

    My God, being vegan or vegetarian must be exhausting... you can't seem to eat anything without a backstory or moral anecdote to accompany it. I like to just sit down and eat without analyzing the supply chain of my meal. Meat and potatoes for me!
  17. Daroller

    GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 FE Overclocking Review @ [H]

    All true. I still love these cards. I'm sure I'll love whatever the Pascal version of them is just as much. :D
  18. Daroller

    GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition Overclocking Review @ [H]

    Of course it's not a surprise. It would be nice to see the numbers, though. Preferably without buying the cards and performing the comparison myself.
  19. Daroller

    GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition Overclocking Review @ [H]

    If you push a TITAN X (or 980ti) balls to the wall, is a 1070 still considerably faster? I bet it's not, or by a lot less than you'd expect. The rumblings on teh interweebs seem to indicate big Maxwell closes the gap considerably at high clock speeds. Any chance we'll see an article that...
  20. Daroller

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition Preview @ [H]

    Asking for 1080p reviews of high end cards is asinine, though. This is HardOCP, not MundaneOCP. Besides, if you're really that serious about "smooth gaming" you'd have bought an adaptive sync display and the card to support it. Staying at 1080p "for the frame rate" is just stupid.
  21. Daroller

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition Preview @ [H]

    Cool beans! Still waiting on big Pascal, though.
  22. Daroller

    Original Doom Level Remade In New Doom

    Epic fail if they were trying to recreate the map; zero similarities. Maybe it's the colour palette.
  23. Daroller

    Anyone Getting Their DOOM On?

    Not exactly new to OpenGL (been using it since minigl on my voodoo) but you have to admit this is the best example we've seen in a l-o-n-g time. The performance is a bit of a double edged sword. I can't see any reason for [H] to add this to their testing suite.
  24. Daroller

    Anyone Getting Their DOOM On?

    What wizardry is this? 90fps+ @ 3440x1440 on a single TITAN X, I expected this game to be a lot more demanding! I *love* the performance overlay. Well done, id.
  25. Daroller

    Anyone Getting Their DOOM On?

    I picked it up on CDKeys for $46.99 CAD using DOOM666 as my coupon code.
  26. Daroller


    Not likely. It probably won't be any faster than my TITAN X cards in games on a monitor, 3440x1440 resolution. I am skipping VR this generation, so based on the information available right now I have zero reason to buy 1080 SLI. I'll wait for big Pascal at the earliest, and I'll probably skip...
  27. Daroller

    NVIDIA Founders Edition Cards - Yea or Nay? @ [H]

    You must pay if you want to play. If you want the best you need to be spend more. If you want it before everyone else, you'll spend even more than that. It only gets worse if you want quality guarantees. (if you think this "tax" is bad, you should see the premiums Ford dealerships are asking...
  28. Daroller

    Overwatch Butt Pose Replaced With Another Butt Pose

    Is the problem that she's wearing tight pants? If she were wearing baggy pants would anyone have said anything about the original pose? Yoga pants strike again... She's wearing a bodysuit. There's not much they can do to avoid showing her butt.
  29. Daroller

    Feds Unlock iPhone 5C Used By San Bernardino Terrorist

    They aren't inherently more secure; they also aren't in the news. I'm not saying it's logical (I didn't make the decision), but it's the way the market works. The FBI has *already* done major damage to Apple.
  30. Daroller

    Feds Unlock iPhone 5C Used By San Bernardino Terrorist

    Our company is in the process of switching our corporate iPhones to android devices because of this whole brouhaha. Our US offices made the switch to Android devices less than 1 week after this case started. Many of our clients have already done the same. We're a Canadian company, based in...
  31. Daroller

    Problems with stock blower fan on Titan X

    I already voided the warranty by putting the hybrid cooler on, so either way I'll wind up paying to fix it. Given the choice I'd rather do it myself.
  32. Daroller

    Problems with stock blower fan on Titan X

    Sorry for the delay between updates, but it's road trip season. :D Reflashing the card didn't make a difference, unfortunately. I'm waiting for the adapter cables so I can test the fan itself; I'll update when those arrive.
  33. Daroller

    Problems with stock blower fan on Titan X

    I'm hoping someone here can help me troubleshoot a problem I'm having with my system. One of my Titan X blower fans no longer spins up until the card gets good and hot (GPU above 62c). When it does finally spin up it's usually after the card has been under load for 15+ minutes. It spins up...
  34. Daroller

    Is Paying For Antivirus A Waste Of Money?

    This is my story too. My wife and 2 kids have questionable habits with their computer. Norton's product suite has been successfully protecting them from themselves for years, and its monthly reports never fail to show multiple threats being handled by the software. That's worth the money to...
  35. Daroller

    Net Neutrality Is A Year Old Today

    After a whole year I'm surprised there are still any profitable ISPs left. I thought net neutrality was going to kill innovation and drop the USA behind the rest of the world for sure... /s
  36. Daroller

    Overpaying Your Fine Online Is A Bigger Fine

    This prompted me to look into other abuses of power in Austria... and I have officially scratched it off my list of destinations when we go to Europe next year. WTG Austria!
  37. Daroller

    President Signs Bill Making Internet Service Tax Ban Permanent

    From the outside looking in both of your major parties are super right wing. Your leftmost party would be ultra right conservatives up here in Canada. I don't understand how Americans are so blinded to this. You don't have any progressive parties. I'm sure there's a word for a group of...
  38. Daroller

    HOT FIRE! Acer Predator x34 (GSYNC) - Refurbished - $729.99 SHIPPED

    Congratulations to everyone that actually gets a working X34! I think you'll be very very pleased with it. I know I love mine, and I paid a hell of a lot more than that ($1970.00 with product replacement warranty... damned Canadian dollar). No bleed, no dead pixels, and the IPS glow isn't...
  39. Daroller

    4 Weeks with NVIDIA TITAN X SLI at 4K Resolution @ [H]

    "If you were an early adopter, I would venture to say that you have been happy with your purchase, no matter what all the haters have had to say." Yup. :) It was a really nice upgrade from 980 SLI.
  40. Daroller

    Smartphones Don't Kill Pedestrians, Cars Do

    Yup, you're right. Totally my fault... but you're still a corpse. Maybe you should have taken the headphones out and looked both ways... but that ship has sailed.