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    D-RGB controller for non-RGB motherboard?

    for the fans, that seem to be true. However, the dumb controller that comes with the fans accepts a drgb signal, similar to what many rgb capable motherboards have. I was just trying to find a usb solution that offers that same header. I think I've found it in the coolermaster item I linked...
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    D-RGB controller for non-RGB motherboard?

    The individual fans have their own proprietary interface. It's actually why I chose them, because they're designed to daisy chain. I'm just surprised to find that no one has made a standard DRGB usb adapter. *edit* I don't know how I didn't find this sooner, it looks like it might be just...
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    D-RGB controller for non-RGB motherboard?

    I'm looking for a usb interfacing d-rgb controller so I can manage the addressable RGB's on some Inwin fans by software, on a system that doesn't have native rgb support. They have a fairly standard d-rgb 3 pin interface, so I don't think I need anything brand specific. All the controllers...
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    Real-Time Ray Tracing Support Comes to GeForce GTX GPUs and Game Engines

    Also, nvidia also previously stated that their gtx series cards were capable of doing the same raytraced effects as shader processes, but that it was significantly slower. So this shouldn't be surprising for anyone that's been paying attention. If anything, this is a move to help spread...
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    NVIDIA Ending Driver Support for 3D Vision, Mobile Kepler-Series GeForce GPUs

    Yeah, the batman games and bad company 2 were amazing in 3d vision surround. Truly the end of an era, but most modern displays that could support 3D vision weren't supported, so it was basically dead anyway :( (I would love to see it working on a 35" 1440p ultrawide)
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    Valve Is Removing Steam Video Section; Retiring Non-Gaming Content

    Agreed. I feel like they only dabbled in it instead of making a concentrated effort. Had they provided a digital solution that provided quality equivalent to physical media, and provided access through a variety of platforms, it could have been a hit. But a streaming service with limited...
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    ASUS Maximus XI Apex Motherboard Broken Down

    I don't know about the Apex, but I know the Gene was not distributed in the US, which could be why you're only seeing marketplace and 3rd party vendors with it. Which really upset me; I had plans for a Gene, but not if I can't get one with a warranty.
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    Philips Momentum 43" 4K HDR gaming display

    Has anyone seen any updated testing to see if gsync compatible mode works with this monitor? My google searches haven't turned up anything.
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    AMD Radeon VII 33-Game Benchmark: "It Makes the GTX 2080 Look Pretty Good"

    with the only plausible justification a consumer has for the price being 4k editing, why not market the card as part of their Radeon Pro series. Sell it as a content creator's card that can also game. Hell, they could probably raise the price. Just doesn't make any sense to me.
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    DUAL Layer LCD Display Info Thread (Mono LCD as Backlight)

    Well, it depends on how the display works, and application. For example, if you were doing work that is affected by single pixel accuracy, your image quality could be compromised, assuming the mono lcd layer couldn't be disabled. If you had highly contrasting colors, say a black line on a...
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    DUAL Layer LCD Display Info Thread (Mono LCD as Backlight)

    My knee-jerk reaction to this tech was "well, it obviously still won't be as good as self emitting tech like oled and micro led." But, as I thought about it, Consumer 4k content (streaming, 4k blu-ray, etc) is at best 4:2:2 chroma subsampling, which has an effective resolution of 1080p anyway...
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2080 Ti Performance @ [H]

    Do you plan to re-visit these benchmarks after DLSS support is patched into the game? Jensen made some pretty bold claims at the keynote last night indicating that DLSS could negate the performance penalty of other RTX effects. If the numbers are accurate, it's a shame it hasn't made its way...
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    Slightly Mad Studios Begins Development of a Gaming Console

    ROFL, VR at 60fps? No, nobody wants that. In fact, none of the first gen VR headsets from the 3 big players are that slow, lol. Rift and Vive are native 90hz, and the PSVR is 120hz. Smells like another phantom console to me.
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    Trading 1080ti FE for aftermarket 1080ti with DVI

    The EVGA 1080ti's were reference design cards with DVI ports attached. I found that out the hard way when I realized my reference design water block didn't fit. Fortunately, I was able to modify the block with a dremmel, removing the extra lexan where the DVI port was. The cards are out...
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    Future 38" IPS panel 98% DCI P3 144Hz HDR 600

    Currently, the HDR10 and HDR10+, as well as most other HDR standards, are designed around 10bit color. To my knowledge, only Dolby Vision supports 12 bit color, but most displays capable of Dolby Vision are still using 10bit panels. Additionally, there is currently no support for Dolby Vision...
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    Der8auer Delids 9900k and Investigates TIM

    I have delidded the cpu in both my main computer and my htpc. Scraping off the stim does bother me a little, but I wonder if you could get around that with a soldering iron and some solder wick? If I wasn't saving up for some other toys, I'd be quite tempted to get my hands on one to find out.
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    Der8auer Delids 9900k and Investigates TIM

    That is the way we used to do it, and even ek has a mounting kit for their evo blocks to compensate for a cpu without its hatspreader. The problem is, intel changed to a thinner cpu package starting with the 6000 series. This made the surface of the die sit lower than parts of the socket (I...
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    Der8auer Delids 9900k and Investigates TIM

    With the thicker silicon and die, I wonder if direct-die cooling will rear it's head again. If the delidding and sanding is as straight forward as it looks in the video, I could see practicing on an i3 first before breaking apart the i9.
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    No, GeForce Cards Are Not Suddenly "Playing Nice" with FreeSync Monitors

    Weird, I wonder what's causing the monitor to trigger the freesync light.
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    3 Slot "MATX" motherboard in Ncase M1

    Although leaked images show the board being 3 slots, It is way wider than a standard itx board and will not fit, at least without some serious modding.
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    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    I've really enjoyed my alphacool pump and radiator. I would love to see what their hardline kit has to offer over my random selection of bending tools.
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    FS - Intel Compute Stick

    If you find someone interested in the cpu, I'd be interested in just the board.
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    RTX 2080 TI vs GTX 1080 TI Benchmark

    Did anyone notice their Rainbow 6 Siege numbers from the second video? from 60FPS on a 1080ti to 150fps on the 2080ti. What kind of black magic had to happen to pull that off? Some sort of bottleneck on the 1080ti?
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    Cant get 4k60 over hdmi2.0 on HP Spectre

    Have you looked in the menus on the monitor itself to see if there's a setting for adjusting hdmi port speed? I've seen many higher end dp monitors ship with a lower dp speed at stock, I don't know if that's ever done for HDMI.
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    My experience with hands on 2080ti at PAX West

    In fact, I asked specifically about NVLINK SLI considering the lack of information about it. He said he could not answer specifics, but he did say that it is not just traditional SLI over an NVLINK bridge. I'm hoping this means they're using that extra bandwidth for some form of gpu pooling or...
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    My experience with hands on 2080ti at PAX West

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of a demo of a 2080ti with an early build of Metro Exodus. It was in a locked room, no recording equipment allowed. We were not allowed to look at settings, tab out, or enable any sort of benchmarking. Basically, just play the game, but they did provide one tool...
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Full Specifications Revealed

    Leaked photos of the cards/pcb clearly show an nvlink connector on the cards, so at worst, it's actualy sli, but running over nvlink connectors.
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Full Specifications Revealed

    Well, to my knowledge, there has been no talk about the features of nvlink sli. nvlink on the quadro line of cards allows gpu's to directly access each others vram. This effectively allows the cards to pool their vram, whereas in sli, all cards needed to keep a local copy for their gpu. As...
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Full Specifications Revealed

    anyone found any info on nvlink multi-gpu support? I haven't seen anything mentioned other than for Quadros. *edit* it's not mentioned in the specs, but they are selling nvlink-sli bridges on the same page as the pre-order for $80.
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    Bethesda Blocks Resale of Used Game

    I can understand a publisher taking issue with marketplace sellers listing items as "new" when they may not be in original condition, as they want to protect their brand, and don't want people to get the wrong impression of what their new products are actually like. But this seems like an...
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    Ultrawide gsync hdr monitor?

    Not yet. Hopefully Acer and Asus will have theirs out this fall/winter. They are the Predator X35 and ROG Swift PG35VQ respectively.
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    AMD vs NVIDIA Drivers....FIGHT!

    So, my take away is that they used one synthetic test configuration to determine stability across a variety of hardware from a few different generations with a variety of drivers. Does anyone know if this is the same method of testing that is involved with whql certification? Regardless, this...
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    The OFFICIAL post pics of your SFF thread...

    Seconded, that 3dfx rig is pretty awesome. Do you have a post with details on what's in it? Looks like some pci-e to pci adapter board? Looks pretty sick for some legacy pc gaming.
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    NVIDIA Swamped with Extra Inventory

    I strolled through a Fry's last weekend, and the gpu shelves were pretty much empty with most of the gpu's still marked over msrp. If there's an overstocking issue, it doesn't look like it's hit retail yet.
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    Free i7-8086 Got You Down - Trade it for a Threadripper 1950X

    I would trade, then sell the amd cpu to pay for an 8086k and a motherboard to go with it, lol. If you have a heavily threaded workload or need more than 64GB of ram, Threadripper is a beast. However, I don't meet either of those requirements, so I'd rather have the clock speed.
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    Steam is Learning about this Game

    On steam marketplace itself. They have quite the system set up for it, that even shows a history of trade prices so you can get an idea of what a card might be worth. Complete card sets can make a badge for that game, that levels up your steam xp. also, creating the badge can unlock other...
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    Steam is Learning about this Game

    yup, usually for around $.07-$.15 each.
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    Powering Immersive Gaming Experiences with AMD at E3

    I rofl'd at "but can it run FarCry".
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    BCon is BStupid

    alternatively, if you know someone that does need a foot input device, these have been on the market for years, and don't require you to strap anything to your body:
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    [MILD] Acer Predator Z35P 35" Gsync Ultrawide Curved Monitor - $749.99

    Smaller, 16:9, slower, and freesync. almost entirely different monitor than OP.