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    WTS: Gigabyte Rtx 4080 Gaming OC/ 1TB

    Bump. I mentioned I bought in "Like New" condition at the time so it is open box. Price reflects that and is actually less than what I paid.
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    WTS: Gigabyte Rtx 4080 Gaming OC/ 1TB

    bump price drops
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    WTS: Gigabyte Rtx 4080 Gaming OC/ 1TB

    Up. Open to offers
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    WTS: Gigabyte Rtx 4080 Gaming OC/ 1TB

    Bump with new items
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    Consolidated threads

    Consolidated threads.
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    4TB Crucial P3 Plus PCIe 4.0 is $265

    This or keep the 2tb P5 from Amazon...
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    WTS: Gigabyte Rtx 4080 Gaming OC/ 1TB

    Up for sale are two cards that I am looking to part ways with. Was able to grab a 4090 that I wanted to try out for now. Last price drops on GPUs. 1) Used Gigabyte 4080 Gaming OC. Asking $1100 shipped. --> $1075 shipped --> $1025 shipped Bought from BestBuy in like new condition. Works...
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    WTB 240 AIO compatible with Kraken G12

    Have an x52 (unused). Lmk if iterested.
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    XFX 7900 XTX Merc 310 BNIB for sale. Purchased from NKD but ended up not needing it. Asking 1230 shipped. Payment Paypal FF Heatware: lyang238
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    XFX 7900XTX MERC 310

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    WTB: 4080 or 7900 xtx AIB 3 pin

    Hey all. Looking to make an upgrade to a 4080 or 7900 xtx with 3 pin. Let me know ow what you have. Local to Milwaukee, WI
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    Gigabyte RTX 4080 Gaming OC

    Damn soo close lol.
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    WTB RTX 4090.... worth a try!

    I got a BNIB 4090 FE bought scalped if you want. I'd just want what I paid.
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    FS: Intel i9 12900k and EVGA Z690 Dark KINGPIN

    Damn I almost want to get this but no DDR5 memory :(.
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    WTB: M.2 Storage / ITX Case

    I have a Sliger SM580 white for sale.
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    WTB itx mobo, ram, cpu

    I have an 8700k itx bundle still for sale.
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    WTB: Corsair 900D (or similar Super-Tower)

    I have a phanteks Entho pro Ii along with Phanteks dual psu. This is set up for a dual system.
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    WTB: ITX Motherboard and or CPU/RAM combo

    I have an 8700k, asus z370i itx, 16 gb ddr4 3600 ram if interested
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X

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    FS:PS4 Pro

    PM on 11700k and itx board.
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    Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver Starter Kit $159!! (DEAD, now $299)

    I worked for Milwaukee. This tool is great