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  1. Exeodus

    Lot of 3080 FE

    On the bright side you get free shipping....
  2. Exeodus

    WTB: Older Ryzen to upgrade Bios

    Try contacting AMD. They may still offer a service that they will ship you a previous gen processor to upgrade the BIOS and you the ship it back.
  3. Exeodus

    My 8700k box arrived smashed! Pics of the devastation! Updates

    The cat looks like it may have something to hide, are you sure it didn't just sit on the box? :)
  4. Exeodus

    Favorite flight sim

    P3D would be your best bet, as a lot of your FSX add-ons may work in P3D. Most aircraft will need to be repurchased, but a lot of sceneries will work as.
  5. Exeodus

    FS: Windows 7 Pro Keys -- best prices, volume discounts, Windows 10 Upgrade!!

    Bump for my third purchase request.
  6. Exeodus

    Recommend Me A Game

    Also some games do allow you to create private internet matches which are basically the same as lan matches.
  7. Exeodus

    ASUS - our 5 year warranty is really only 3 years

    This reminds me of the time I sent in a 790FX board that refused to post with any quad core, but would post with a dual core just fine. Got an RMA, and clearly explained what the issue was with the RMA department, and even printed a page with the issue and placed in the box with the mobo. They...
  8. Exeodus

    Can I run a R9 290 with my Fortress-650?

    What else will you be running off of this power supply?
  9. Exeodus

    Pick your Path Far Cry 4, Assasin's Creed Unity or The Crew

    And the closest to the actual retail price without going over is.......
  10. Exeodus

    3440x1440: What to do?

    Do you have FSX? If so can you see if you get the same performance increase? I would be very interested in that.
  11. Exeodus

    Crowdfunded Half Life 3 Campaign To Pressure Valve

    I'm still waiting for Episode 3.
  12. Exeodus

    2 gtx 970's sli wont work?

    I had a similar issue a few years back trying to run 2 GTX460 cards, and it turned out the secondary PCI-E slot on the motherboard was defective. Try to run one card at a time in each slot to rule out the motherboard.
  13. Exeodus

    Damaged Goods, Return/Refund/Chargeback Time Frame

    What happens if USPS denies the claim? Will you still issue a refund or only if the honor the claim?
  14. Exeodus

    Hot Deal from Frys.....

    I know that this isn't electronic, but is from Fry's, and who doesn't like Playdoh?
  15. Exeodus

    Anyone still overclocking on the asus p8p67pro?

    I wouldn't use the auto overclock feature, as it tends to increase the BCLK above 100, which can cause instability. Leave the BCLK at 100 and tune the multiplier to overclock. 4.5 should be no problem.
  16. Exeodus

    Mining Rig - Sell Off

  17. Exeodus

    Update for the $2330 chargebacks from spytech

    IMO small claims court would be a waste of time and money. The other person just won't show up, so you would get a default judgment in your favor. But that doesn't mean the other person will ever pay.
  18. Exeodus

    Free Sims 2 Complete Edition on Origin

  19. Exeodus

    TheDingy stole my money, STAY AWAY!!

    Any time a seller requests a gift payment from me, I tell them only if they ship first. And I always refuse to accept gift payments when I sell items. Not worth the hassle for 3%.
  20. Exeodus

    Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Demo

    Why did you have to separate the MAF from the airbox lid to remove it? Not much of a "simulator".
  21. Exeodus

    What happened to "10 Years Ago Today"?

    I miss this feature and now it has been replaced by a Hover Hound link. Any chance on this feature coming back?
  22. Exeodus

    FS: 92mm CPU coolers and PC games

  23. Exeodus

    More People Have Cell Phones Than Toilets

    Where do you find this crap..............................
  24. Exeodus

    FS 6 7970s & 2 GTX 680s 2GB

    I also reported this days ago, but nothing has happened.
  25. Exeodus

    WTB: cheap mobo for my kid - AM3 and DDR3 support

    Do you need just the board or do you need accessories as well (sata cables, IO shield)?
  26. Exeodus

    AMD 7970 (xfx) x2 crossfire LOW FPS!

    OK, how many FPS is low? 15,25,30?