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  1. Pkirk618

    [DEAD] i7-12700K $299.99 Micro Center In-Store Only

    I've had to go back so many times to have them price match themselves. Started at 399 then 369 then 349 and now this. Everytime they drop the price and consumers cash in on that price, you're changing the day of purchase to that new date. So you now have an additional 15 days return policy if...
  2. Pkirk618

    750W Enough for Intel 12900K?

    a quality 750 will do
  3. Pkirk618

    12600k 12700k already getting big price cuts.

    I've had to drop by MC twice for two price drop matches. 12700 is down to 349.00 -- pretty sweet deal. Of course it's by design as you have to go in to retrieve the refund (and buy more shit one doesn't need) but at least I'm close enough to make such a trip. Just sucks they're not located...
  4. Pkirk618

    How far behind would a TRUE copper be in the current era?

    one heavy cooler if i recall
  5. Pkirk618

    FS: Complete System was G476 PowerSpec (no discrete GPU)

    See this link for spec: No graphic card -- using that in my other rig now. It has integrated graphics so it's complete (arguably). The Cooler Master 240mm AIO is brand new sealed in box. Unopened KB/MOUSE. It's a rock...
  6. Pkirk618

    3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC for $1

    hey this is a good deal. Came here to recommend it but I see it's already out. A buck to play Forza. Two additional months free. No brainer.
  7. Pkirk618

    Update: Microcenter Barebones Bitspower PCs -- Westmont Illinois more in stock @ westmont store in Illinois. Other stores have them too.
  8. Pkirk618

    SW Squadrons is free on Amazon Prime Gaming

    it is still showing up as free to claim. You're not seeing this?
  9. Pkirk618

    SW Squadrons is free on Amazon Prime Gaming
  10. Pkirk618

    3080 tuf repairs

  11. Pkirk618

    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...

    Even Mary paid scalper prices :)
  12. Pkirk618

    Update: Microcenter Barebones Bitspower PCs -- Westmont Illinois

    the 3080ti bundle is still a good deal (still avail in my area), and I'd jump on it if I were still in the market. This kind of "deal" sits right between buying a card outright or a prebuilt -- which is the best you can hope for atm. You get the shaft no matter what though :(
  13. Pkirk618

    Update: Microcenter Barebones Bitspower PCs -- Westmont Illinois

    I notice the 3080 kits are gone, 3080ti kits still available -- and they're the FE type. Really hoping H members got in on this.
  14. Pkirk618

    Update: Microcenter Barebones Bitspower PCs -- Westmont Illinois

    Edited for update: Chicago/Westmont has a few of these barebone kit systems in stock.
  15. Pkirk618

    [H]OT AMD Ryzen 5600X + CRUCIAL Memory RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4-3200 BL2K16G32C16U4BL $439.00

    not used to a video playing when gazing at tech. Scared the shit out of me 😳
  16. Pkirk618

    Lot of 3080 FE

    that's alot of video cards
  17. Pkirk618

    Cooler Master's MasterLiquid ML240L RGB cooler

    I don't need it but I tried it -- code didn't work today. Must be dead?
  18. Pkirk618

    RTX 3080 watercooled gaming pc (ROG STRIX G35CZ) in stock at $2,799.99

    you're primed atm aren't ya? :)
  19. Pkirk618

    RTX 3080 watercooled gaming pc (ROG STRIX G35CZ) in stock at $2,799.99

    free computer when u buy 3080?
  20. Pkirk618

    Microsft Edge is wasting my electricity

    opera has a gaming browser that u can limit cpu resources....has some nifty features.
  21. Pkirk618

    WTB Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or Radeon RX 5000 series video card - FOUND ONE! not your budget but the best deal for the money. Sometimes lower by $100.00. It has high refresh rate...
  22. Pkirk618

    SOLD: EVGA 3090 FTW Ultra BNIB

    I wished I lived in Boston. I wish I had your 3080 to trade for your 3090. Sadly, I'm just existing. :( it is :)
  23. Pkirk618

    [FS] 10900KF

    did u upgrade? That's still a pretty fast chip.
  24. Pkirk618

    FS: BNIB AMD Ryzen 5800X

    I cried a little witnessing the humanity here...
  25. Pkirk618

    EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW 3 ULTRA

    I sold a radeon 7 for similar value and paid 85 bucks in fees.
  26. Pkirk618

    scent gaming

    agreed. The tech is still in its infancy but it seems reasonable that eventually, it will be native in the gaming space.
  27. Pkirk618

    scent gaming

    is this to say probably not? That device didn't do anything for olfactory senses that's why I ask.
  28. Pkirk618

    scent gaming

    I'm kind of embarrassed in reading my thoughts from the past but oh well.... Anyway, I've seen some hit or miss threads over the years and today I spotted an LTT video on the subject. Do you think this will finally gain traction? ...also I think I was high on vics at the time.
  29. Pkirk618

    benchmark and priority

    r20 mostly. Couple of hundred points if I recall. This, and I thought something was wrong with my system so that prompted me to ask the question. Since then, I just disable some programs running the background and I'm content with my scores. Also I think CPU-Zs benchmark better if nothing is...
  30. Pkirk618

    10900k vs 10900kf

    update: they checked other systems and they too had the same processor as mine despite labels all over the place designating the other variant. I don't really care like I said, just don't give me any crap if it's different than spec'd if I ever need service.
  31. Pkirk618

    benchmark and priority

    backgrounds absolutely reduce the score -- this I can confirm. However, I can't help but think those who take these benchmarks real serious don't eliminate choke points big or small. When I bench in with anything higher than normal priority my scores just a quite a bit, especially with the...
  32. Pkirk618

    benchmark and priority

    lol, it's kinda funny
  33. Pkirk618

    10900k vs 10900kf

    I agree. I called Microcenter though because I was afraid this would somehow mess with my warranty. One scenario I played out was them saying because I switched cpus I voided something -- or along those lines.
  34. Pkirk618

    10900k vs 10900kf

    I removed the cooler and it is a 10900k and not the kf variant? Which one is better anyway? I mean, is there a disadvantage to having a IGP?
  35. Pkirk618

    10900k vs 10900kf

    No serial numbers on the box. Just marketed as a 10900kf. I know this sounds trivial.
  36. Pkirk618

    10900k vs 10900kf

    regarding warranty services if I ever needed it, do you think this is a problem? I mean it says it's a 10900k but my paperwork says otherwise.
  37. Pkirk618

    10900k vs 10900kf

    Hey guys. I purchased a PC (prebuilt) at Microcenter. It reads on the box 10900kf but CPUZ reads 10900k. I know they're similar but is this something I should bring to their attention? My receipt and warranty say KF so I'm trying to foresee problems ahead of time. Suiggestions?
  38. Pkirk618

    Question regarding UPS reading

    Thank you....I changed the sensitivity to high on that recommendation. It's an older UPS but seems to be working otherwise. Just figured out how to keep it displaying all the time after 8 years of ownership. I have changed the battery once :)
  39. Pkirk618

    Question regarding UPS reading

    Thanks for the response. It fluctuates between 123-125v at the UPS. Other outlets about 1v lower @ 122-123. You're saying this reading is within norm? I am an absolute moron when it comes to this stuff :(