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    HyQ2Max: The Robot You Can't Keep Down

    Fuck this is painful to listen to. Reporter voice 100% on left channel, robot 100% on right channel.
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    Picked up a Macbook Air

    Install BetterTouchTool and it makes trackpad even better... better to start off with couple extra gestures and add stuff as needed. Just like in Chome having tap 3 fingers to open new tab, or put 3 fingers on pad and tap pinky to close tab makes web browsing so much nicer.
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    Humans Are Slamming Into Driverless Cars and Exposing A Key Flaw

    I dunno maybe set speed limit to 85th percentile, kinda seems reasonable.
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    Nvidia shield with free remote

    This is first device that can replace a HTPC, IMO, if you're big on Kodi usage.
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    Nvidia Wants To Own The Graphics Card Market

    This just in, a company want's to own the market it is in! What a revolutionary idea! And they're going to try to do this by offering things no one else is! WOW! Clearly some next level shit going on here.
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    Speakers <6.5" height or width?

    I had luck once before getting recommendations here so trying again: Got a new bedroom set and have a thing like this, not this exactly but same idea: Want to stick some speakers on that little shelf, but only 6.5" of room. Ideally get some sealed speakers...
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    YouTubers Are Up In Arms About YouTube Red

    I think some of the comments in this thread are far more pathetic than anything I've seen from content creaters unhappy about YouTube Red, lol.
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    Mythbusters Ending Next Year

    On one hand its sad, but like I can't say that I watch MythBusters anymore on TV... even if I download it I don't really go watch it ever and it just sits there. This last season they tried changing stuff up but it didn't really help, I think core issue is they don't have any good stuff left...
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    YouTube Will Make You Pay To See Some Of Its New Videos

    Meh I'd support it just as a FU to people who want to whine about how they deserve stuff for free.
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    Female Linux Dev Calls It Quits Over 'Toxic' Community

    Not enough actual examples of problems here... How about this exchange she had a problem with: FWIW here is Linus's responce:
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    Why is mobile web browsing still miserable?

    Firefox Beta w/ublock origin and ghostery is not that bad on my phone, if you're using Chrome or Opera or something thats the problem.
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    Microsoft Is Downloading Windows 10 To Your Machine "Just In Case”

    Dude just fucking delete windows and stfu.
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    California Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Drones Over Private Property

    Yeah just jam entire 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz range, no one is going to notice you doing that.
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    California Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Drones Over Private Property

    'privacy concerns' .. to essentially anyone who has those I guarentee you no one gives a fuck about you or what you are doing. That said you don't need new laws to handle problems covered by existing laws, all new law is doing is adding on some more unintended consequences. The person who...
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    NVIDIA using intimidation tactics against Oxide

    What do you think intimidation tactics means, and what exactly did they do to meet that definition?
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    AMD Radeon R9 Nano Video Card PAPER Launch @ [H]

    Or maybe FuryX is just pushed really hard, and needs lots more voltage to gain just 10% more clock... or rather I guess like 11.1% more clock. Anyways about Fury Nano in general... I mean do an ITX build, you will end up paying more for less than you would have gotten for an ATX build. You...
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    Ammo Specifically For Shooting Down Drones

    Although it is more than I've ever seen a coaxial or fixed pitch heli doing. Also CP Quads are pretty much dead, no one wants it. The nice things about quads is they're simple, you can smash it into the ground at 50mph and break $6 in props most of the time. 3D Quads that reverse rotation of...
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    Ammo Specifically For Shooting Down Drones

    I mean I linked to about as much as you can do with them, its not zero skill and its also not a CP heli.
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    Ammo Specifically For Shooting Down Drones

    I dunno its not a CP heli but I imagine you're just shitty at flying and don't care to try to be better?
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    Ammo Specifically For Shooting Down Drones

    Look more people who are dilusional: YES THAT TOTALLY HAPPENED! Here is a transcript of the recording: "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......"
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    Ammo Specifically For Shooting Down Drones

    LOL. First of all I find it funny that so many people think they're so special that others want to spy on them. And even funnier that they then go and put their address and email on some shitty website to protect themself. Dude who shot down drone because it was spying on his fucking inbred...
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    Google Express Shutting Down Its Two Delivery Hubs

    My GF is going to be unhappy about this, I swear they delever stuff like 3 days a week to us.
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    Nvidia publicly bashing Stardock developer over an ALPHA level game

    Jesus, that is publicly bashing? I guess if goal is sensationalism... but I dunno why not go all out then, can't we fit 'terrorism' in somehow?
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    Eagle 1 - Drone 0

    Haha, here is a bird putting up good effort: I've seen a couple hawks start watchign my quad, usually if you just burst up in the air they realize its not something they're interested in and will leave it alone.
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    Fisherman 1 - Drone 0

    Lithium-ion batteries don't have much metal lithium, primary lithium batteries do.
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    Fisherman 1 - Drone 0

    I'm fairly sure everything is dangerous.
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    Why does enterprise IT insist on controller cards?

    Hardware, while it can seem expensive, is cheap compared to employee's time. Lots of things are not worth it when factoring in additional man-hours of work it'll create.
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    FAA Investigating Teen That Made The Gun-Firing Drone

    Why don't you just: Walk to victim's door at night. Ring doorbell. Shoot. Run away. Also GL ringing door bell with a quad, that'll be 1000x harder than using some tape to attach a gun to a quad. I imagine you'd just have some fing-longer: and then spend next hour trying to press the button.
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    FAA Investigating Teen That Made The Gun-Firing Drone

    ... uh yeah you should try building one, if you don't want it to look pretty you can have it together in an afternoon.
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    Microsoft Reports A $2.1B Q4 Loss

    ... microsoft applogists?
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    Watch Valve's Portal VR Demo

    Probably should just write a script to monitor [H] News threads for VR and post canned comment, would save time.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card Review @ [H]

    Doesn't beginning of article say there will be follow-up 4k articles? Also: > We only got our Fury X card Saturday morning. We would have had it Friday, but AMD sent the card out signature required, and did not give us notice of shipment or tracking number. Brent was burning both ends of...
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    Do you agree with Hardocp?

    > I really hope Nvidia releases a 970 TI with 4GB vram instead of 3.5GB They did, they just used name 980 instead of 970Ti.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card Review @ [H]

    Haha this is the 30GB OCZ SSD... the... Vertex? 'Affordable' new tech, you can see the potential, its really good at some things, but you need to make some comprmises to get it... and in a year it'll look like garbage. LOL.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card Review @ [H]

    There is 100 sites doing all the same testing, and then there is [H] doing different type. We don't need 101 sites doing all the same testing.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card Review @ [H]

    Dislike the very end of the review: > In terms of gaming performance, the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X seems like better competition for the GeForce GTX 980 4GB video card, rather than the GeForce GTX 980 Ti. GTX 980 cards are selling for as low at $490 today. This is not a good thing since the AMD...
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    LastPass Password Protector Just Got Hacked

    Why I keep all my passwords on a post it note, am i rite? They have the master password's hash but its with per-user salts so who knows. Brute forcing means doing 5,000 rounds of client-side PBKDF2-SHA256, and 100,000 rounds of server-side PBKDF2-SHA256 to check one pass so it would take...
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    LastPass Password Protector Just Got Hacked

    Huh sounds like lastpass. :P
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    390X coming soon few weeks