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    1080ti EKWB full cover w/ backplate; G3258

    1080ti EKWB acetal+nickel full cover water block w/ backplate - $85 Comes in retail box with all accessories and aftermarket thermal pads Intel Pentium Anniversary G3258 - $10 8700K + Fatal1ty Gaming K6 Combo - $sold Seasonic Focus PX-850 (NIB) - $sold
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    WTB: PlayStation 2

    I found one of them. I might have tossed the second one. In any case, I have everything including a couple controllers and some memory cards. It also has the network adapter along with a full hard disk inside. Treading lightly here...but I also have two relevant PS1 games that you'll most likely...
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    WTB: PlayStation 2

    I have at least one, maybe two. I will have to dig them out from my garage this weekend.
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    FS: EVGA RTX 3090 XC3 Ultra Hydrocopper

    FRZ, I sent you a PM. I bought your 970 HOF years ago (great seller, btw). I used to live a few hours from you but now I'm down the road so let's make an easy deal :) I'm free all day sitting here with cash in hand.
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    WTB: 4GB DDR4 Desktop Ram Sticks

    I've got 4 matching sticks. $25 shipped? ...maybe a little less. sold
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I just randomly hit a page (469) and there you are posting 3-4 times on it! hahahaha, meanwhile I hop in every few years to see what's going on with the game and mention that I don't bother currently playing it and you characterize that as "rabid defense." Unhinged! I just ran a search on...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I'm in the hole for $30 bucks for those two AMD packages (that are now "worth" $200+/each apparently) so it has only "cost" me about 3/4 of a penny a day to watch you, GoldenTiger, and some others sperg all over the thread for the past decade. Watching you post two to three times in rapid shot...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Sure, bud. I'm talking about this thread and everyone reading it can look back over the past ten years it's been ongoing to fact-check the pattern I just described. Most people who actively hate on the game are unhinged. Normally adjusted people simply move on...they don't perpetuate a...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    It's free fly until sometime today. It's polarizing but notably most often between those who haven't played it and those who have. Rarely do I see that same polarization among people who own and have played it. There's people like me who check it out every few years whereas others are playing...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    My account has two AMD packages on it. Haven't even downloaded the game in over 5 years and not planning on ever doing so.
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    WTB: 2x8GB DDR4 SODIMM 2666+

    Looking for 2x8GB or 2x16GB inexpensive SODIMMs for a build. I have 2x4GB for sale.
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    Do you have any interest in a blocked 1080ti?
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Grim Dawn also goes on sale frequently for like $5, though all the expansions are worththe price and best I’ve seen them is 20% off. Still receives updates on occasion. It’s a good balance between D3 and POE. Devs come from Titan Quest and Blizzard North.
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    WTB: mobo for 2200G OR mobo/cpu combo

    I'm looking to buy a motherboard that is compatible with a 2200G processor. Or, I'd be interested in a mb/cpu combo
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    It evokes Fortnite, but that's due to both using cartoon styling. I'd say it's rooted in Blizzard's own style all the way back to Warcraft and that particular screenshot appears to be a cartoon rendition of Stormwind from WoW. It's really unfortunate they've taken OW in that direction, imo.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I have no idea why people continue to believe a single sentence from Blizzard current, past, or future employees. I'm not going to wade through all their bullshit but I will say the major, recent nonsense they expected their customers to believe includes losing the complete source to WoW and...
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    "Ghostbusters" Director Faces Backlash after Promising to "Hand Movie Back to Fans"

    Except the failure here has nothing to do with blindly trusting science. It's bullshit to frame it that way because this is an example of not blindly trusting science. This is someone blatantly refusing to read sourced scientific studies, questioning their validity, and then stating that he's...
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    "Ghostbusters" Director Faces Backlash after Promising to "Hand Movie Back to Fans"

    I didn't misunderstand you. The first claim you make linking your co-workers' observable behavior to their wages is unsupportable unless you work in HR (which you stated that you don't, unless for some reason HR designs products in your biz). The second claim you made was that your wife made...
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    "Ghostbusters" Director Faces Backlash after Promising to "Hand Movie Back to Fans"

    If you want to your argument about a debate that is being researched to be taken into consideration, then it behooves you to read the relevant data surrounding the discussion. Scientists don't expect people to trust us without scrutiny, which is why all scholarly articles must include lit...
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    Maxine Waters wants to ban tech companies from making cryptocurrencies (closed)

    You know this dumpster fire has been burning for long enough that even the captain of the ship finally bailed out.
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    "Ghostbusters" Director Faces Backlash after Promising to "Hand Movie Back to Fans"

    The evidence that you didn't read the study or its sources is that you responded to the post within 6 minutes. The references alone comprise over 51 double-sided pages... Perhaps you sped read at 10 seconds per page...perhaps that explains how you completely whiffed the last paragraph...
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    "Ghostbusters" Director Faces Backlash after Promising to "Hand Movie Back to Fans"

    You didn't read either study or the linked research in their endnotes in 6 minutes. Interesting that you didn't even bother to make your attempt appear legit. You didn't even bother reading to the end of the first page: "Because there are many factors other than gender that contribute to this...
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    "Ghostbusters" Director Faces Backlash after Promising to "Hand Movie Back to Fans"

    No, they don't just average across the entire labor pool. Why would you think that's how research is conducted? All you have to do is ask your wife, since she must have taken graduate level statistics and research methodology before earning her degree. It's not difficult in this day and age to...
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    Android co-founder Andy Rubin accused of running sex ring

    Pretty much. The complaint doesn't even discuss payment other than expenses, which isn't salary.
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    "Ghostbusters" Director Faces Backlash after Promising to "Hand Movie Back to Fans"

    If you construct silly cross-comparisons without any comparable basis other than being "employment" and your inability to differentiate between them, then you've certainly made some kind of point just not the one you thought you were making. "Gee, I work in an office space and my wife's a...
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    Yet another new Atari VCS update...

    People who "shoot holes" in other people's explanations for why they bought something after being asked are socially maladjusted...commonly known as being an asshole. It's already assumed that people buy things because they want them so no one expects that's the answer that will shut you up when...
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    Apple finally releases the new Mac Pro

    In a sea of disingenuous Apple articles, that one is sitting at the highwater mark. They take a $6K base Mac Pro and add 128GB of the fastest ECC DDR4 RAM they can find for a whopping $18K estimate. Then they add in a whole 'nother 28 core processer for $8K and "guess" 4 more GPUs will ring in...
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    AMD Investor lawsuit dismissed.

    You guys are really hopped up over this case but it doesn't seem like you've read it or, if you have, understood what you read. This isn't the same case as the one suing over AMD's definition of a "core." This is a suit alleging false and misleading statements from AMD regarding their chips'...
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    WoW Classic 8/27. Beta is May 22–Thurs May 23

    That article is discussing problems the modern wow infrastructure doesn't have. For example, development on City of Heroes is completely irrelevant to WoW development yet the article is resting a lot on one developer's opinion that modern server code assumes shardless integration between realms...
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    WoW Classic 8/27. Beta is May 22–Thurs May 23

    The reason you "can't help" is because you don't know the details of what you're talking about. You read Blizzard employees talking about how difficult it has been to do all this difficult work and then the claims get more grand and more vague the more someone asks exactly what you're referring...
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    WoW Classic 8/27. Beta is May 22–Thurs May 23

    I don't know what people imagine when they repeat this Blizzard claim...we weren't using steam-powered computers 10 years ago.
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    YouTube TV prices will raise to $50

    It looks reasonable until the bill comes and the taxes and broadcasting fees and other misc charges that bring it up to about $45 bucks same as everywhere else. The a la carte one that starts at $15 bucks probably ends up being $30-40, but it's a handful of channels (that you get to pick, at...
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    Google's product cancelling is killing their reputation.

    The interesting thing about differential privacy and aggregating data in the way Apple does it is that it can't be disaggregated. It's encrypted on their servers so the raw data can't be re-identified and differential privacy ensures individual data that are leaked or published can't be...
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    Google's product cancelling is killing their reputation.

    It's not just marketing. Aggregate user data are encrypted, any stored data are only on Apple's servers, and not sold to 3rd parties. Apple uses sound statistical methodology to analyze those data while guaranteeing privacy of disaggregated data. If you want to read up about it, google...
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    Tesla Unveils Model Y Electric SUV with 300-Mile Range and Seven Seats

    The handles don't pop out in the model that crashed. Pushing in on one side lifts/pushes the handle out on a pivot. It's not electric. The only thing that could have happened on Telsa's end are the electric locks failed to release, but more likely someone stood there staring at the handle...
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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    The issue is how one frames the "problem." One could discuss the growing concern over rising cancer rates but it'd be an incomplete analysis without acknowledging the rising average lifespan along with it. The longer one lives, the more one is prone to mutations like cancer. More people might be...