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    Does Comcast turn on public hotspot if you bring your own modem?

    No, it's literally impossible for them to make your router 'secretly' broadcast a separate SSID.... They would have to access the admin console from the router, which is connected to the WAN. I don't know of any routers that allow access to the admin console from the WAN port by default. Even if...
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    Best way to share a network drive in windows over the internet and how to do it?

    You are going to have a bad time if you try and stream video directly from a shared folder over the internet. You would want something like Plex server serving the content, and even that will be very dependant on your upload speed. 5Mb/s is not going to cut it, and if you saturate your outbound...
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    Anyone know of a hardware RDP client that works with Win10?

    Are those instructions not to downgrade the RDP version running on windows 10, so you can connect with your older thin client version? That's what I thought they were for, and what I was looking for. I assumed no changes can be made to the TC itself.
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    Anyone know of a hardware RDP client that works with Win10?

    This might help. Seems they were able to downgrade the RDP version running on windows 10 to allow an older thin client to connect:
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    Anyone know of a hardware RDP client that works with Win10?

    Yes, it's the client that gets the error. It doesn't display the error when it fails? This is the issue I'm talking about, and the fix you can make on the windows 10 box to disable the extra security to see if the thinclient can connect: On the client has the CredSSP update installed, run...
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    Anyone know of a hardware RDP client that works with Win10?

    what is the protocol error? Is it that Oracle encyption error or something? If so that's an easy fix through a local group policy change.
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    Intel impacted by SWAPGS vulnerability

    The worst part is they are still releasing new generation CPUs that still haven't mitigated any of the major vulnerabilities that came out the past couple years. I can't believe anyone would be considering purchasing intel at this point, since you have to neuter the shit out its performance with...
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    FCC bans Robocalls-Texts

    I've been doing this for months, mainly because if you don't pick up, it fills your VM box with a bunch of blank effing messages. But it does not help at all. In fact I got 9 calls yesterday alone, all from 530 area code with the last 4 digits randomized. Such a bunch of bullshit. And the ban...
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    What used to be in your wallet?

    If they found/used some unpatched zero day, that might hold water. This 'hack' was due to credentials that were not changed from admin/admin. That should be considered negligence on their part for sure, and they should get slapped with a huge fine. They are far too large to not have gone...
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    Router advice on 10G LAN + fiber Internet w/ static IP

    Why are you assigning a public IP to the server itself? You should have the IP bound at the edge device, and forward the specific ports to the server itself. This is all possible with PFsense, since I'm running multiple servers at home, and none of them have a public IP assigned. That is a very...
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    RAID suggested practice for Windows - home use

    It would help to know the 'alternative purposes' of the system. Freenas would still be my recomendation, and depending on your other needs, you can most likely run them in docker containers on the freenas box itself. Or virtualize freenas, and use another VM for the alternative purposes. There...
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    Can someone explain Microsoft Storage Pools and when to use them

    Then it's basically just software raid with a new name. It doesn't have any features like SSD caching etc. Just simple parity.
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    Can someone explain Microsoft Storage Pools and when to use them

    The basic features are 'free' but if you want to access any of the more advanced setups you have to have a datacenter OS license. They aren't available on standard.
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    Intel Internal Document Details How It Will Counter the AMD Threat

    Like the latest June patches that broke the event viewer on our 2012R2/2016 servers at work?.....
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    Intel Internal Document Details How It Will Counter the AMD Threat

    Until they release a generation of CPUs with hardware fixes for the critical vulnerabilities that require performance neutering software patches to mitigate, their raw performance comparison with AMD is useless......
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    Dropbox Changing Plans/Pricing

    Or 'private cloud' if you want to use buzzwords. I've been running nextcloud for a couple years now. AD integrated w/ MFA. App on my phone auto syncs all my pics to the server, plus any other files I manually sync so I don't lose them with my phone. Also store my keepassXC database there to sync...
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    pfsense for noobs

    That's a perfectly valid reason. But that could also be used as an excuse to buy a second server and build a SAN to play with clustering/live migration ;)
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    Stuck trying to setup NAS remote file access

    Set it to a static IP, then add a firewall rule at the top of the list that blocks any request from that IP to the internet. It may still be trying to call home, even if you think you deleted everything.
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    pfsense for noobs

    That would have been a good time to test the config backup/restore functions of pfsense. pfsense sense is supported running as a VM. I've had multiple enterprise setups for offices as well as at home, all running on a VM for years with no issues.
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    pfsense for noobs

    You can also use the PFBlockerNG package in pfsense to handle ads/malware directly at the edge. Setting up OpenVPN with cert auth is like a 15 minute job in pfsense as well.
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    Forcibly nuke transaction log (SQL 2k14)

    Are you performing the shrink on the primary? It's a write operation, so you can't run it on the secondary where backups are done.
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    The Privacy Phone.

    And you've personally looked at the source code to confirm that isn't just a fake dropdown list with no actual function? I'd argue it's also stupid for people to see an option to turn off something like GPS tracking and assume it's doing exactly that, without questioning it because 'it's apple...
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    can change the date cause Chrome to report website certificate out of snyc.?

    LOL if you think that's bad, you should try working with AD/kerberos auth. It won't work at all if your time offset is greater than 5 minutes......
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    Stuck trying to setup NAS remote file access

    No you do not port forward on a gaming console..... You only forward ports for inbound connections, which is not require for anything other than people hosting their own game server or something. Outbound connections are allowed by default unless you have some severely restrictive firewall...
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    Netgear XS505M SFP+ port not working?

    I know zero about that switch, but are those ports possibly disabled by default and you have to enable in the GUI/CLI? Have you tried using the same cable, but connect the switch to something else besides the ubiquiti? Also do the same test between the 3rd device and the ubiquiti itself to try...
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    Stuck trying to setup NAS remote file access

    Never enable port forwarding...... You're directly exposing that device to the internet, with no way to filter the traffic. This exposes you to ALL kinds of shit if the device has hardcoded credentials, buggy firmware or crappy authentication. There are plenty of examples of why this is a bad...
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    Lightning killing cablemodem ethernet port.

    If you can run a cat5e cable from the shed to your house, why not jut extend the coax cable that distance and move all equipment to the house?
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    [SOLVED]Networking issue with my new NAS

    most likely not, at least not by default. He didn't list the router, but if it's not configure to register DHCP host names, it will not resolve any internal addresses. Even if it did, and was configured with both IPs for the same host, it would only return 1 entry each time (most likely round...
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    [SOLVED]Networking issue with my new NAS

    How is it even getting the IP of the 1GB adapter of the NAS? If you connect via host name, on your workstation the only IP that should resolve to is the 10GB adapter on the NAS. If you are using IP, it should only use the 10GB adapter on both unless your routing table is messed up. Also, what...
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    How to get Windows 1903 May update now??

    It stopped before even attempting the install and failing because it knew there were issues...... That worked exactly as intended and you should be happy they have that check in place..... So no it's not messed up beyond belief.
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    Finally! Dept of Homeland Security Issues DRONE Warning

    Well since you're the expert, then do share what other critical private data the drone has access to that we should be so worried about sending to china? I'll wait.... By definition a drone is not an IoT device.... Not even a limited example.....
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    Finally! Dept of Homeland Security Issues DRONE Warning

    That wasn't a question. The only data they could get from a drone would be GPS location and video, from a hobbyist flying around. What part of that data would be useful enough for this amount of effort..... They don't have to 'war drive' for access points, that data is already available online...
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    Finally! Dept of Homeland Security Issues DRONE Warning

    Just pointing out some facts that should be obvious to anyone paying attention. But I'm not saying anymore on that topic.
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    Finally! Dept of Homeland Security Issues DRONE Warning

    All of that is a lot of work for data that would be almost useless to them... There are better/easier ways to get more usefull data than hoping the drone will be close enough (<300') to an unsecured hotspot to send gps data and pictures of a hobbyist flying in a park.... Or risking getting their...
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    WTF microsoft

    True, I was just making the point that it's not a money grab by MS, just a cost saving decision.
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    Finally! Dept of Homeland Security Issues DRONE Warning

    Just having a Wifi radio doesn't mean anything.... It would have to connect to a device that can act as a proxy giving it internet access to do anything. The app could 'potentially' do that, but it has to be vetted by google/apple to get in the store. Plus there are teams of security people that...
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    WTF microsoft

    Just because MS is charging you for the license, doesn't mean it's so they can 'get a cut'..... You should look at who actually owns the license for that codec..... MS most likely just stopped bundling the codec in the OS, as they have to pay the license fee for every copy of the OS and not...
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    Finally! Dept of Homeland Security Issues DRONE Warning

    Using your phone over wifi is basically the worst option for FPV on the DJIs and I doubt very many people are using that..... Neither the remote or FPV goggles use wifi for the connection and offer longer range and higher resolution.... So the WH run DHS has you scared about something that...
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    Windows 10: Remove Networks Associated With Disconnected Network Cards?

    Yes, powershell scripting syntex is needlessly long. It's a good thing it's so powerful... My favorite is how they default map 'h' to history, but you can't bang(!) repeat, you have to invoke-history....... It makes more sense to developers used to writing .net code. But I still can't read bash...