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    Isle of Man TT $71.99 on XBL Microsoft Store??

    Hah, I paid $100 for Virtua Racing on the Genesis in 1995.
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    Repairing my CAT

    Get an EZ-RJ Pro crimper and ends. You'll be much happier.
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    [DEAD] LG 34" Ultrawide IPS Monitor $215 Amazon

    Dead but B&H has a similar deal
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    Wireless enterprise auth, keeping devices off without MAC Auth

    You can also bind policies in NPS to SSIDs.......
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    Craigslist Ad of the Day

    Thanks for taking 1 for the team. Whats the latest on this?
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    Anyone moved lately from iOS to Android? Thoughts?

    Havent read all of the responses but I did this a couple years back when I couldnt wait for a bigger iPhone any longer. Went with a Galaxy Note 3. I didnt mind Android and the flexibility, but I hated the fact that Samsung doesnt feel the need to do anything about OS updates. I scrapped the Note...
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    Satoru Iwata: CEO, Game Developer, Gamer.

    You forgot dead........
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    Is this Ipad worth repairing?

    I have an iPad 3 and iPad Air 1 which I used to compare performance after the iOS 9 update. The iPad 3 was not pleasant as you stated. I found a couple guides to turn off/down some features added in iOS 9 which brought the performance just under the Air 1. Obviously it cant be upgraded to iOS 10...
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    HP/Aruba are big drivers in this as well. HP already have nbase-t offerings. There is another standard mgbase-t that must've got left holding the bag on this. This has been in the works for a few years now.
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    Anker Charger Giveaway

    You have to log back into the Anker site once you've activated your account then click on the Car Charger Giveaway link. Once on the Giveaway page there is an Enroll button and voila.
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    Google Testing Black Links Instead Of Blue In Search Results

    We did a migration from Novell file servers to a NAS years ago and it changed some of the file names from black text to blue text as some files were then being compressed. We got loads of tickets about the change of the color of the file name text. Prepare for armageddon.
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    suggestions for a network tap

    We use Gigamon taps which have battery backup and are straight forward.
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    Samsung 850 PRO 256GB SATA III ebay $19.99 Lol

    In for 2 X300s. Est. shipping is April 18th-22nd so we'll see.
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    Weird issue with 802.1x and Windows clients

    Curious as to how have you validated what speed the Macbook's are connecting at? From the client side or from the controller side?
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    New DOOM Campaign Trailer

    Pre-ordered the collectors edition for PS4 on Amazon which has a 20% discount for Prime members. CE comes with a Revenant figure on a rotating led lit platform. I wish it was a Baron of Hell but I'll settle for a skeleton & rockets.
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    GOG - Quake $2.49 - Quake II $2.49 - Quake III $4.99

    Just pulled the trigger on the Quake package. Thanks OP.
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    The Only Game Review Site You'll Ever Need

    Love the nod to Milwaukee with the Maxis Milwaukee game!
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    One box suffering of slow WiFi throughput - halp?

    What year is the driver from? 99.98% of wireless "client" issues are a result of the nic driver.
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    Frustrating issues with wifi connection :(

    Are there any other wireless clients connecting to the AP? If so are those clients having problems? 1st thing I would do is update the wireless drivers and if the wireless nic is an Intel, definitely install the full driver suite including the ProSET wireless tools.
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    Wireless bridge can't get IP from Access Point

    Probably a rhetorical question but are you running the latest dd-wrt firmware for the Asus device? Also is the Asus device set to bridge mode? I know with older dd-wrt firmware on Linksys products when in bridge mode the device wouldnt forward dhcp requests so everything had to be statically...
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    Amazon Fire TV Stick $19 for Prime Users 2 days only

    I just tried it since I'm a Prime member and its $39.99 for me all the way to checkout. Apparently the deal is dead.
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    Using wired printer wirelessly

    You'll need a wireless bridge that bridges the wired connection from the printer to wireless connectivity.
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    Avoid Avaya like the plague. I'm with the crowd about NHR's wtf moment and subsequent name change to Curvature.
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    Dell Wireless 1540 - Good/Bad?

    The Dell 1530/40wireless cards are absolutely terrrible. They're the most inconsistent cards I've ever dealt with. We replaced every Dell wireless nic with Intel and now every device comes with a Intel nic standard. Just avoid Dell wireless at all cost. Do yourself a favor and get anything but...
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    FS: Power Rack w/ Olympic Weight Set & Bench, Wii U Deluxe w/ Games, 3DS XL w/ Games

    Wow, I think this is the first time I've seen anything avail in fs/ft with pickup in Milwaukee. If you decide to part the Wii U games I may be interested.
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    48 port gigabit/8 port POE switch

    Cisco 2960X 48 port switch WS-C2960X-48FPD-L. It's PoE+ & has 740w available.
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    How to Block Social Networking Sites in Asus Router

    hosts file that redirects all that crap to
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    The Wii U is done

    I picked up a Wii U on Xmas eve when our Wii decided it didn't want to read discs anymore and my addiction to the U over this last week is probably only rivaled by my original nes which sits next to it. I picked up a Zelda bundle but I can't stop playing NES Remix atm. I have a ps3/ps4/vita as...
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    R.I.P. PS3 60GB w/ BC

    Take the mb out of it and throw it in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. I just did this to my fat 40gb last weekend that had the rlod and it worked. I figured I had nothing to lose if it didnt work since the console was dead anyway. Not sure of the mb layout in the 60gb bc model but I...
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    AD users randomly getting locked out

    Conficker......causes this
  31. N no longer resolves from * servers

    So on the DNS server that should've been resolving the hostname there wasnt an A record for the server? Are dynamic DNS updates allowed in the zone on the DNS server that server should be registered on?
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    Cat 5e over 100ft

    I've seen Cat5e cables that were rated 100mhz that wouldnt do gig and replacing the cable with a Cat5e 350mhz cable fixed the issue.
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    Amazon Pre-Orders: Will they actually be fulfilled?

    Hopefully since my lazy ass waited until today to order a PS4 from Amazon.
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    Very Warm: HP - 23" Widescreen Flat-Panel IPS LED HD Monitor $150 w/FS

    I stopped and scooped one up and have it connected to my MacBook Air. Out of the box its not bad and I'm sure after some tweaking it'll be even better. I dont mind the bezel or lack of vesa.......yet, lol.
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    360 system tampering

    Definitely not tampering with what you're doing. Tampering would be when ya crack the case open which requires breaking the "tamper" seal in order to do so. Of course you'd only do this if ya wanted to look around inside the 360.......
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    server 2012 vmware guest customization

    Which version of ESX are you trying this on?
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    Is it me or does the PS3 seem to get the shaft in terms of game bugs?

    The PS3 issues with Skyrim including the random freezing & possibility of not releasing the DLC for it have me at my wits end with the PS3. I usually buy games that are on multi systems for the PS3 but that's going to be changing.
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    Need strategies for getting a Wii U

    I used this strategy to get Halo 4 @ KMart when I hit 2 Targets and Gamestops on release day with no luck. KMart was flush with copies of Halo 4.
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    FS Custom Dean Cadillac Guitar signed by Cannibal Corpse

    bump....time for some Stripped, Raped and Strangled \m/