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    Spectre x360 13t/Yoga 920 or wait for 8700HQ?

    New processors are always better but also more expensive. I can’t recommend the Spectre x360 anymore. Mine made it 2 1/2 years see the following thread. I’m not the only one, but this is exceedingly fail. Also, the feet fell off about one year which was an easier fix. It was great until it...
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    Laptop Batteries ... Not Charging ... Creators Update

    That's what I was thinking, too. I'm not really sure how much I need a laptop since things have changed with my usage. I've been playing with an Ipad Pro 10.5 which is ridiculously fast with Keyboard and Pencil as a replacement. It's pretty good although quite a lot heavier with the keyboard...
  3. J

    Laptop Batteries ... Not Charging ... Creators Update

    The issue is $400 or more for a motherboard for a 2 1/2 year old laptop. HP doesn't sell the motherboard any more.
  4. J

    Laptop Batteries ... Not Charging ... Creators Update

    It connects to the motherboard. From reading of what other people have suggested, that piece/motherboard would be the next component to replace. Here's one of those threads.
  5. J

    Laptop Batteries ... Not Charging ... Creators Update

    Just an update, charger didn't help. Next up DC plug adapter. Another common failure point.
  6. J

    Laptop Batteries ... Not Charging ... Creators Update

    It wasn't charging with the old battery. Now, I have a new battery. It says it is alternating between a discharging and charging now. The setting is in a popup window from the battery icon.
  7. J

    Laptop Batteries ... Not Charging ... Creators Update

    My HP x360 Spectre stopped charging a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, that also makes it not usable plugged in once the battery is dead. I found conflicting info, but a new battery fixed my case. It was 2 1/2 years old. Along the way, I noticed the new setting in the Windows 10 Creators...
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    Need help fixing my wife's laptop screen

    There are lots of parts for that laptop on ebay. If she doesn't use the touchscreen, try disabling the USB connection to it. Unfortunately, Windows turns it back on. BTW, one of the two that we have has the same issue.
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    Best Cellphones for Remote Areas?

    For sure carrier is a factor. However, most of us don't carry multiple sims. It would be interesting if S8 was good on ATT and bad on Verizon or vice versa. To simplify the problem, if the network is ATT which phone is the best in remote areas? Maybe we can build our own list if people list...
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    Best Cellphones for Remote Areas?

    I've been trying to find information about which phones have the best data transfer/call ability in remote areas irrespective of carrier. I've found spotty information that says Note 5 is better than Note 8, for instance. I've also found a couple of posts in other forums that imply Samsung S7...
  11. J

    Is having a laptop with a powerful desktop GPU constanly on safe?

    I run one at work. Like most companies we buy the 3 year warranty. I don't think any of ours have had a problem making 3 years. They are docked and on most of the time to allow us to remote to them when we aren't at work. Obviously, they are very heavy!
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    Gigabyte damaged my motherboard when I sent it in for RMA repair and refuses to fix it

    Not that it will help with the dead board, but I've had better luck with fans if I use molex connectors instead of the motherboard fan headers. Yes, headers are on the motherboard, but if used with several fans, they seem to cause a lot of issues up to and including killing the motherboards...
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    Note 8 is still coming :D

    I'm still on a Note 4. After the update to 6.0.1, it's got new life. I'm probably going to stay on it for a while, but we'll see after the Note 8 comes out.
  14. J

    Is the note series the only phones that have a stylus?

    I think you have to wait for the next Note. The Note 5 should be good until it comes out. I'm sure Samsung has made the next version a high priority. Reading over at XDA Developers, there seems to be a number of people who are holding onto their Note 7. Samsung has got to know that if they...
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    Are there any android tablets that work well outdoors?

    Nothing is going to work as well as a Paper White or Nook. Try to avoid the sun behind you.
  16. J

    Microsoft tweaks aggressive Windows 10 upgrade prompt

    I wish I could say that all of the rest of the tech companies don't do similar things. I can't though. On the other hand, I still don't see why Msft thought this was a good idea when it was so obvious to many of us that it wasn't.
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    Android to iOS

    Congrats, what did you get or have?
  18. J

    Android to iOS

    Email? ;) Facebook has a cross platform messaging app as well. I'm not sure if that does what you want or not. Skype can send cross platform message as well.
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    Trying to find a good X79 Board

    I think any of the better brands will be fine. I like my MSI.
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    Possible to connect an external hard drive to an Android tablet?

    Check the XDA Developers forum, but I think it depends on the drive and the Android device. I've only used flash drives with my Nexus 10.
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    82 yr old Mom's computer

    There's probably no way to keep the nephew off the computer. If not him, someone else later. I'd reset the bios to the defaults and password protect any future changes. I'd probably start over, but I guess it's worth a try to run malwarebytes, superantispyware, and ccleaner first. Once you...
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    Windows 10 blue Screen Loop

    Electronics degrade over time especially if overheated. I'm not sure why you'd think the cpu could degrade but the chips on the motherboard wouldn't. :) I really can't think of an CPUs that partially fail although I guess it's possible. Keep in mind that unless you are running the CPU...
  23. J

    Windows 10 blue Screen Loop

    And what is the Northbridge temp and the Northbridge voltage?
  24. J

    Windows 10 blue Screen Loop

    I'd be shocked if it is the CPU. My guess is the motherboard especially since downclocking it works. If you are using a water loop, make sure the chips on the motherboard specifically the Northbridge is getting plenty of air and also plenty of voltage.
  25. J

    Is no one interested in a 15" notebook that has ultra high battery life instead of raw performance?

    I much prefer a 13.3. It's significantly smaller and lighter which makes it fit in many more places. I've also had 11.6 and 15 models. As far as battery goes, keep in mind that newer CPUs sip power, so the large batteries really aren't required when you're portable. I can easily make an...
  26. J

    Microsoft launches cold storage in Azure

    Hmm, that might be down to the range for consumer backups of photos etc.
  27. J

    Amazon earnings crush estimates thanks to AWS

    I understand Amzn being dominant in the space, but I have concerns that they can continue to grow this space at a fast rate. I don't think there are that many companies that compete and take share away from them, but they are also fighting for customers. Msft seems late to the party. Sure...
  28. J

    Cloud Computing: Let's kick this off

    I've been in this space for a few years. I understand the need for the cloud and host my personal websites in the cloud, for a long time. I'm not a believer in turning over all control to a cloud provider. I've experienced a few failures with large suppliers of the technology. If you have...
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    Should I buy an iPad Mini 4

    I'm not really understanding how you think the Samsung Tab S2s aren't competition for the iPads. In any case, my wife has the iPad Mini 2. It's quite a bit faster than the original mini with better resolution which I use from time to time. If you plan to read books, I think you'll like the...
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    Need advice on buying new tablet

    First, wait for a sale at Bestbuy since they have them often if you can. Wait for the Samsung Tab S3 in either 9.7 or 8 inch, or if you get a deal, you could consider the Tab S2 instead sooner. The Amazon Kindles do the basics ok and are great for kids, but you aren't going to get the app...
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    This forum has gotten very quiet lately?

    It's because the weather is better. :)
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    Windows 7 vs 10 on Your Laptop

    If you buy a signature edition at the Microsoft Store, they don't have bloatware. I think it's also called blue edition at Best Buy. There might be other names for similar versions, but my point is you can buy laptops without extra stuff on them.
  33. J

    Windows 10: Any way to get the Windows 7 "Classic" theme ?

    Did you follow these instructions or similar? Change Windows to Classic view
  34. J

    Sling TV Launches Multi-Streams, New $20 Channel Bundle 3 connections at once!

    It sounds like some people are way over buying for speed. 300 is pretty cool, but you only need 1/10th of that to do have pretty fast internet. Apparently, 300 is what the default is for TWC ... that's what my daughter got as well for occasional use ... which is really kind of insane. :) Back...
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    Propose a new forum: Cloud and Cloud Computing

    I propose a new forum: Cloud and Cloud Computing. Seems to be about time.
  36. J

    Finding a first gen Surface Pro charger

    I would call Microsoft.
  37. J

    In market for a detachable tablet/laptop gimmick..

    What do you mean by the Ipad 2 won't keep up with you? If you mean performance, just upgrade to a newer Ipad.
  38. J

    how many times did you open & close your laptop before the hinges broke?

    I've never had the hinges break on a laptop. I don't know of any breaking that haven't been dropped.