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    AGP club

    i have an asus 6600 GT AGP............[still my gaming rig...:)]
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    Gmail Invite

    pm your e-mail ID.. i have many invites..:)
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    7800GT or 850XT??

    7800GT has more raw power...i'm also going for that card.....
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    fatal1ty won...

    congrats to him :) year i'll try for Doom III.... :D
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    Need a game to play.

    i'd suggest Far Cry , Max Payne 2 , Half Life 1 and Call Of Duty....:)
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    wat games/benchmarks do u have installed on ur pc?

    i have the following :)
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    Should I turn off HT in my farm?

    if u run one instance on a HT machine of 2.8GHz then it should work at about 3.1-to-3.2GHz... if u run two instances then it should fold like two 1.6GHz systems...i think...:) it is definatly a boost on HT machines.
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    Doom 3 Review.. Finally

    any idea when the demo will be released ? it would take some time for it to come in stores in my country ,so would atleast play the demo :)
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    What Video Card(s) You Currently Own

    Asus Fx 5800 :(
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    New UT2004 Patch out

    i have the v3204 patch already...will the new patch have any improvements [fps?] ? the new patch is v3236..
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    here's mine dual monitor.....:) 1280x1024 each