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    Post your smartphone home screens

    What Clock/Weather widget is that?
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    what's in your PSP?

    UMD: MGS portable ops PS1: Castlevania SOTN SNES: Super Mario World, Mega Man X, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Graduis III, Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong Country. Music: Nas- Hip Hop is dead Video: a couple episodes of the boondocks
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    Worthless NIC

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    So who's ready for Epsiode 1

    Preordered, Preloaded, and waiting for it to be unlocked
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    Street Figheter Zero: Fighter's Generation

    Actually it takes place after Street Fighter 1 and before Street Fighter 2, but either way its a fun game
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    Worthless NIC

    I feel like a dumbass, enabling the integrated devices in the bios did the trick. shoulda been the first thing i looked at. thanks fellas
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    Worthless NIC

    Yea thats pretty much what i was thinking, the funny thing is the lights on the NIC still turn on. Oh well thanks for the replys guys
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    Worthless NIC

    Yea thats the first thing i tried, windows wont detect them. I even went as far as reinstalling windows still nothing.
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    Worthless NIC

    Hello, I have a computer thats not functioning as it should. The Integrated NIC and audio don't seem to work. They stopped functioning after our power went out. Windows doesnt seem to detect them anymore. The mobo is an msi 875p- neo i have no idea what the problem is and i need help. If...
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    Here is my baby
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    Nano making me miffed

    From what i heard the nano doesnt support firewire at all, just usb 2.0
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    What soundcard do you Use...

    Revo 5.1
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    It's time for a [H]ard Guild Wars Guild!

    Hey guys im still trying to join my Characters name is Zoroaster Al Ghul
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    It's time for a [H]ard Guild Wars Guild!

    Yea i left the pre searing at lvl 5 and was having a hard time in the post searing, played a few mores hours lvl 7 now :D
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    It's time for a [H]ard Guild Wars Guild!

    Just got the game today been playin it for a couple of hours and im enjoying it so far, got a lvl 5 ranger/monk i would really like to join the guild my username is Zoroaster al ghul
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    ripping/burning dvds?

    You're going to have to compress with a program like DVD shrink, its pretty easy to use, just do a search for it.
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    Pimp my GT (pics)

    very cool
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    is it worth it to get a psx controller adapter?

    POP makes u use the keyboard and mouse to play it on the computer im not totallly sure but im pretty sure it doesnt work, i went into the control options and there wasnt an option for a joypad i dont have it installed rite now or id check it to let u know for sure
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    is it worth it to get a psx controller adapter?

    i bought an older version of this it has the force feedback and it works pretty well ive used it mainly for need for speed underground tried to use it with prince of persia but i couldnt set it for...
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    OLD Abit slot 1 mobo

    i just got this from my uncle its an AB-LX6, ive been tryin to install an os but for some reason none of the ide drives get recognized, i was wondering if any one knew how to set the bios to recognize the hard drives and cdrom drive. the bios is an award 4.5 so if any one is familiar how to set...
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    xbox mod...

    love that color scheme javelin, cant go wrong with orange and black. gotta love those GIANTS
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    Post your desktop

    nothing fancy
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    Finally got myself a Mac :D

    Do you have any pics, just for fun :D
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    HTPC modder/newbie

    very cool i want to build somthin like that as well but i have no funds, i like how u used the controller for the front buttons, very nice
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    Ram for an OG nforce

    i put some corsair twinx in it before (my brothers sticks) and my computer wouldnt even post do you know why that would happen?
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    Ram for an OG nforce

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    Ram for an OG nforce

    I built my computer a few years ago(my first build) and i wanted to upgrade my ram, i was wondering if any of you could recommend me some decent ram. my mobo is a MSI k7n-420 and its supposed to only run ddr pc2100, but i was wondering if it could possibly run on ddr pc2700 or even 3200, rite...
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    Please Recommend me a good CD/mp3 player + headphones

    the earbuds that come with the slimx are sienhiesser but there crap i would recommend getting somthin better, i myself have sony mdr-v300 headfones they are good(i got em on sale for 20 bucks), my friend told me i shoulda got the mdr-v700 he said they were "better" but they were a little over my...
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    Please Recommend me a good CD/mp3 player + headphones

    I bought an Iriver slimx imp-550 a little while ago i really like it alot . its a mp3 cd player and its firmware upgradeable. audio quality is good and i really havent had any problems with it.i bought it for 150, iriver has lower priced mp3 cd players u can prolly find the slimx imp-350 for...