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    AMD launches Zen+ 12nm Ryzen and X470 motherboards

    Great follow up article on AT's part, goes to show there are often many different definitions of a valid measurement. I'm really curious if they will publish more in depth findings of the impact of HPET with and without the spectre patches. If Windows ever begins to rely on more precise timings...
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    AMD launches Zen+ 12nm Ryzen and X470 motherboards

    I found that to be really cool. I need to reread it, but he was also toying around in the bios disabling power protections in that section. I can't recall if he tested power usage with those off or at default. AMD has a pretty long record of using leaky cores for their high end. Like he...
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    AMD launches Zen+ 12nm Ryzen and X470 motherboards

    New post from The Stilt addresses a ton of questions that were posed in this thread around XFR, differences between 370 and 470 boards, latencies, practical difference between 12 and 14nm, etc. Really good technical read as usual...
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    Intel 10nm/7nm CPU/GPU Rumor Thread : Cannonlake, Icelake, Tigerlake, Sapphire Rapids, etc.

    Very dependent on wild speculative rumors, but I'm really curious if the gaming focused branch of Arctic Sound that Raja is going with will continue in the Kaby Lake G vein. Will that be licensed Navi chiplets? Is this where the rumors of chiplets came from to begin with? I find it hard to...
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    AMD CPU Attack Vectors and Vulnerabilities

    Anandtech also pointed at the strange whois records, they obviously had no real desire to notify AMD with any sort of a proper lead time. registered Feb 22, 2018 and the whitepaper hosted on which was registered June 9, 2017 under the same sort of anonymous...
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    Ryzen Owners Thread

    I generally only run lightweight stuff like a linux box for easy ssh and *nix duties for work, or for small labs to test stuff like docker, chef, etc but I've never noticed anything like that which wasn't expected. I went from 6 core Intel to 6 core AMD and don't feel a noticeable difference in...
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    Latest iPhone Leak Shows Display Cutout, Removal of Home Button

    I don't understand this opinion with people. I have a nexus 5X and honestly can't imagine a better place for a finger print sensor than the back. I may have to compromise with my next phone because there's never a phone that checks all of the boxes and for whatever reason that is the less...
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    Skylake-X (Core i9) - Lineup, Specifications and Reviews!

    At 1.3V. Kyle's review only had to use ~1.2 for that clockspeed and mentioned that going up to 1.25+ started to make things get a little crazy. I can't quite tell what Corsair water cooler they are using, but Kyle's might have been a bit better as far as controlling heat saturation. I think they...
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    Ryzen Owners Thread

    Yeah I've been keeping an eye out for a new video card but the price/performance ratio of the old pitcairn is still tough to beat, it's why they used that core through 3 (4 if you count OEM I think) generations of card families. I generally buy GPUs <=$200 and while I could live with the CPU...
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    Revisiting the Intel i7-930 and Nehalem Microarchitecture

    ^This. My board died and I couldn't justify buying a new one for so much money and still being stuck without the niceties of a modern platform so I had to move on. My 920 and X5650 had some amazing longevity, would probably still be using it for another couple of years if I could have because...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    McDork probably already found the answer, but I was running an X5650 on that board very successfully for about 3 years up until it went on to a better place a couple of months ago. It would require a more recent BIOS update for the CPU to be properly recognized (I think around the F6 release...
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    Ryzen Owners Thread

    My old reliable X58 system (X5650 @ 3.6GHz, 18GB[6+12]) finally gave up the ghost a couple of months ago. The Gigabyte X58A-UD3R v1 seemed to have just up and died one night. I couldn't justify reviving it with a new motherboard, not having native support of PCIE3, USB3, or SATA3 wasn't going to...
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    New AGESA Parameters May Allow for Higher Ryzen RAM Speeds

    My current system may be on its last leg so am watching the ryzen space closely and was hoping to see some of these loose ends tightened up before I have to make a decision on what to get next. This part seemed a little ambiguous as I understand the current state of the memory speed ->...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Ohh free stuff!
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    Microsoft Brings Picture-In-Picture to Windows 10 with Latest Insider Build

    I'm pretty stoked for this too actually, it's the little things. I've been wondering what the hell happened to built in PIP in the past two decades with display devices. Things finally went digital which I assumed would make supporting PIP easier than it used to be and instead it all but...
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    Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K CPU Overclocking Follow-up @ [H]

    Bet you could have gotten 5GHz/3600 if you had switched to cheese. When you lowered your memory clocks did the latency timings improve? I haven't noticed a huge benefit from adding extra bandwidth except synthetic scores but reducing latency can make things feel a bit more snappy as far as...
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    Wanted to see how my old workhorse did here and what effect an older version of HT had on things: X5650 (6c) @ 3.6GHz no turbo 18x200, 18GB (2x3 + 4x3) HT off - 1:28.10 HT on - 1:03.29 I usually keep HT off because 6 threads is more than enough for most jobs and it makes my temps go up a bit...
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    Bruce Dell of Euclideon & Holoverse Interview @ [H]

    Very cool demo glad to see this tech is still kicking around. Reminds me a lot of voxels used in games awhile back. That was my thought after seeing the snail close up also, reminiscent of traditional specular lighting or bump mapping with a bit higher resolution. Lighting and animation seem...
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    Radeon RX 480 Competition Poll

    I know [H] isn't usually one to do things this way and it'd be a time sink, but what about a comparison of similar launch price cards going a couple generations back? I'm the type of buyer who buys a video card for 2+ years of usage and would be really intrigued about what gains I would actually...
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    Let's Talk about Fairly Testing GPU Performance R.E. Warming Up GPUs

    I definitely agree. I actually wasn't sure that H ran through warm-up procedures on the GPU tests because that isn't listed on the Test Setup pages that I've seen. Have you guys been doing this since variable clocks were introduced on GPUs?
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    Concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Use it in a steam machine for the living room and get some 50" gaming action going
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    NVIDIA Multi-Frame Sampled AA Video Card Review @ [H]

    What makes this different from temporal AA? I was never sure why AMD seemed to stop officially supporting that. From what I remember there were framerate limitations but when it worked it was great, and at worst it was still AA at the normal defined setting without being dependent on engine...
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    Lets Frybench!

    Just got my x5650 in the mail and took it for a spin. Forgot to actually save the stock bench but it was just a hair faster than my OC'd 920. Still tweaking things but even at the same clocks it's cooler and scaling nicely.
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    Introducing Microsoft Health & Microsoft Band

    I'm kind of interested in these just as a stats geek. Right now I think the Surge is a better device but I'll wait on reviews of how well these things actually work and integrate to Android and other software before I get one. These seem much more efficient than a smartwatch because all I would...
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    Antec EDGE 550W Power Supply Lucky Draw

    I still haven't moved on to a modular PSU and this one's got a better efficiency rating than mine to boot! It crushes my soul every time I open up my case the sight of those excess cables just hanging there collecting dust.
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    Oxide's StarSwarm out on Steam later today. Performance inside

    Here are my results with a 7870 and an older i7. I wanted to show the difference between 13.11 and 14.1 and then D3D vs. Mantle, but I didn't realize they had updated the benchmark to v1.0 and changed the way it worked before I installed 14.1. I didn't feel like going back and installing 13.11...
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    AMD unveils ARM Opteron a1100 chip

    This feels like a foot in the door release to get their name out there along with the other vendors hitting the streets with their AArch64 chips this year. Given the limited time between AMD announcing they will be developing ARM products and the announcement that they have products in hand I...
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    Sonic Everywhere Pack $14.99 Just saw this over at AT and couldn't really say no. 1. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 2. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 3. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Metal Sonic & Outrun DLC 4. Sonic & Sega...
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    Enermax iVektor Luck Draw - 3 Cases up for grabs!

    Ventilation options/layout.
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    Gonna need a high quality, higher power PSU if santa comes with a new video card this year! A Seasonic S12G would fit the bill perfectly.
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    WARM: Samsung EVO 840 drives at discount

    If you're getting hit with taxes at Amazon now and don't mind non-primeness, B&H also has this for the same price and FS: So tempting...Probably gonna bite, I'm sure it will go down to $299 or $279 at...
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    Car Painted With Heat Sensitive Paint

    This is something I've always wanted to do since I was a kid and had a hotwheels set that changed colors. I would really want to see what a car would look like with some of the stuff that changes to a bunch of different colors instead like this thing. Would probably make people think they were...
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    Fear not, OpenGL will get Mantle like love from AMD as well

    Isn't this how OpenGL has always worked? Official releases of the OpenGL specs are often outpaced by hardware features so the hardware is exposed via extensions. I don't think that tweet means what you think it means. He's just covering their ass...
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    Intel Xeon L5639 Hexa(6) Core LGA1366 Price:US $79.80 Used Ebay Seller

    There's also a pretty extensive thread on AT about this chip. Been thinking about this as an upgrade to my 920 since it's about the only way to go without a complete overhaul. Not entirely sure it would work with my X58A-UD3R v1.0 and I just don't know if I'd really get anything out of it as I...
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    Steam Controller Revealed

    I don't see all that much wrong with it besides that the top shoulder buttons look too close to one another. I like being able to use index and middle fingers independently like the Dual Shock or XBox layout, this looks like you use your index finger only. The extra buttons on the backside will...
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    Inside Unreal Engine 4 Character Aesthetics

    I've always wondered why Epic has never released the actual executables for the Infiltrator, Elemental, and Samaritan demos for people to run. I want to see all the pretty running in real time! This stuff all looks pretty slick. The next couple of years should show some awesome leaps forward...
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    Forbes interview with AMD's Matt Skynner

    So I guess we can infer ~425mm2 for the top end given 551mm2 for GK110. If they can keep their trend of dual GPU cards that will be quite a monster. Pretty much as expected. The bleeding edge process nodes are trending towards preference for low power mobility, not very well suited for...
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    GIGABYTE Updates BRIX Ultra Compact PC

    Where is the Brix XM1 AMD model that they showed at Computex? Bound to be a lot cheaper than a ulv Haswell unit. Still waiting on the mini PC form factor Jaguar models to show their faces. We have a couple older Bobcat ones at the office that work great as little thin clients or portable low...
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    Linux CryENGINE Plans

    PS4 runs off of modified FreeBSD not Linux. I think this has more to do with a movement towards more open gaming platforms than any one individual software/hardware platform by itself. Linux is a good first step and proof of concept, after that it probably won't take much more work to port it to...