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    FS/FT 2006 Kawasaki Brute Force 650cc ATV

    To make it simple to the point. I really need a vehicle that has the following circumstances 4cyl, auto trans, AC and reliable 2d/4d. I have pink slip for ATV and trailer, both are free clear of liens or any judgments. If you have something that is not in the criteria please ask, you never know...
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    For Sale or Trade/Componets

    I have the following stuff for trade or sale. Feedback Heatware: volume9999 Ebay: volume9999 Motorola SB5101 modem (nothing wrong with it selling due to lack of broadband in rural area) $35.00 + $5 shipping Trendnet TEW-672GR (nothing wrong with it selling due to lack of broadband in rural...
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    WTB PCI-E Video Card

    I am looking to find some deals on used/new PCI-E video cards such as the following: 7900 GTX 512/1GB memory 8800 GT/GTX 512/1GB memory Just need a decent card to run Call of Duty 4. I am trying to put a LAN for my family members that have tight wallets and want everything for free. If...
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    My faith in GOD has allowed me to win this contest! Cheers! :)
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    Verizon CTO Sees Eventual Move to Metered Broadband

    I will tell you this....I will simply just turn off the internet services and learn how to live without internet. I am tired of big business and big government. I am tired of paying more taxes for the US government. I am very disappointed in my American brothers and sisters that have chosen...
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    First attempt on a serious OC *need tips*

    Hardware: E6600 Abit Fatal1ty in9 650i chipset SLI Kingston Hyper 5-5-5-18 (1066 rated speed) 2.30 V 250 GTS BFG 650W PSU If i touch the multiplier it wont boot peroid. Left it at stock "9". PCI set to 33.33 and PCI-E set to 100 E6600 at 1.412 V OC to 3.4 speed 378x4 @1512 Temp...
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    Won a AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE. Need a Mobo.

    For the Gigabyte 790x-UD4P It says it supports hypertransport 5200/2000 3.0 version. I am confused if the HT is rated for 2000 = meaning 4000 bus. Why are some mobos saying they support 5200/2600 when there is no AMD with over 4000 bus? I am thinking about buying this board for keeps...
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    FS: Core 2 Duo E6600 + Asus P5W DH Deluxe Mobo + Scythe Ninja HSF

    Everything works as it should! Bump for good guy!
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    Help with Server Configuration for LAN Game/FTP

    I have the following hardware: E6600 Asus P5W 4Giz DDR2 Build in 10/100 or can do PCI 10/100 Server Antec Case Hard Drives 3xSata 2 160GB (Can do raid (O/1/5) (take 2 HD for Raid 0) (3rd HD for files network) 1xSata 2 320 GB (important pictures and stuff) 1xIDE 133 120GB (OS...
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    Dell + UPS = 1600 Mile Road Trip To Get Your Monitor

    Stop buying shit from Dell and other companies. I do not buy crap from computer companies that bundle so called great deals. You people remind me how screwed up the federal gov't is. When are we taking control back for ourselves than depending on others to take care of our problems? This is...
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    WTB Motherboard/Processor/Fan

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    What does AMD have to offer me?

    I think you have too much money and should embrace Obama's policies of spread the wealth with a few donations of your 7i systems to me! :D As for AMD.....think of it this AMD to keep intel in check so they don't run away with higher prices.
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    WTB Motherboard/Processor/Fan

    Looking to build my local COD4 server. I have everything except for motherboard/processor/fan/IO part I would prefer the motherboard accepts PCI-E 16x and uses DDR 2 800mhz. Just need something to run windows XP and server COD4 24/7. Thanks
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    FS Coolermaster PSU 600W

    Get this moving or i will use it as a back up...
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    FS Coolermaster PSU 600W

    $35.00 shipped
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    FS Coolermaster PSU 600W

    $40.00 shipped Last bump before I keep it as spare.
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    FS Coolermaster PSU 600W I will sell it $45.00 shipped Low hours...sold off my other computer parts to another [H] member and he was happy with it all. I accept PP/Money Order
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    FS computer parts

    $75 for combo and $50 for PSU
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    FS computer parts

    Asus P5B mobo Pentium D 820 cpu 2 gig Kingston ddr2 667 Evga 7900 GT All above for $100 shipped Coolermaster 600W PSU $65.00 shipped Let's get this going!
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    FS computer parts

    I think buyer above backed out so the computer parts are up for sale..I am dropping it to $200.00
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    Win XP okay for X58 Core i7?

    I don't see why not? since it is a single socket you should be fine.
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    FS computer parts

    Items are sold and Deep thank you to the buyer!
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    FS computer parts

    Coolermaster 600W PSU $65.00 shipped ---> now $50.00 I think buyer backed out so I am dropping the price to $200.00. I need your help people to sell off these computer parts. I am raising capital to purchase an XD subcompact pistol for these uncertain times we live in. My family...
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    WTB Office 2003

    And welcome to 2003!
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    WTB Office 2003

    Office 2003
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    Recommend PCI/PCI-E RAID card for Sata2

    Would be the Pentium D 820 The video card is 7600GT Actually the computer is just hooked up to network cable and that it. I log onto it using remote and access the files through network on windows. I wasn't sure if the computer would function without a video card.
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    WTB Office 2003

    I would like to know if anyone has Genuine Office 2003 CD for sale. Thanks
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    Recommend PCI/PCI-E RAID card for Sata2

    Okay thank you... My hardware for this RAId set up will be on the following Asus P5B 2 GB DDR 4x160GB Sata2 1x120GB = Os install I don't want to use my Abit motherboard for the RAID card since it is used for SLi already and onboard RAID 0 for games.
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    Recommend PCI/PCI-E RAID card for Sata2

    I meant to say PCI or PCI-X that small micro connector on the motherboard. Software or Hardware....doesn't matter to me.
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    Recommend PCI/PCI-E RAID card for Sata2

    I am looking to make a nice file back up server and want to look into Raid cards. $100.00 is budget.. I am looking for something that is reliable and proven. Will have 4x160 GB Sata Just back wide variety of data. I have used Raid 0 1 and 5 I prefer Raid 5... I am sure there...
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    Free subscription to Motorcyclist magazine

    Thanks...I know I will enjoy those!!!
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    How badly will an Athlon 64 3400+ bottlneck a 4850?

    I am a little confused on your statements concerning bottlenecks. I thought this poster was using AGP platform and the 3400 AMD is plenty fast. I though using high resolutions would cause bottle necks on his system? I figured if moving to PCi-E the bandwith is there therefore the CPU would...
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    How badly will an Athlon 64 3400+ bottlneck a 4850?

    That CPU shouldn't bottle neck the videocard unless you play ultra high resolutions.
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    Intel push-pins (RANT!)

    Sometimes corporations are so greedy that they don't want to overhaul a design that will take away any profits when the current design is good enough in their own eyes. We customers only have the choice to buy not to buy the product. Please keep in mind sometimes engineers want to fix some short...
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    Intel push-pins (RANT!)

    What is wrong with us these days? Don't we got something to really complain about besides some short coming on engineer's parts when they design platforms? Here use these types of coolers.... It uses a bracket that goes...