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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    one person, many laptops
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    anyone here use both a Mac and PC?

    I'm used to Windows so I use that on my main machine(s). But since I bought a MBP I've been seeing the light and that some tasks are easier on a Mac than on a Windows machine. Plus, it makes my brain exercise in the morning when I switch between the two.
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    Microsoft Announces New Back-to-School Offer for Students

    hmm... xbox 360 or iPod Touch? It makes me wish I was a student.
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    Kid Arrested For Facebook List that Ranks Girls

    We used to do that years ago! The difference was that we didn't distribute it via chatrooms on AOL - we kept it on the sneakernet.
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    Clean Your Damn Computer!!!

    I found a bunch of roaches in a customer's toshiba laptop. I thought I was doing him a favor by cleaning it and making it work after he said last week it worked, but when my boss came in and noticed the customer's name, he said trash it. That customer's house is full of roaches and he brought...
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    Win A Lawsuit Against Best Buy, Get Banned For Life

    I wonder if he's banned from the website also?
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    Porn Company Amassing 1-800 Numbers

    Will they buy 0118 999 881 999 119 7253 in the UK?
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    Man Tries To Rob Store Using A PS3 Controller

    He should have used a NES zapper.
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    Radiation Plume Reaches U.S

    I thought Hawaii was part of the US? Weren't we supposed to get hit by this "low radiation" first?
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    How To Drive Away From a Tsunami

    Here in Hawaii, you better watch which direction you're going, or else you can drive from one coast to another in a few minutes.
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    Text 911 in an Emergency?

    The number to text 911 will be a long one, like in the IT Crowd.
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    Laptops Could Cause Fried Eggs

    I thought it's "roasted nuts" since the ladies has the eggs...
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    Apple Sold More iPads Than Macs

    I bought one, and they get you with accessories: keyboard, camera kit, case extra charging adapters, etc. Yes, I have a netbook (and a laptop, and a desktop, and a cell phone, and a zune HD) but the iPad has instant on and dare I say it, everything is simplified and works. The one thing I like...
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    The WTF Picture of the Day

    What's worse, is that the 2nd pic has a gizmodo watermark. WTF?
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    Thoughts on Android Tablet...?

    I have a Flatpad (basically a rebadged ZT-180) and the Android OS still needs work to be used on a tablet, or Google needs to replace it with the Chrome OS. The Flatpad has terrible wifi issues (always dropping the connection while surfing even though I haven't moved an inch) and the battery...
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    15” Dual Screen Acer Laptop

    It also reminds me of a huge Nintendo DS. And personally, I like having a tactical feedback on my keyboard. If anything, they should expand the trackpad to the entire width of the keyboard and replace the wrist rest area with the touchscreen. Oh well, at least with this, you can connect an...
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    Donkey Kong Playing Donkey Kong

    yo dawg...
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    FaceTime Not Just For Faces

    Didn't this happen when laptops got cameras?
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    Combating Camera Blur

    I thought I was still browsing craigslist looking at cars when I visited the front page. Oh, and remove that bra. (*insert that what he said comments here*)
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    For folks with Zune HD over 4 months......

    I'm used to controlling my iPod touch via my steering wheel controls, or stereo controls. I don't like to fiddle with my zune to change the song, all the wile trying to keep my eyes on the road, and shift at the same time. I guess I'm picky in the songs I want to hear at the moment, because...
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    For folks with Zune HD over 4 months......

    Got mines last year, and I still use it because of the zune pass. The only thing I don't like about it is the inability to control it from my car (I can listen to it via aux or fm radio though) and I love the wireless sync - good when you misplaced your proprietary cable. Posted via [H] Mobile...
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    Using The iPad is Like Masturbation

    Using The iPad is Like Masturbation... either way you're screwing yourself?
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    Next iPod Touch to Get Camera and FaceTime Video Chat

    Right now, I'm so used to the Zune marketplace, I'm not going to buy any other audio player without a similar model ('all you can eat' for one price).
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    GTA Makes You Burn Down Houses

    Next, people will start gang wars, rob stores, and parachute from buildings. Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    High-Tech Carbon Fiber Toilet?

    Now, to put a chrome spinning flush handle, neon lights, and a 10 speaker sound system.
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    Tool-less installation... anyone actually like these things?

    Personally, I don't like them. I already have the screwdrivers out to secure the motherboard, why shouldn't I use them to secure the rest of my components into my computer case?
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    Apple's iPhone on the T-Mobile network as soon as this fall

    Same thing that happened before apple's WWDC - everyone expected apple to release the iphone for verizon. I'll believe it when I see it on the shelves. Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Intel Solid-State Drives Now Available at Best Buy

    Eh, we're used to it. Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    The E Rope Charges Your Devices

    E-Rope = sex+bondage play
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    Craigslist Thieves Stealing Cars on Test Drives

    Did anyone else think of GTA:IV's "I'll take her" mission, where the main character finds a used car online, contacts the owner for a test drive, then takes the car and her along with it?
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    Duke Nukem Forever Lawsuits Settled

    Wait, if they'll release DNF, then won't they have to make a sequel afterwards? I wonder how long that'll take? Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    When Nerds Graduate

    Well, that's one cap he doesn't want to throw up into the air.
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    Gizmodo Banned from WWDC

    Man, first CES, then WWDC? They should call themselves 'banmodo'.
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    3 Indicted in $100m Rogue Antivirus Ring

    They should display them so all IT techs can do some harm for every computer we fixed because of their software.
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    Overly Obvious Statement of the Day

    am I the only one who read the quote as Lazlow from GTA?
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    Help building a new computer

    Thanks for the help.
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    Help building a new computer

    I'm looking within 6 months to a year with my schedule.
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    Help building a new computer

    Oh, well, then I'll adjust accordingly. Honestly, when I'm planning on doing a major renovating on my desk, as I want to have a swing out swivel arm from the wall (my monitor is on the desk right now) so I don't know if there's a difference in power needed to run it. I bought it around...
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    Help building a new computer

    Yeah, sorry, '7 Pro. I just need a way to connect remotely with my other computers.
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    Help building a new computer

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Playing games, specifically GTA:IV/EFLC, along with basic web browsing and running vmware if I can't bear to wipe and install another OS on my other computers I'm currently using my Asus g50vt-x5 laptop as my computer...