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    Upgraded joysticks: well worth it!

    I did not have to do anything software-wire, but i did recalibrate them with the built in calibration tool in the command line and adjusted the dead zone to be smaller. That rub you feel is most likely the wire that is seen in my pics catching the joystick. If you are feeling adventurous, you...
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    FS: Asus ROG Claymore 2 Gaming Keyboard (Red Switches)

    its been 2 hours. anyone know where he lives so we can call the coroner?
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    FS: Asus ROG Claymore 2 Gaming Keyboard (Red Switches)

    aight. maybe someone will trade me $$$ so i can trade it to you. i just posted all my crap for sale lol
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    FS: Asus ROG Claymore 2 Gaming Keyboard (Red Switches)

    Thats a really cool keyboard. Want to trade a bunch of other mice and keyboards for it? :P
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    FS/FT: Gaming peripherals

    leftovers from xmas gifting to the kids. I buy stuff on sale all year round and let the kids pick out of a huge pile lol also a few used items that got replaced and such. All prices are shipped. If you are in north FL, we can meet up and knock $5 off new Logitech Wireless Pro Lightspeed -...
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    FS: Ubiquiti Switch Pro 48 POE

    bump. open to offers. need sold asap
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    FS: Ubiquiti Switch Pro 48 POE

    pics product page Like new 48 port POE switch that has been barely used. About 1 year old, 100% functional. (40) GbE, PoE+ RJ45 ports (8) GbE, PoE++ RJ45 ports (4) 10G SFP+ ports $850 shipped to one of you fine folks
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    Ridge Wallet 15% off

    i bought a cheapo swiss wallet on amazon years and years ago and it finally wore out. I went looking for a new one and settled on...the exact same one since it worked so well and met all my requirements. a fatty wallet that can dock a slim one would be baller for days you know you wont need...
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    Ridge Wallet 15% off

    i carry way too much crap to ever use one of these, but they looks really cool. way better looking than the ridge and cheaper. there are also a ton of files to 3d print one for pennies
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    Revised Killswitch case that no longer contains a magnet that messes with the fan. Dbrand left a funny reminder on the back about their mistake

    Also, the new case barely fits in the OEM carrying case. The bump on the back for the new kickstand sticks out and causes a poor fit in the case. I am not sure if i am even going to use the new one since i do not really utilize the kickstand, but it is super cool of Dbrand to send a free...
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    Cooling a stock 7900X

    That old mobo reminds me of the Foxcon ones i used to get! My 5900x would idle at 50-60C until i ramped up my fans a bit. Though, i am running a NH-D15 but i had to remove one of the fans for clearance so i gimped myself a bit. Have you reseated the cooler and checked that the...
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    Amazon: 2TB SK Hynix Platinum P41 - $181.99

    XPG SX8200 Pro 2TB is $140 on amazon right now. These have been my go-to drives and have been solid for me.
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    DARK CORE RGB PRO - My new favorite mouse

    I got the DARK CORE RGB PRO for christmas to replace my Corsair Scimitar that was getting wonky. The scroll wheel would scroll the opposite direction and clicking it would be hit or miss whether it would actually work. i am LOVING the new one. The biggest feature is the optional attachment...
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    Anybody using their steam deck as either their main or secondary pc?

    I won't be using it as a PC at all, BUT i did plug it into my Lenovo dock at work just to see and it picked up all 3 monitors, mouse and keyboard and all. Also a monitor with USB disply in worked great, so it is definitely possible to use it as a daily driver if you had nothing else. I...
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    Can we post Other portable devices here or is it just the Steam deck?

    I am personally tired of people comparing other handhelds to the steamdeck since the price and support are nowhere near the deck, BUT i do like reading about the other devices and new innovations. My opinion doesnt matter at all, but as long as this forum doesnt get overrun with those...
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    Best/worst computer brands.

    I suppose I did post before reading fully. My comment definately sounds like it leans towards someone building a PC, but a prebuilt with the listed brands would probably better than an acer, ibuypower or w/e
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    Best/worst computer brands.

    Desktop: MSI. ASUS, Crucial, AData, Corsair, EVGA, SeaSonic Laptop: HP (love my Omen 15), Lenovo, Dell is hit or miss, but really good when it hits. MSI, Asus
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    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    I was an EVGA fanboy. I tried just about every other brand but EVGA cards always just worked, OC'd better, their support was top notch and they looked amazing to boot
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    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    I will get an EVGA FTW3 ULTRA...oh...wait...:(
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    8800GTS 512MB -- Windows XP or Win 7?

    There is a program called StartAllBack that you can run on Windows 11 that makes it look like older OSes. That would give you better security along with the "retro" look. You could also run linux and maybe take inspriration from the Retro Pi stuff
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    What are you playing on your deck?

    stupid fun. I went in hoping it was like Enter the Gungeon(another game that i still pick up for mindless fun), but its almost as addictive as Vampire Survivors IMO
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    The favorite games you played in 2022

    I finally played God of War (2016) last year so Ragnarok was fresh on my mind when it came out revently and they are easily 2 of my favorite games of all times. Elden Ring is one of my favorites as well. I beat that game over and over and still pick it up once in a while to just dink around...
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    Why 'zero' a HDD other than security?

    if you have too many 1s next to eachother and an error occurs, they may topple over and the more standing next to eachother will cause a cascading downfall effect. oh wait, no i am thinking of dominos.
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    4TB pcie4 nvme drive. Auction

    Doesnt ebay take like 10% or more? wouldnt it net you more money to just post here on the for sale page or somewhere like reddit's hardware exchange?
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    Steam Deck Tips & Tricks

    if you ever run into the issue of these commands not working, restart the steam client, or in my case while in desktop mode, start it.
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    4TB pcie4 nvme drive. Auction

    damn, this would make a hell of a cache drive in unraid...wish i wasnt poor atm lol
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    What are you doing with your hardware if you stopped mining?

    That is a neat idea. What would you be using ML for? And i can attest to just how pricey upgrading the network can get...i just bought a Unifi Dream Machine SE and now on top of that i need to get 10gb cards, SFPs and new cables for my servers which sucks. Luckily my desktop has built in...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D $299.99

    Any noticable differences?
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    Upgraded joysticks: well worth it!

    I recently installed the Gulikit electromagnetic sticks in my deck and they are awesome. I was able to reduce the dead zone to the lowest setting possible, but settled on just a few ticks above that for usability. They are remarkably responsive now and i dont have to worry about stick drift...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I just rebuilt my plex server with unraid and 30Tb of space! any invites available currently?
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    Oculus Quest 2

    I kind of regret getting my Index. I see them selling used in great condition for half price, so you may want to pick up a used one! Worth it at that price lol
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    What are you doing with your hardware if you stopped mining?

    Mining may be dead/dying, but scammers will never go away. Maybe i will make a massive host for gaming VMs to lug to lan parties and everyone can use thin clients
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    What are you doing with your hardware if you stopped mining?

    I stopped mining after the ETH event. I have sold several of my GPUs, but i have an 8 bay 2400W mining rig that is just sitting around now. What are you guys doing with your stuff? And is there a place to sell/buy gear for mining specifically? I am working on getting 100 posts so i can sell...
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    Noctua NH-D15 30% off, $99 at Amazon

    i was about to say...i am pretty sure i got it for like $90 a while back.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D $299.99

    i just got a plain was a great price, but damn it lol. worth upgrading!?
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    What are you protecting your steam deck with?

    I like it. Almost looks like copper in the pic but it might be different IRL. Reminds me of the Nissan 370Z copper color they offer. I am amazed how precicely they cut these skins. They almost look like it came that way
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    Are souls type games your cup of tea?

    I suuuuuuck at sekiro. I never got gud at parrying in souls and it shows. I need to look up a noob guide on basic mechanics for it because i try to play it like elden ring and it never works
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    Deck Accessories? Skins\Shells\Docks\etc tell us what we must have and post what you have. Likes\Dislikes etc.

    the killswitch case is really nice. it fits in the carry case that came with it. i didnt opt for the weird snap on case cover thing since i wanted to use the case to carry the charger in the back.
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    What are you protecting your steam deck with?

    I have the Dbrand Killswitch and a skin i got on etsy to keep mine in tip top shape. No screen protector since i have the 512gb matte screen. Would love a mater protector but i havent found yet. Did i post this just to show off my skin? noooooo, totally not. Either way, this should spark a...