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    Win 10 for Workstations

    Only Xeon CPUs with 32 or more cores/threads are the multi die family 92xx and only available for OEM. Epyc CPUs with 32/48/64 cores are available for everyone willing to buy them.
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    Heatsink for Dual CPU setup?

    I use cooler master 412 EVO and 412S in my asus Z9 and Z10 boards . No problen with RAM sticks. They are more affordable than Noctuas's
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    My new build - 2xGTX1070, 2xE5-2660

    I like a lot you put that mobo is that box. Was it difficult to drill holes to attach the motherboard or did you use another method? and the power supply?
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    Going to dive in a build a "Affordable" dual 2011-3 pc, PLEASE i need help with mobo choice

    My 2xe5-2697 v2 works with non ecc RAM, it is in a Z9pE-d8 but in v3 and v4 systems I have used registered ecc RAM. Mobos I've used are asus Z10PE-D8 and Z10PA-D8. The supermicro you linked is also a good choice.
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    Xeon and Memory...

    It will work, you will use two out of the four memory channles the CPUs have but it will work perfectly.
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    The new "died in the line of duty" thread

    I also have got two of these Z8NA-D6 boards but still going strong, the older one will turn 5 years by December, just one DIMM slot not working and one PSU substituted, I revamped it around one year and a half ago with two cheap X5660s, better coolers and one HD7950. Final destiny after a really...
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    Just to note that it has not been validated by the Dennis investigators yet. They are in holidays and until September will not perform the validation of the optimised application.
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    The CPU utilisation you're seeing is probably just what you GPU Einstein units need to run. If you show the processes tab in the Task Manager we will see which programs are using the CPU.
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    Not totally right, in all BOINC projects you can define 4 profiles with different settings that can be assigned to different computers: default, work, home and school.
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    Z9PE-D8-WS Rig cannot POST after GTX770 install

    It is a known old issue with that motherboard not fully solved yet. ES chips? Try with last BIOS, try with one card in PCI#3, most successfull one among they all. couple links...
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    HAF XB Server - Dual Xeon Sandy Bridge-EP LGA 2011

    Hi SonataSys, Could you tell us how is the system going on? Are you happy with it? thanks
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    Teaser time

    Nathan, Nice, efficient build, what flavour are your spicy chips? A0,B0,C0? and what BIOS are you using? thanks
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    AMD 4P Burning and Prep for OC?

    :) was just thinking power consumption is a little high for his configuration but good IPM link :cool:, sure I have no clue how it works
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    AMD 4P Burning and Prep for OC?

    460 watts for you config..., have you an external graphic card mounted?
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    Ultimate F@H chips?

    The show is going on for a while, don't be afraid to make your own appearance :)