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    Should I just get a 4070Ti?

    It's from Hardware Unboxed twitter account
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    Dolphin Emulator coming to Steam

    They can sue them and drag them through the courts. Win or loose, just to make it hard for the them and potentially kill emulator that way. However in today's world... not sure Nintendo wants to turn players agianst them by doing it.
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    AMD shows off FSR3 with Frame Interpolation

    That would be combining interpolation with some type of foveated rendering. Possible? probably. Will it get done? erhm.... not likely imho. But you never know :)
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    Linus Media Group YouTube Channels Hacked

    If working to get stuff sponsored is now shilling... you people are loosing it. ... probably not as much as you think. It's Canada, not America.
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    Looking at a Deco Gear 35: monitor. No good?

    Another brand that tends to target the same sorta price catagory would be Sceptre, if you want to broaden your search abit :)
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    Linus Media Group YouTube Channels Hacked

    Funny you bring up the talking about pay thing. That is changing in British Columbia this year and that change was proposed, this month. Meaning that rather quickly (by about Nov 1st, 2026 at the latest) they will not legally be allowed to do that anymore...
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    Is it really that simple?

    4090 if price isn't an issue and you want top everything performance 7090XTX if price is being considered and top RT performance doesn't matter. Either one will serve you very well. But the 4090's RT performance is nothing to be scoffed at, it's really damn impressive. Howerver the price is...
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    Counter-Strike 2 Officially Announced by Valve for Summer 2023 Launch, Limited Test Incoming Today

    Agree'ed. The nade clearning it a temp way... fine... but the bullets being able to punch holes is kinda silly. A swirl effect would really cool, but it clearing smoke doesn't make much sense.
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    ATI’s Acquisition To AMD: A Look Into Various Engineering Samples & Prototypes From A Saner Era

    Cool look back. But the article is almost none-sense. Suggesting that AMD Zen 4 CPU chips share tech with ATi R600 GPU chips... has to be typo of some type. Because that sounds like complete bs.
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    Ghostwire: Tokyo

    It really is a very visually appearling game imho. Not to mention, it's setting really lends it self well to displays with a better handling of blacks and dark tones.
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    Planar Magnetic worth it?

    Got the HiFi-Man/Drop HE-5xx and love em :)
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    Need accurate positional surround sound for headphones

    I mean CS:Go already has a great built in 3D hrtf. Never did try comparing it though :) It's alright. It's alot better than it used to be.
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    That isn't very often true in tech though. Tech history is littered with example of tech that fails at first, only to be refined by some one else to great success.
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    Sorta... most of this stuff related to data science and ML. Some of that can be helpful to game development... but quickly going through it also seems to suggest all these things would also wall you into having to use nVidia hardware? I'll keep reading, kinda cool anyway. Thanks for the share...
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    None of that is really related to gaming. That said, I think they did open sourced PhysX in 2019. I don't think nVidia has a page listing stuff more related to gaming that is open source. *late edits, sorry. Didn't like how it read*
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    ... nVidia is currently offering one of the worst price/performance ratios in decades and at the highest prices we have ever had. So that's a bitter pill for what amounts to the only new feature being Frame Generation. Sorry, but "Value is more than $ cost of a product."... sounds like an ad...
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    "value is a king"... that's a pretty hard sentiment to take to heart for todays pricing. Especially if you advocating for nVidia.
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    :lol: very true. The 7900XTX and 4090 are already pushing the power limits imho. You start getting much higher and...well most of us cannot dedicate an entire circuit to our PC setups.
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    My guess as to why a consumer grade MCM hasn't been done, is the logic for the 2 GPU cores has to be entirely on die and be perfect. Because in enterprise setups, it's not a big deal for the software to be the interaction layer for multiple GPU's. Since allot of software in research and servers...
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    The 7900 is already using a chiplet design. The only thing left to do is a consumer grade MCM videocard like the Instinct series.
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    It's worth noting that AMD is already doing MCM for CDNA2, the non-consumer grade graphics hardware(Radeon Instinct). But getting cost affordable to consumer grade is likely an issue still. But I bet we will see CDNA3 MCM for enterprise and research grade hardware.
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    I'm ok with not making it. The price nVidia is charging for the 4090 is absolutely bonkers and I'd hate for it to be normalized by all parties going after a price point that is bad for gamers and bad for PC gaming. As getting that expensive is not good for any of us. It's bad enough paying a...
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    Recommend a replacement for 2 24" 1920x1200 monitors

    You could look at Super Ultrawides, so 32:9 monitors. Like the Samsung G9 series, or the ones that predate it, the RG90 or CHG90 that are more affordable. Samsung RG90 - 5120 x 1440 @ 120hz...
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    AMD Could Tease DLSS 3-rivaling FSR 3.0 at GDC 2023

    Going to take allot more than this to compensate for decades of that mind set at nVidia. Which also is apparently a Jensen down problem, so I remain extremely skeptical it will ever change so long as the jacket is in charge.
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    AMD Could Tease DLSS 3-rivaling FSR 3.0 at GDC 2023

    Streamline sounds great, but nVidia is the wrong company to be doing it and it's likely going to absolutely screw us. I hope I'm wrong.
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    AMD Could Tease DLSS 3-rivaling FSR 3.0 at GDC 2023

    Unless you honestly need a nVidia only features (like say you need Cuda cores to accelerate something or need NVENC) there is nothing wrong with Radeon hardware if the price/performance fits your needs. Fanboy's be fanboys though. It doesn't work as well at lower frame rates. That is part of...
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    Current state of PhysX? Is it well and truly dead?

    That generally was using the software version of the engine, no one really enabled or used the hardware side. The hardware accelerated version is very much dead at this point. With nothing released in almost 8yrs with the tech I think?
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    RTX is a joke

    To be fair though... in some ways Dyinglight 1 looks better than Dying Light 2 in non-RT mode. They skimped on the non-RT version in Dyinglight 2. Which can be ok, if thats what makes sense for their development and the game.(and I would say DylingLight 2 is a good game for RT given it's...
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    RTX is a joke

    RT can be great, when it's well implemented. However, when the raster is really well done... especially when it uses tech that really isn't far off RT or is pre-calculated RT based, then it's benefits can feel very not worth it. Imho it really depends on the game. Not everything is going to...
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    Need accurate positional surround sound for headphones

    Yeah good audio in the right games can make a very large difference. I'm not a huge fan of COD for instance, but the current games and engine have 3D ray traced audio. The abilty to track people by sound alone can be pretty stellar. No need for SBX, CMSS and the like in an instance that a game...
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    RDNA 3, Driver 23.1.2 fixes AMD Mesh Shader performance issue, 7900 XT/XTX (Update: Maybe Not)

    I think the only game using them yet is maybe Fornite? As I think UE5's Nanite system can make use mesh shaders if the hardware is present.
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    More DLSS...

    That all mostly comes down to them removing the sharpening pass. This was done specifically because it was causing an over sharpen artifact called "Haloing" that would snap in and out of view during movement. This was super apparent on fine details or high contrast areas of the image. Trees in...
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    AtlasOS, a redesigned Windows 10 version for gamers?

    I bet the difference is so meaningless low on mid to high tier modern hardware, and games, that the extra effort to be running this is a complete waste of time.
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    Hot Spot on Red Devil 7900 XTX LE

    102 c, not F :p, according to your screenshots. But does performance drop at all? Or does the frame rate stay stable?
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    Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 57" 7680x2160 super ultrawide (mini-LED)

    lol, no? I mean just like 21:9 vs 16:9 or 16:9 vs 4:3. It just makes for a more enveloped experience. Will it make you a better gamer? No, but these sort of advancements in aspect ratio never really have. It's just another layer to pull you further into the game. Hardly a waste. But needed...
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    4070ti 800$ no thanks nvidia! My 3080 is lookin better and better everyday.

    Basically nothing, but not entirely nothing. If I take alook right now... 7900XT From Canada Computers... There are XT's available on-line and in store/pickup. From MemoryExpress... There are XT's available in store/pickup only (In BC, Alberta & Ontario). Out of Stock on-line :\ 7900 XTX...
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    Bluetooth audio, OSX and Sony LDAC headphones

    Support for a codec like LDAC comes down to the OS and/or Drivers. In the case of LDAC, Apple just doesn't support it in MacOS. The only way to get around that would seem to be a Bluetooth enabled DAC with LDAC support. Interested to see if anyone else has another options.
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    Monitor that auto-senses input

    Auto Input select is pretty common place. However I haven't seen it work super reliably when all inputs have a cable connected. You would be better off using an external switcher like... I used one of these in my HomeTheatre setup so all consoles...