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    FS: Amazon Gift Cards!

    bump for a great seller, very easy to work with
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    AMD Radeon VII Unboxing and Teardown Video @ [H]

    Nice video, looking forward to the full review.
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    FS: EVGA GTX 980 Classified -- Price Lowered

    PM'd about the SC
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    Korean 1440p IPS monitors - $200 or less [REFURBS]

    any clue what the actual difference is between the POTALION 2720QWG and the POTALION 2710QWG ? The ebay listings show different response times and brightness, but I'm skeptical of the specs in the listings.
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    Hyperloop Startup Has a Dream Team and $8.5 Million in Funding

    Yup. This is exactly why the automobile never took off :rolleyes:
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    New Sony Walkman Is $1,200

    I didn't even know they made portable vinyl devices.
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    Mozilla Ends Relationship With Google, Starts One With Yahoo

    maybe its just me and my internet connect that is 8 times faster than the US average but the internet is like super fast amirite?
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    Korean 1440p IPS monitors - $200 or less [REFURBS]

    what made you choose the Potalions?
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    Skyrim - $5 @ Steam

    couldn't pass at that price. Thanks, Ocean
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    HOT!!! - Seasonic Platinum 1000W PSU - $149.99

    I couldn't imagine basing a purchasing decision off newegg reviews. This deal is hot.
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    We “Will Be Paying No Ransom,” Vows Town

    Because everyday police officers in small towns ubiquitously know how to use linux.
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    Devil's Canyon Running At 5.5GHz On Air

    What's the hype? My 2500k "will do 5.0 ghz on air" enough for a twitter pic :o.
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    So how many of you are going to?

    why the click-bait title?
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    USB 3.1 Is on Its Way This Year

    the stuff dreams are made of
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    EVGA Torq X10 mouse up for pre-order

    It had better be insanely comfortable to justify looking that ridiculous
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    Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones $150 @ Amazon. 1 hour left!

    They're a good deal at this price, and are among the most comfortable. Definitely not too much pressure even for a larger head.
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    FBI ‘Grappling’ With Hiring Policy About Smoking Weed

    Tell me those facebook pages aren't the official sites for the campaigns :rolleyes:
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    Why Tablets Are Failing Miserably In Higher Education

    I get the point you're making but I disagree -- a graphing calculator is actually useful. It serves a purpose, and does its job better than any reasonable alternative. A tablet in the academic setting is just the bastard child of a laptop that is missing a few chromosomes or something.
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    Seagate 600 series 480gb SSD SATA III $199 A/R

    Amazing deal. I wouldn't hesitate for a second if I had any use for a SSD right now.
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    Great Sale on Origin Games

    you generally want to include the game names, and prices in the title when it is such a short list. And a link would be nice. Heres Titanfall standard edition pc download for $35.99
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    Whatever Happened To Blu-ray?

    the buffering is finished well before the game of charades that precedes the actual film on BluRay ;)
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    Sandisk Ultra Plus 256GB SSD $109 with coupon @ Tigerdirect If you still have the $10 off April Fools coupon to get it down to $109 which is a hot price for those in California.
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    Bitcoin Miner Found in Malicious Google Play Apps

    none of the users noticed their phone spike to 60*C after installing a new kitty cat wallpaper?
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    GTX 770 2GB, 4GB or Wait?

    I picked up a 4gb 770. Wasn't a huge mistake, but I wouldn't recommend it. That being said, if you want to buy a used 770 4gb let me know ;) go with the 780 imo
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    The Inevitable Arrival Of Subscription-Based Windows

    Looks like I'm late to make the point -- but I would also pay $100 annually for Microsoft Windows and Office Suite. Sadly, I doubt they would sell it to me at that price, and instead would rent it to me on a per-device basis. Buying software on a subscription-based, per-device service? I'm not...
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    Gigabyte 7970's

    doubt these will last long
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    WTTF: BF4 key for Banished (Steam gift)

    bump to get ashmelev75 a fun game.
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    How Many Peeps Can A .50 Cal Go Through?

    Odd question, but is that the actual audio from 0:56-1:00?
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    FS: Lenovo Y500

    any chance you're interested in This EVGA GTX 770 FTW 4GB GPU as part of a trade?
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    Seagate 600 SSD 480 GB $229 at TD

    Doubt you'll regret it at these prices.
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    FS: Amazon/Starbucks Gift Cards, 3770K, 256GB SSD, P8Z77-I, FT03B-MINI, PSU, Fans!

    Bump for a great seller, and good communicator. Will buy again.
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    Powercolor RMA - replace 7950 with a R9 280

    Nice try, powercolor rep. But seriously, that's a sweet RMA.
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    WTT/WTS binned 2500K

    My mistake. More threads*
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    Amazon Launches Fire TV

    Once they get HBO go, I'll get one.
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    WTT/WTS binned 2500K

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    Corsair H100i $69.99

    I'll give it a try.