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    Looking at a new HTPC

    Not too worried about performance, I was more wondering about noise and heat. I suppose I can still get the other drive if this one doesn't work out and use the 500GB for storage elsewhere.
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    Looking at a new HTPC

    So I cheaped out and ordered the 500GB Green drive from ZZF because it was a pretty decent deal with the motherboard. Am I going to regret and/or notice this?
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    Asus M3N78-VM $65 shipped

    Props to OP and ZipZoomfly should give you a tip. Just ordered $200 worth of htpc parts there because of this deal.
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    Looking at a new HTPC

    I think 320gb will be enough to start. Ideally, I want some sort of attached storage storage for media files, back-ups, etc. at some point. Though, if that doesn't work out, I could always drop a 1-2tb drive in this machine I guess. That hot swap enclosure is really cool but I think I will...
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    Looking at a new HTPC

    Hi everyone! Been a really long time since I've posted anything here but I'm looking to build a new htpc and I need the [H] stamp of approval before I buy. So, I think it will primarily be used for streaming shows, etc. from the internet at first but there may be a few upgrades I'm interested in...
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    P2P is Robbing Corn Farmers!?

    Popcorn sales at movies are down because it costs fuckin' $10 for a tiny bucket. So, in trying to capitalize on a captive market they just drove people away from buying that product. L2notbemoneygrubbingjackasses and I might buy popcorn at the movies again.
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    X2 4800 303.90 free shipping ZZF

    $294.00 + $8 shipping at mwave... slightly cheaper
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    Try using DScaler. The lag is because the 150 has an mpg encoder on it. I think dscaler will bypass that and then you shouldn't experience the lag (at least I've heard).
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    Meedio is history

    free beta:
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    Hot? Dell SB Inspiron 9400 Core Duo + 17" screen $999

    I think OSX runs only on Mac notebooks. But windows can run on the new Macs, too.
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    Hot? Dell SB Inspiron 9400 Core Duo + 17" screen $999

    Here's a stupid question... why do you get to pick between 2 different speeds of RAM?
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    awesome 7800 GT deal

    bah, yeah, same thing
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    awesome 7800 GT deal

    Save a quote, then you have the price locked for a week, or until Dec. 1st when the rebates expire.
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    Dell Deals? Any coupon you can find, you can find it there. Please only post hot deals here in the future. No requests as per the rules.
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    Wd 400gb Sata150 $179.50 Ar

    Nice drive, I got it for $205 shipped a month or so ago. Decent deal.
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    Corsair 4gb Flash Voyager

    You can grab a 4GB Cruzer off Ebay for half that price.
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    Powercolor Theatre 500 Pro PCI-e 1X thoughts...

    wish there was a pci-e 150, happauge is so slow
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    Why aren't there any good deals from Dell??? What's your take on it...

    Someone who used to work for Dell posted in that thread as said this wasn't the case. He said that Dell was just getting out of the really cheap $200 POS computer business so that they wouldn't have to support cheaply made budget computers. And that it didn't mean the deals were going to...
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    A8N-SLI deluxe chipset fan dying what do do?...

    Mine just died. Call (don't e-mail) Asus and have them send a new one out to you. The reason I say to call them is that I wasted a good 2 weeks waiting for them to send me something at which point my fan finally died and I had to buy my own new one.
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    A8N-SLI chipset fan

    I ended up getting an Iceberq locally for a pretty decent total price. It actually didn't completely fit because it has extra hoels further away from the center for something else... Anyway, I just filed it down on the sidewalk and it's workin pretty well as far as I can tell.
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    Seeking to build all in one PC/HTPC

    Case: Lian-Li, in my experience, has very loud cases. They really don't offer too much in the way of noise dampening and the fans they come with are the highest quality. It's really just a big aluminum box. Software: If you get Sage, there's no need for MCE, but it wouldn't hurt to have it...
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    A8N-SLI chipset fan

    Can anyone reccommend an alternate (maybe copper) chipset fan/sink combo? I want to order tonight and maybe ship overnight so quick responses would be appreciated. Thanks to the two who already posted, exactly what I wanted to know.
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    Sony KDF-E42A10 42" Grand Wega™ High-Definition rear-projection LCD TV $1,582.00

    This is a really nice tv. I was going to buy a Samsung DLP but the picture on this is so much nicer. Anywho, PM to circuitcity for 10% of the difference off. I did that when it was onsale at BB for $1599 and got $20 lower than that.
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    A8N-SLI chipset fan

    Couple of questions, searched but didn't really find the answer. First, how long did it take for ASUS to send you a new fan. I contacted them two weeks ago with all my information and I haven't gotten anything yet. The fan finally died yesterday so 2 weeks of planning ahead just wasn't long...
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    I'm ok with 90nm. more stock, less price, yay!
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    Pvr Software

    I enjoy it, it's very halloweeny.
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    Pvr Software

    Wait, you got video out of your all-in-wonder with WinTV and Sage?
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    Heart Attack

    hehe, this is a fun thread. I have to ask though, you dumbass what? I don't know why but I'm very curious. And if you're still on your PC, please turn it off and answer later.
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    Wintv-pvr 150 Mce???

    Do you have links to where you found those? The first 2 are bassically the same, and I'm assuming the second two are equivalent as well. But, I'd like to look into what makes the different. I bet CrimandEvil knows though so I might just wait for that post ;)
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    Wintv-pvr 150 Mce???

    It's pretty much the standard in pvr cards for standard def tv. I would reccomend it easily, or the 500 if you need 2 tuners. The Ati Theater 550 cards are it's only competition but I'd probably stick with the 150mce over that. Overall, solid card, fairly well supported, cheap, and lots of...
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    1080i woes (stuttering in SageTV) - Is my video card to blame?

    I your cpu only running at 1.5ghz since your ram is clocked down? I know that's not really speedy as far as ffdshow goes. I'm not too sure why sage would be stuttering with vmr9. It seems like a 9600xt would be good enough. What audio/video codec are you using with sage?
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    BIOS woes with SATA HDD....

    Sorry, but that's probably your best bet. If they can't help, call WD.
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    New Antec PSUs

    Grrr. Everytime I buy an antec PSU new models come out the next day. I bought a TP430, then the Neopower comes out. I buy a TPII-550 and these come out less than a week later. I would have liked to have the efficiency but oh well...
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    BIOS woes with SATA HDD....

    I just isntalled a WD 400gig hard drive in my machine and I had some problems. My fix was easy. I just switched the harddrive in the BIOS from "Auto" to "Large". I don't know my way around Abit bioses at all, I'm just hoping there might be something similar. Other than that, your best bet is...
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    [HD] NEC 16x Dual Layer DVD Writer $39.45 shipped + 25 Free 8x DVD-R

    DVDs add $4.00 shipping. I bit on this 10 days ago, guess I should have posted?
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    Need Help Quick!! Moving OS

    Sorry I think I finally got it although we'll see when I get home. I left it installing on its own. That's probably dangerous but oh well. I understand all that about the copying files not making it a boot drive. My problem kind of changed from that to simply installing windows again. As...
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    Need Help Quick!! Moving OS

    AHHHHH PLEASE HELP ME! I can't get this damn this to boot. I installed windows on it, disconnected everything else. And it still won't load the operating system! Anyone have any ideas? It's the main rig in sig.
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    Need Help Quick!! Moving OS

    ugh, I screwed everything up. I started an install of windows on the new drive and then I was going to copy all the windows files over to that but my old installation wouldn't work. So I tried to recover it but realized I did that will my windows CD and not with my unatended boot disc, which...
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    Need Help Quick!! Moving OS

    So I just got my new drive. Is there any way I can move my OS over to the new drive without paying for something like Norton Ghost. I'd like to know how to do this ASAP. I actually copied all the files from c: to the new drive but it won't boot. Freaking partition magic won't let me make a...
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    [H]ott Dell Raptors $134.25

    If the coupon is dead, I hope they lock this thread. As for the deal, with absolutely no warranty, I don't think I'd go for it. But it's a nice addition for those people that have high performance Dells. EDIT: Yah, it looks like the coupon is gone, please lock. This thread is annoying. Too...