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    Lazareth Teases a Transforming Hoverbike

    My guess it that something like this will never be street legal due to the 140dB sound it produces plus it looks like it controls like a dream - not. The pilot probably weighs 75 lbs. and is breathing a mixture of O2 and He. If your'e gonna burn kerosene, i'm gonna put my money on Richard...
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    Atari VCS Is Powered by 14nm AMD Ryzen APU with Radeon Vega Graphics

    I ordered one of these during the original indiegogo offering as nothing but a nostalgic toy. Funny that it keeps surpassing my expectations, keep it coming. It seems to me that for those of us who were part of the Atari Generation, it's a cool throwback. Also, this demographic is not a bad...
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    Remastering "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" with Machine Learning

    Been looking for a reason to re-watch DS9. I won't hold my breath, but I will remain hopeful that the finances work in terms of remastering the series and syndication on a network such as SYFY.
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    OMEN X Emperium 65 Is Now Available for Purchase

    Cool, only 5G. Now I just have to figure out how to put it on my computer desk without my wife noticing it.
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    Got a Spare $43,000? You Could Spend It All on This Monster Gaming PC

    That seems a bit excessive for a pr0n box masquerading as a productivity rig, IMHO.
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    Researchers Find a 19 Year Old Bug In WinRAR

    I think that's the only version of WinRAR I have, 19 years old seems about right.
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    Star Citizen Developer Calls Real-Time Ray Tracing "A Massive Headache"

    LMFAO, Thanks for the great gut laugh, really funny. I'm a whale but I still look at the funds lost vs. overall entertainment value from the community, anti-community and "game" (current state) as a way better and cheaper hobby than my neighbor across the street with his Ferrari. At least my...
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    Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts Comments on Pay-to-Win Accusations

    Don't feel sorry for those who spent thousands or even tens of thousands on this game. They pledged/donated the money knowing damn well that they may never see a return in the form of a completed game with possibly years of enjoyment value. Seems like everyone gets their information from front...
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    Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts Comments on Pay-to-Win Accusations

    Wow, [H]ardOCP, where the "intelligent" trolls be lurking. Am I shocked? Naaaaah. I look at it this way... If it succeeds,which it very well may, many can enjoy eating Troll-nails. If it fails, well I guess we have almost 500, push-the-envelope-and-say-what-if, game developers that will shift...
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    Silicon Battery Technology Breakthrough to Dramatically Increase Electric Vehicle Range

    Great discovery in the lab... which means we may see it when? 5-10 years - just when we would expect it.
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    The First Burger Built by a Robot Is About to Hit the Bay Area

    I think that the ONLY good thing about this is that when the machine goes down, and it will go down, you don't have a bunch of employees standing around, but there will be pissed off clients. Automation has been, is and will be happening faster than any of us realize and we lack the fundamental...
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    New AI Can Track Your Movements Through A Wall

    Problem is once law enforcement is able to use this, so are the criminals. I really don't warm up to the possibility that if someone really wants to, they could hack a home's wifi, see if anyone is home or where they are in the house and perhaps even disable the "secure" alarm system. All in a...
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    Halo Infinite Announcement Trailer

    You’re tele’me,try to live with it since a great many things in this world suck but I’ll refrain from any political commentary. Windows 10 aside, I will remain optimistic, or delusional, that Micro$oft is making a “real” attempt at making some great games while also recognizing PC gamers as...
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    Halo Infinite Announcement Trailer

    Well aside from the WIndows 7 thing, ahem ahem - I've moved on to 10 myself, I think M$ is going to win over quite a few gamers by releasing this for the PC as well. Plus, buying it once and being able to play it both on the Xbox while getting the big-screen experience and my gaming rig with all...
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    Engineer Gives Interview After 28 Core Debacle

    Great video, unless you understand what that guy is really saying. ;)
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    Samsung Readies 49-Inch 5120x1440 120Hz Display Panels for Gaming Monitors

    I'm currently running at 2560x1440 with a GTX 1080Ti w/o g-sync and feel it's the sweet spot for productivity and gaming. Going up to 5120x1440 would absolutely need g-sync since it would be pushing a million pixels shy of 4k and we all know what those BMs look like. So unless your with team...
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    The Matrix 4K Blu-ray Announced

    This is good news. Thanks for reminding me that somewhere, I have the Matrix trilogy on Blu-ray, that I can't seem to find but would love to re-watch for the umpteenth time.
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    Windows Embraces New Space-Squeezing Photo Format

    In other words, it's HEIF-in' awesome! I am on board, now I can keep twice the amount of p0rn. :LOL:
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    AI Allows Robot to Dance to Live Music

    Shake that Ro-Booty!!! Yeah!!!:whistle:
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    AMD - NVIDIA and GPU Development Deceleration

    Although the mining thing has been a boon for Nvidia and AMD, it really complicates their release strategy in the future. Now it seems they have to navigate or even predict a potential bubble burst with crypto and I am sure are following it very closely. I don't think BTC and others are going...
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    Best Buy to Pull CDs

    Didn't know they still sold CDs at BB. I go in there quite often for other things, Amazon price match is awesome, but never to get CDs. Ever since my bro turned me on to HD Tracks and high bit FLAC files, I never looked back. Although I will "endure" Spotify for it's convenience most of the...
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    NASA Makes Contact With Satellite Thought Lost 13 Years Ago

    Wait a minute... So we can track incoming asteroids and comets down to a yard across but we can't find a satellite that's in orbit? I guess the budget was cut to keep tracking poor little IMAGE.
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    GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Preview

    I am in the beta for the Apple side of Geforce Now. This is actually really cool and I find it extremely hilarious that next to my "real" rig with a GTX 1080 Ti, I have an old iMac and it plays games in my Steam library just as well - on 2012 technology. Only difference is that on my PC the fps...
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    Amazon Sucks at Running Whole Foods

    Итак, это очень хорошо, очень хорошо. Really? Perhaps I should go give Whole Foods a try, Lucky's and Safeway do nothing to remind me of the food stores we had back in the Cold War days in the Glorious CCCP. But really I don't shop at Whole Foods very often since I live equidistant between two...
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    Today Is The Last Day To Upgrade To Windows 10 Free

    At the last minute decided to get my old, old 2007 Core Duo E4600 out of the garage, dust it out and fire her up. Since it has what "should be" a legit version of WIndows 7 Ultimate on it, I figured I would update it and then X-fer it to the new build. My wife would totally notice me upgrading...
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    Robot Strippers Return at CES 2018

    That would be the MOST PAINFUL lap dance EVER!!!
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    Former Pentagon X-Files Chief: Existence of UFOs “Proved beyond Reasonable Doubt”

    If anyone really thinks these craft are not alien, from another world and debatable in origin, the Flat-Earthers are recruiting. I find comfort in knowing that other civilizations have found the true GOD... Technology. Which is meaningless and useless unless it goes hand in hand with the the...
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    Minimum System Requirements for Single-Player Star Citizen: Squadron 42 Revealed

    Waaaaaaa! All I hear is a bunch of whiners that were too late to the party. Trolls? No, you guys crack me up. After all you are missing the best part... The game before the game. But really, you can't hold up those opinions much longer, aside from Star Citizen, and don't get the two confused...
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    Showtime May Have Used Your CPU to Mine Cryptocoin

    Yikes... I see an opportunity here. Time to write some software that will block cryptomining virus websites from using your CPU/GPU resources. Anyone? The big "name brand" blocker software creators are probably all ready on the payroll and get their share.
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    Porsche’s Mission E Will Hit the Streets in 2019

    So does driving a Porsche E Mission at night mean that you are having a "nocturnal E Mission"? :confused:
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    The Fight over Star Citizen’s Production Delay Is Getting Dirty

    LOL, love it... Trolling just makes Star Citizen look better now, keep it up trolls. So sorry, for those who are gonna be upset when their predictions of doom are dispelled. It's looking to be an awesome game, Soon™. Plenty of other great games to play while waiting, anyone check out DOS2 yet?
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    Users Navigate Flat UI Designs 22 Percent Slower

    It's getting worse... I my dreams are now horribly flat. Detecting dimension is getting harder and harder. Obscuring the obvious triggers in dreamland mean I am dying a lot more. Help.........
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    Blur Busters Is Testing a 480 Hz Display

    Interesting, I have a GTX 1080 Ti along with an HP Omen 32" (2560x1440) and use nvidia Fast Sync. I never experience tearing at all but I'm only at 60hz. It boggles my mind that peeps using 240hz monitors, V-Sync OFF have better "skillz" due to their higher refresh rate. Seems to me that for...
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    Quake 2 With Realtime GPU Pathtracing

    For me, after watching the full video (and downloading it too), I would have to say that there is a natural feel to this work that I miss every time I step into the gaming worlds. It's funny seeing it applied rather successfully to an older video game since even though it looks like an old 90s...
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    Cloud Imperium Issues Official Statement about Rumored Financial Issues

    Polly want a Carracker!!! :penguin:
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    Cloud Imperium Issues Official Statement about Rumored Financial Issues

    You make it sound like Chris Roberts committed some heinous crime against you or society in the past. The way I see it, and I could be wrong, is that he made one of the most successful space games in history back in the 80s and 90s, some other decent games and some failures along the way. How is...
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    Cloud Imperium Issues Official Statement about Rumored Financial Issues

    Are you a backer? Sound a bit angry, you do and I am curious why you would even give a $h!7 about "their backers". If you have no horse in the race than just armchair away. We will be entertained either way. :)
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    Cloud Imperium Issues Official Statement about Rumored Financial Issues

    ROFL... All the Haterade drinkers really crack me up. Let's see who is gonna be right, may be a while, but I'm patient. Sorry but if peeps believe in this project, let them believe. Why such anger against something you really don't understand, want to understand or care about... Oh ya, that's...
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    Beyond Good and Evil 2: E3 2017 First In-Engine Demo

    Monkey see, monkey do. I'm so glad Star Citizen pushed other developers off their lazy asses to make great games again. I really look forward to playing this one in 2020, when I am in my 50s. (yikes) o_O
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    LG's Latest OLED Display Is Flexible, Transparent, and Gargantuan

    I have a feeling we will be seeing these all over the place someday but with a 40% transparency its best application will be in environmental spaces. Although, there must be a way to use this for my future man cave SimPit. :cat: