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    Apple Will Reportedly Launch a Credit Card This Year

    This is only for storing it. Just wait until people have to use it, by sticking it into the chip reader.
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    Anyone know of a good keyboard cleaner?

    I take a brush and get in between the keys to loosen anything that might be stuck, then I use one of these to blow out the keyboard, and finally wipe clean with rag and alcohol/water mixture if needed. For desktop keyboards, I usually pop a corner key when blowing out so all the junk has an...
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    Intel challenges AMD: “Come beat us in Real World gaming”

    I had one of the Athlon Xp 2600+ processors in your picture. I vaguely remember this as the processor where I jumped a couple of pins on the CPU socket with a wire to do some overclocking of some sort.
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    Buyer wants return ram and I have to pay for return shipping?!

    This just means they didn't sell as high as the seller had hoped and this is his way of cancelling the auction. I would bet they get relisted.
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    Target Ribroast 50% off with Cartwheel

    You need to create a Target account if you don't already have one. Download the Cartwheel/Target app, add the offer to your account in the app, then at checkout, scan your Cartwheel barcode located inthe app.
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    Target Ribroast 50% off with Cartwheel

    Not really a tech deal, but Target has their USDA Choice Prime Rib roasts on sale for 50% off with the cartwheel offer. Comes out to about $4 a pound where I'm at which is listed for $7.99/pound retail, not sure if this price varies by market. It's not USDA Prime, but for $4 a pound, still a...
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    Huawei Caught Using DSLR Shots in P30 Marketing

    This is what happens when you try showcasing a camera using the actual camera you're showcasing. Shot on iPhone -Tim Cook
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    I'm fairly certain, but can you confirm that this is a double sided drive? Unless I missed a pic somewhere, all the pictures just show one side. I want to upgrade the drive in my laptop, but it only accepts single sided drives.
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    There's Allegedly a "Quiet Hostility" Between Apple and Nvidia

    Our company has 3 of those garbage can Mac Pros used in production. We just upgraded to a PC for video editing because Apple couldn't offer what our department was looking for. We do still buy iMacs for people to Photoshop on. Just habit I guess, as they could easily be replace by PCs.
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    HP EX920 M.2 512GB PCIe 3.0 $89.99

    It's currently $79.99 at their ebay store with free shipping as well. I think its been that price on ebay for a while now or they run it at that price quite a few times. I bought one from their ebay store a month or so ago only to open up my laptop and see that it only supports single sided...
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    Apple Shifts XR Production to Older iPhones

    I'm looking to upgrade to another iPhone from an iPhone 6s for the missus. It still runs run fine but needs more capacity as its only a 16GB phone. Would love the latest and greatest but we don't need to have it and not at $750, even for the budget one, so I've just been browsing for used a...
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    Nintendo Switch

    Any one have any clarification on this? From what I'm reading, my understanding is that this is all account based. I have a switch with a nintendo/eshop account linked to my user account on the switch. My son also has a user on the switch with no nintendo account linked. He won't be able to...
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    no video signal to monitor

    Bad RAM stick?
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    ebay 20% off everything today only 6/6

    Edit: Looks like someone also posted a thread on this as I was posting as well. Lol. Can I delete this? Just went to browse ebay and saw this and thought I would let you guys know. Minimum purchase of $50, max discount of $100. Today Only: 20% Off Everything!* Celebrate Dad and save with...
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    Best Buy trade in laptop for $50GC and $100 pixelbook coupon

    Yeah. It's very dependent on the rep you get. I've done it a few times when they've run similar promos. Some check the laptops but they have never been very thorough checks. More of just to make sure it powers on and boots into OS without issues and no major damage. I've had instances where...
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    Best Buy trade in laptop for $50GC and $100 pixelbook coupon

    It looks like this has been running for a few weeks already and is about to end soon (5/5) but I just recently came across it. I traded in a total of 3 circa 07 - 08 laptops and was able to get some Best Buy gift cards for laptops that would otherwise just have collected dust...
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    Disney Launches New ESPN+ Streaming Service

    The streaming channel will only be three shows, looped over and over daily anyways.
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    iOS Update Bricks Repaired iPhones Again

    I thought I read somewhere earlier that this was happening even with official Apple hardware. Take one OEM Apple screen directly from one phone and swap it to another and you still run into the issue so it doesn't necessarily have to be third party screens. -Edit: Just found what I read earlier...
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    Unable to connect to FileZilla FTP

    Lookup the main domain name to see where name servers for the domain name are hosted to see if maybe it will give you a better idea of where/who hosts it. I use to do lookups but there's a few free sites/services out there to use for lookup. Unless the local DNS server is also...
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    Secure wipe/sanitize SSD

    Its just family photos and what not that I didn't want someone to snoop on. I'll look at manufacturer software as I believe its a samsung ssd and have read on samsung magician software. Otherwise I'll just use the ATA secure erase and clean install Win10. Thanks for the tips.
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    Secure wipe/sanitize SSD

    I'm planning to sell my laptop which has an SSD installed. What would be the proper/best way to securely wipe the drive? I don't think DBAN and such work for SSDs. I was hoping to keep all the OEM recovery partitions on the drive as well. It runs windows 10 and I've read to use bitlocker to...
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    Watch a 10-Year-Old’s Face Unlock His Mom’s iPhone X

    It's not that I don't trust people in my house. I have PIN/fingerprint set up so that in the off chance I lose it or leave it somewhere, strangers wouldn't have complete access to my phone until I realize its gone. Do I keep very sensitive info on my phone? Nope, but I do have photos, emails...
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    Software recommendations/tips

    I'm trying to move our company to the cloud and I'm looking for any software recommendations for cloud based patch management, anti-virus, directory services, etc... Any recommendations or tips would be greatly appreciated. We're moving from O365 to Google and trying to get rid of all on...
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    NY State Bans Vaping Indoors

    ^Love this take on it. I was at kids birthday party this past weekend. Lot of kids 3-8 years old running around. We're inside getting ready to sing the birthday song and all the kids and parents are gathered around and some dick pulls out his vape and starts smoking. WTF? How about wait a bit...
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    Soundbar subwoofer dead?

    There is a plate in the back to protect the mainboard, but it sits in its own little seperate chamber so there is no access to the driver.
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    Soundbar subwoofer dead?

    Thanks. I did try to get into the woofer but it was screwed and glued/epoxied in so I was not able to actually pull the driver out. I would probably need to destroy the box to take it out. After pushing the cone around it seems to be working fine again now so there is probably some break...
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    AMD Sampling DIFFERENT Vega 64 GPUs?

    I don't think there is a height difference. The chips look like they are offset by a little bit so the angle of that picture just makes it look like there is a height difference. When looking at one of the pictures where it has the black fill, to me, it looks like the fill around the big chip...
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    Nintendo Is Being Sued Over Its Switch Controllers

    Wait, what? "Gamevice, which was created under the name Wikipad in 2008 and co-founded by the current CEO of Oculus VR Brendan Iribe, was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in September 2015, around a year before the Switch was first revealed to the market...
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    Latest iPhone Leak Shows Display Cutout, Removal of Home Button

    This for me as well. I like being able to unlock with the phone laying on my desk.
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    Soundbar subwoofer dead?

    Thanks. I've been doing some more research and reading on speakers and it looks like that's most likely the issue. I'm going to take it apart in the next few days to see what it looks like, but I'm guessing its time to buy a new system.
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    Soundbar subwoofer dead?

    Just wondering if anyone know if this subwoofer is dead or there is anything I can try. I have an LG soundbar with a wireless subwoofer and it had been working fine for a few years. A few days ago I noticed that my sound was off as I wasn't getting any of the low subwoofer sound. I checked and...
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    Anyone still using an AM3 setup?

    Still using an Phenom II x4 955 BE system I built in 2009? I don't do much on the computer now so haven't needed to upgraded. I'm on it a few times a month for just a few minutes really.
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    UK Plans Age Verification for Porn Websites

    I figured it would work something like this. IP from UK > require CC verification IP from elsewhere > come on in
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    E-Cigarettes "Potentially as Harmful as Tobacco Cigarettes"

    What are you doing wrong? You need to smoke regularly, then the spinning and nauseous feeling will go away.
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    Dremel Rotary Tool is a Modder's Best Friend

    I own one of these as well. I don't use it very often, but it has worked fine for me. It is compatible with all the Dremel branded stuff too.
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    HTC U11 Mobile: The New DxOMark Leader

    It's nice to see HTC improving on their camera the last few generations especially since the camera has tended to be their major weak spot with some of their previous flagships.
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    Repair Shops Stoked: Samsung Galaxy S8 Most Fragile Phone Ever Made

    This is what I do as well. I don't need or want to pay for the latest and greatest, so I buy last year's flagships and use them for a few years. I just upgraded from an M7, bought used, to a used 10 recently.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Pick me! Pick me!
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    Queries for VPN Providers Rise after Repeal of Internet Privacy Rules

    Not law yet but getting close in MN. At least they're trying to stop it.
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    Samsung Confirms the Note 7 Is Coming Back as a Refurbished Device

    They tried but the replacement batteries also blew up so they decided to just pull/recall the phone. If I remember correctly from reading, Samsung used two battery suppliers for the Note 7. The original battery issues were supposed to be limited to one supplier's batteries but when replacement...