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    ASUS ROG R9 290X MATRIX Platinum Video Card Review @ [H]

    Extremely disappointing and surprising that ASUS chose Elpida instead of Hynix memory, no wonder it cannot reach 6ghz even with added voltage. Hynix would have reached 6.2ghz with ease and it baffles me as to why ASUS would choose Elpida in their flagship card. Most Gigabyte Windforce 290X cards...
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    Bitcoin's Mt.Gox Files For Bankruptcy

    You forget the depleted uranium shells that USA used which are causing birth defects/cancer in Iraq at present. Quite sad really. Anyway, back to the topic, that Karpeles dude cant possibly get away with this scam. Lying about the system was bad and it is a fact that he stole tons of Bitcoins...
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 250D Mini-ITX Case Review @ [H]

    Many thanks for the reply. I am using the maximus 6 impact board and based on your reply, going with a 30mm radiator with standard 25mm fans for 55mm of total thickness. If that doesn't work out I'll just replace the standard fans with slim ones. Thanks again for your reply its much appreciated.
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 250D Mini-ITX Case Review @ [H]

    Steve, I'd be very glad if you can answer this. When suggesting an aftermarket radiator, u mentioned that a black ice extreme ii with a slim fan will fit. So the black ice extreme ii is 43.6mm thick and I assume you mean 12mm for the slim case fan. So that's 55.6mm overall thickness. Is that the...
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    Do Radeons handle physx better than Nvidia for Borderlands 2? Sounds fishy...

    IIRC, 6870 was generally faster than the 460 and 6850 slightly slower.
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    Stuff Apple Fanatics Say

    I think this post of yours gives a good idea of the typical apple fanboy. I mentioned that whether the MBPr or, say, an T530s is better really depends on the purpose. But no, in your view the macbook is better in every way than everything else out there. I never thought the level of...
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    Stuff Apple Fanatics Say

    While there are negatives and positives for both camps, the sheer ignorance of Apple fanboys is simply sad. As for people saying nothing comes close to Macbook pro retina, it really depends on the purpose. For durability, thinkpads are still a class above. Gaming? there are better alternatives...
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    Corsair Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System Drawing

    Their RMA has been top notch, they just replaced my DDR2 kit for a DDR3 one because I requested them. Great, great company
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    GTX 280 SLi vs 4890 Xfire

    id say 4890, overclock them to 950/1100 each (shouldnt be a problem) and u hve a screaming CF rig GTX280's consume great amounts of power, and are too hot even though they perform a bit faster than a stock 4890.
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    ASUS GTX 260 55nm and 4870 Dark Knight 1GB @ [H]

    go check out the 9800GTX+ review, that should satisfy your GTS250 review needs :p
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    ASUS GTX 260 55nm and 4870 Dark Knight 1GB @ [H]

    Great review, looks like they are absolutely dead even which makes choosing between those two even harder Typo Fixed, Thanks - Brent
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    NVIDIA GTS 240 - This is getting old

    really, nvidia sucks so hard now, its amazing. wondering when theyl be charged for misleading adverstising
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    HIS Hightech Radeon HD 4870 1gig vs. EVGA GeForce GTX 260 SC'd 896mb

    4870 1GB = GTX 260 Core 216 > GTX 260 vanilla even though [H] evals may show the max settings are similar, the min and average frames of the 4870 1GB are consistently higher than the vanilla GTX260 but then again, evga has better support, try going for the xfx 4870
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    6.5 ghz...?

    i7 is coldbugged, hence it cant even handle LN2 let alone liquid helium and 6.5ghz is the highest quad core frequency yet...the 6.7ghz was a fake
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    Deneb 2,2 GHz --> 4,0 GHz

    omg, what trolling. lets get back on topic shall we? i consider deneb overclocks in general to be better than expected, and if this particular overclock is true, its good news for all of us since it would prove that deneb has more headroom than expected intel fanboys jsut wont accept that...
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    4870 - Dissapointed

    people dont get the drivers installed properly, and without asking what to do to fix the performance since its a KNOWN fact that the 4870 is a brilliant card, they straight away say that X card is shit what the heck
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    Deneb 2,2 GHz --> 4,0 GHz

    EVERY good news related to amd has to turn into a intel vs amd thread honestly, deneb is looking better than expected, and the worst lot of the intel fanboys have to admit that. also, while gaming it has been noted over and over and over again that after 3ghz (EVERY recent phenom 9950...
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    280 or 4870?

    4870 1GB, period. Then pick up another one in the future and if you can afford a 4870X2, why not? if you simply want the fastest single GPU, then only GTX280
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    Phenom 9950 BE 125w

    go with the 9950 with a sb750 board (790gx boards with sb750 should be cheap) id say 3.1-3.4ghz overclocks would be guaranteed, all the newer 9950's ive seen with sb750 seem to atleast do 3.1 with proper air cooling, and some even with stock cooling best of luck mate
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    AMD ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 @ [H]

    my question too, i thought the 4870 seemed a bit faster? is it a driver related issue? does the newer beta driver fix that?
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    Nvidia 9800GX2 or ATI 4870, which one to pick?

    id say 4870 the rv770 architecture has more potential in future games, id say and when a game is coded properly for that architecture, it absolutely flies GRID? it ties with the GTX280..I dont think theres a game where the 4870 would be that far behind the GTX260 but honestly, you'd...
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    Want to Go Back AMD !!!

    i dont understand whats wrong, grap a 9950BE and a sb750 motherboard and 3.2ghz is the average overclock, recently it has been climbing higher now which game will be bottlenecked at high resolutions with that processor speed? granted intel makes the fastest processors ATM, but there isnt...
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    Second GTX 260 or a Q9550?

    260! and see if u can get a bit more out of that Q6600
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    8800 Ultra - Worth $200 still, right?

    either 2x 8800GT's SLI or 9800+ with a rear exhaust, then go SLI and if you can, GTX260, then SLI later
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    Worthy Upgrade? HD4870 from 8800GTX

    I dont understand, how is the 4870 not an amazing deal for $25 over the ultra? thats like stepping up from a 8800ultra to a GTX260 for $25. how is that not a bloody good deal? 512MB framebuffer doesnt limit the 4870, as seen by the reviews. edit: to the OP, id say go for it
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    Worthy Upgrade? HD4870 from 8800GTX

    it is significant, honestly 512MB is enough, ati has better mem management anyways.. and for $25, its a steal
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    4870x2 reviews beating gtx280 sli

    it does, to a much, much lesser extent
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    HD 4850 Overclocked Vs 9800GTX+

    exactly some of the newer games run so much faster on the 4850 than the 9800GTX+, it definitely shows that the newer rv770 cores have so much raw power waiting to be extracted from it 9800GTX+ is basically g80 tweaked cores, i dont think there much more performance to be extracted from...
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    Ok What Happened to AMD

    umm...even B3 phenoms have been getting 700-1000mhz overclocks, and overclocking phenoms is much more interesting than core2's, so much more options to tweak. people uninterested in overclocking wouldnt choose phenoms? not really, its more interesting to oc than C2Q's IMO
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    Price sensitive Quad Core showdown?

    it is close enough, a good 790fx mobo and a 9850 should get you around 2.9-3.3ghz, and even tho its certainly not as fast as a q6600, its not that much slower either. and u can run shanghai without a mobo change and ull hve more fun tweaking that phenom, trust me. that only applies if you...
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    Help Needeed- Halfway across the world in India!! not that far away here in Dhaka, and max temperatures reached 41C today. Oh and im using a 8800GT aswell :) all that ive done is, create custom profiles in rivatuner, so that when temperatures exceed 75C, fan speed goes up to 90% (100% seems much louder honestly, and doesnt drop...
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    8800gts 512mb retail in washington?

    not sure where to post this, but i need the help urgently. mods can please move this thread to an appropriate location i know its probably a very stupid question, but where do i find 8800gts 512MB cards in washington? best buy does not have them, and ordering online is not an option, need...
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    Just picked up a q6600 at Micro Center need a motherboad

    of the two you listed, definitely the gigabyte P35-DS3L spending a bit more, 8 phase power definitely helps :asus p5k-pro($129) (crappy psu connector location though) asus p5k-e would be a good bet aswell, 6 phase power but better sound and a better layout than the p5k-pro
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    E3110 and GA-EP35-DS3R Mobo Which Ram for OC

    g skill F2-8000CL5D-4GBPQ $99 at newegg edit: youre thinking of getting that already. i suggest simply go for it and if you havent ordered a motherboard yet, you might consider DFI in the same price bracket, also an asus p5k-pro(if the power connector location isnt a problem), or an asus p5k-e
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    E2160 L2 vs. M0 stepping (plz post your results)

    he did post a 12hr orthos stable screenshot at 3510mhz, id say that still is damn impressive i could only get 2.95 with a crappy msi p35, e2140 and crappy jetram. e2160, p5k-pro and g skill ddr1000 (powerchips IC) comin up:D
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    How long does it usually take to order from

    but how long does it take for newegg to deliver parts to my/someones place? i haev an uncle in washington, VA 22182 and i need the parts delivered to him WITHIN 8 DAYS (9 days MAX). its a total of around 7 small accesories and 8 other items. i was wondering if overnight shipping ($70 grr) would...
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    Hardest decision of my build - mobo

    the x-fi with the p7n works fine, atleast that seems to be the case nowadays wasnt the same before tho. and if u can get the xfi working, trust me u wouldnt be disappointed. but again i suggest that u get a P35 board :)
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    work your way slowly up from 350mhz with a 6x multi, not jump to 394. once u hit the wall, try increasing the multi dont think its the board
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    Hardest decision of my build - mobo

    Gigabyte P35-DS3R A pair of G.skills with powerchip IC's (or any other manufacturer, dont go for fancy cooling etc). Micron D9's tend to die the P7N is a good board, but i honestly dont see the need to go sli for that resolution. Get a 8800gts, the motherboard listed, OC it and enjoy. u save...
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    Best video card for my cpu?

    i hate to say it but a 4ghz pentium4 is still very slow:p hell, 2.7ghz A64's are being bottlenecked by oc's 8800gts cards i suggest going for a 8600gts, or at most, a 9600gt