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    Why do I use eadf instead of wasd? Am I the only one?

    Using a keyboard cramps my left hand so I just use a controller these days. I don't play a competitive multiplayer that much anymore anyway. Even if I do, I don't strike to be the best and I still score a headshot. ;)
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    Twitter's CEO Admits The Platform Has Problems, Asks For Help

    There is one and only fix: shut down Twitter.
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    Doom3 coming to Nintendo Switch

    Why bother with Doom 3? The recent Doom game (2016) is way better and is already out on Switch.
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    Monster Hunter World (Beta)

    I'm 220 hours into the game and my Hunter Rank is 90. Well money spent. Just a few things left to do (100 HR, 50 Arena quests, crown hunting, and a few animals capture for achievements) and then I'll probably shelve it until DLC comes out.
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    Monster Hunter World (Beta)

    The game has taken over my gaming/free time over the two weeks and after ~120 hours, I'm HR 53. I still haven't completed all those optional quests. Some of the optional quests are tricky to find. You will need to find the right researcher in an area to take on a quest. The game is grindy but...
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    Monster Hunter World (Beta)

    Just beat the last story mission. Took me 80 hours in a week.
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    PS4 Monster Hunter World Group Thread

    I think you will need to quit the game and return to the main menu. It seems to be the only way.
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    PS4 Monster Hunter World Group Thread

    Does there need to be a seperate thread for Xbox One players?
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    Monster Hunter World (Beta)

    Anyone play the game on the most powerful console ever - Xbox One X? I do and I prioritize the framerate. So far it's been awesome. Already put 40 hours or so. Online play has been sketchy, though. Matchmaking is still broken but you can find people's session ID. I use gamefaqs for that.
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    So who's getting Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch?

    I have it preordered. It's probably the last Switch game I'll purchase.
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    XBOX ONE X folks, check in here!

    I have it preordered through Best Buy. I also just ordered a 65-inch LG 4K OLED TV. So stoked!
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    Gran Turismo Sport

    I don't understand why the single player campaign requires online, but I find the game superior to Forza when it comes to gameplay and car handling. Forza has it beat everything else but GTS is just more fun to handle the car. I don't even use a steering wheel.
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    Paris Plans to Banish All but Electric Cars by 2030

    How are they gonna enforce that? Police pull you over because you are driving a gas car? I'll keep my gas-guzzler V8 until I die.
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    The Evil Within 2

    Am I only one on here who finished the first game? :p The game played a lot like RE4 and is not really hard if you keep focus. The ending was mind****. Can't wait for the midnight release! I have it preloaded on PS4.
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    Playstation 3 Emulator Supporting Up to 10K Resolution

    Did you know you can play Red Dead Redemption emulation on Xbox One? This one has more stable fps.
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    Forza Motorsport 7 thread

    The Xbox version is great and nearly flawless when it comes to the technical side (as expected). Can't wait to see it in its 4K glory in XOX!
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    Bethesda Releases Triple A VR Gaming Titles Launch Dates

    Not everybody gets motion sick. I don't get it and I played RE7 in VR all through with the smooth motion without any issues whatsoever.
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    Sonic Mania

    I've not seen a thread on this so I have to create one. I downloaded the game last Tuesday and I have to say Sonic Mania is the best Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles in 1994! Every classic Sonic fan must play it. If you are already a fan, you should already know this! The game has exceeded all...
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    Microsoft Claims 71% Of Windows 10 Users Are Happy With Telemetry

    That sounds like paranoid more than anything unless you are involved in an actual crime like child porn or a terrorist plot. I'd be more concerned about your neighbors plotting the next white supremacy rally that may create mayhem around your neighborhood than a police knocking on your door for...
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    Study Finds Playing Action Video Games May Be Bad For Your Brain

    Shooting bullets doesn't require much thinking.
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    Study Finds Playing Action Video Games May Be Bad For Your Brain

    You play mindless games and this is exactly what you get.
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    Microsoft Claims 71% Of Windows 10 Users Are Happy With Telemetry

    71% of users simply don't care, including me. They may collect all of my data and it's not going to affect my life one bit. It makes absolutely no difference from my perspective.
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    Minnesota Woman Fatally Shoots Boyfriend in Failed YouTube Video Stunt

    1. It was not the same book 2. Did he shoot it against something that held it? If it just flew away, the impact of the bullet didn't go through with the motion. Either way, he asked for it.
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    EA's Anthem is Science Fantasy not Science Fiction

    Save for teleporting. The science behind it is absurd. It's more fantasy than anything. Actually it's to save studio money than having to show a spaceship landing every time.
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    Texting While Driving Now Legal in Colorado, in Some Cases

    People will still text and drive no matter what the law is. People will still smoke weed no matter what the law is. Maybe Colorado is the first to figure it out?
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    Video Games are In the Blacksploitation Era

    I actually dig chicks with that hairdo and I'm white. Yes I've slept with one of them. To be fair, the same can be said for any race. A stereotype hair for every race so who cares?
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    Forza 7 Announced: Also coming to Windows 10!

    Haha, your loss!
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    Sega Releases Classic Games Free On Mobile

    Don't see it anywhere on the iOS App Store.
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    Persona 5, anyone playing?

    One word: Buttkicker
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    Persona 5, anyone playing?

    I play tons of JRPG's but I couldn't care less about voice acting. I read English subtitles. I am deaf in both ears but could listen to music without understanding the words.
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    Persona 5, anyone playing?

    I'm playing the game. It's one of the best turn-based JRPG in years.
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    Robots are Going to Outrun us All...then Kill Us

    But can it stop, turn, and run in a straight line without glass support and falling? What an amateur program.
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    It's Game Over for the Xbox One

    I already have Xbox One and I just swapped my PS4 for a PS4 Pro. I'm just waiting for Scorpio to release. Xbox One is far from dead.
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    Man Who Claims He Invented E-Mail Is Now Running for US Senate

    I invented the wheel! Everybody knows that!
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    NASA Says Lasers May Bring Broadband to Space

    The latency depends on the distance. There's no work around to this. Not radio. Not laser. Corrupt data will take minutes or hours to correct. Laser is the best tech we can possibly have until we find a way to teleport data.
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    Resident Evil 7

    Is that you in your profile picture? I think I fell in love with it. :love:
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    Future VR: VR contacts?

    If you ever wore contacts, you'd experience dryness and irritation in eyes if you sleep with them. You'll know you are still in the virtual world or when the battery has run out and you are back in the real world.